Witch Hunter Robin

Season 1 Episode 26

Time to Tell

Aired Unknown Mar 31, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • The final Witch Hunter Robin episode. Not bad, but there's some gaps most fans would like to find out.

    This is the final episode. It's over. OVER! Sucks, since this is also their most exciting episode ever, with Ziazen shooting Amon and Robin buring up almost everything. But you have to adimit, it's horrofying how they extract the Orbo form the witches. I love that quote: "It's the Witches...we hunted." And everyone else's horrifyed looks at the green tubes. Still it would have been nice to show how they exactly held the witches, instead of hinting it out. But on the other hand, then this shouw would have been rated X, so alright.
    Then, there's the collaps of the factory. Everyone survives, except for Robin and Amon, who mysteriousily 'dissappeared'. Would have been nice to know what happened to the two of them, personally, instead of having people wonder if they're dead or something like that. Personally, it sounds more like Robin and Amon played hokey and ran off toghether. But they did managed to rescue Karusama.
    Well, the ending shows the brand new hunter from headquarters, who has orange hair, wears a black dress, and looks somewhat famalliar...