Season 2 Episode 1

A is for Anonymous

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 05, 2006 on Toon Disney

Episode Recap

Fireworks light up the Meridian night around Elyon's castle as the camera pans down to the Infinite City and pushes through the waterfall into The Mage's sanctum where Phobos and his goons are imprisoned. Drake, Aldarn, Vathek and Tynar relieve the old watch of duty so they can go enjoy the party. Before leaving her sanctum, The Mage warns them not to take their assignment lightly, for Prince Phobos must never be allowed to escape. After her departure, Miranda tries to trick the guards into releasing her, when Drake is suddenly stunned unconscious by Nerissa. She magically neutralizes Tynar, Vathek and Aldarn before releasing Miranda. Phobos demands to be freed, but Miranda and Nerissa pay him no heed and depart before the powerless guards' eyes. Meanwhile, unaware of the trouble brewing in the underground rebel lair, cheerful Meridianites celebrate Phobos' defeat. From her dais in front of the castle, Elyon addresses her people, who in turn hail their Queen. Caleb introduces Elyon to Trill, the kitchen worker who has oftentimes helped the Guardians and the rebellion. Trill gives her sovereign a necklace with a single gem, resembling a teardrop-shaped pearl. Trill explains that the jewel belonged to Elyon's mother, Queen Weira. Elyon swears never to take the necklace off. Later on, the celebration is in full swing. Caleb dances with Cornelia, Matt with Will, Hay Lin with her grandmother; while Irma is the center of attention amid a group of young teen-age Meridian boys. Taranee is the only one who hangs back from the party, shyly watching from the sidelines, when she is approached by a cute little Meridian girl who asks the Guardian to tell her and her friends the story of how she helped free them from Phobos. As Taranee timidly agrees, a crowd of children rushes forward, surrounding her with adulation. We next find Nerissa in the deserted prison of Cavigor, smooth talking a forlorn Gargoyle (the creature from the episode It Resumes). Indicating his handless arm, she reminds him of how the Guardians maimed him, and asks him if he seeks revenge. As the Gargoyle grunts his assent, Nerissa declares she can be of assistance, and uses her Quintessence powers to melt the iron bars of abandoned cage. The liquid metal flows over the Gargoyle's wrist, reforming into a solid spiked mace and replacing his old hand with a new and formidable weapon. Outside Elyon's palace, a stricken Cornelia confronts Caleb over his decision not to return to Heatherfield. Caleb explains that many of Phobos' minions are still at large in Meridian, and that his duty demands he helps his Queen. Cornelia hides her tears as she realizes Caleb has chosen Meridian over her. The Guardians and Elyon say their goodbyes, and the W.I.T.C.H. girls de-transform to return to Heatherfield. Just before stepping through the portal, Taranee sees her 'fan-girl' come bouncing around the corner, along with some other children from before. Taranee waves, but the girl doesn't recognize her as the Guardian she was hero-worshipping earlier. Disappointed, the girl turns and leaves. Taranee abruptly stops waving. A shadow of doubt and hurt crosses her face. Back in Heatherfield, on Shell Beach, Matt tells Will he wants to know everything about both her lives. Taranee offers to go to the Silver Dragon to fill Matt in, but the other Guardians are exhausted and decide to take a raincheck. All are eager to finally get back to their normal lives, except Taranee who makes a bittersweet comment about recovering "a little anonymity." Will uses the Heart to close the portal which is inside the cave, and unbeknownst to the gang, two sets of glowing eyes watch them depart. The next morning, on her way to school, Taranee feels stalked by a strange, intense-looking man. But the man leaves as soon as Taranee reaches Sheffield, and Irma and Hay Lin dismiss the incident as simple paranoia on their friend's part. Nevertheless, Taranee's attitude remains peculiar when she decides to cut class so she can build a snowman. Just as Hay Lin suspects, Taranee cracks three minutes later and storms into Mrs Rudolph's class, ready to face her punishment. The teacher decides to let her lateness slide with a simple "don't let it happen again," and Taranee looks disappointed to be off the hook. Back on Meridian, Caleb leads a search party through the forest. Tracker and his dog Sniffer are running away from them, when they come face to face with Nerissa in a clearing. She promises them vengeance, and Tracker bows his loyalty. When Caleb and the guards step into the clearing instants later, they find it empty. It's lunchtime at Sheffield, and the girls are eating in the cafeteria, teasing Taranee over the earlier snowman incident. Taranee gets angry, and starts a food fight right before Knickerbocker's eyes. The Principal calls Taranee in her office to lecture her, but decides to forget the whole incident in light of previous good behavior. Taranee flungs herself on Knickerbocker's desk, and begs the baffled Principal to give her at least one day's detention. Meanwhile, on Meridian, Nerissa stands before the glass bowl that was once a mobile pit of quicksand (from the episode Ambush at Torus Filney). She recalls how it used to be before Guardians turned it into a frozen dish. Commenting that revenge is a dish best served cold, she brings the quicksand back to life and it takes on a new humanoid form. It is now a creature, Sandpit. Back in Heatherfield, Taranee is walking home alone after her first detention when she spots the man who was following her earlier. She confronts him in a deserted street, and the man morphs into Frost the Hunter. Taranee tries to fight him, but without her full Guardian powers, he's too strong for her. Frost dumps Irma, Cornelia and Hay Lin's bookbags at her feet. He has the three girls in his power, and if Taranee wants to see them again, she will have to lure Will, the remaining Guardian, into a trap. We then return to Meridian, where Raythor (the guard from the episode The Key) is climbing his way up the Abyss of Shadows when he finds Nerissa standing on a ledge. She praises him for his determination: "After the Guardians framed you for a crime you did not commit, you have climbed for months to escape this pit. What is it you seek in the world above? To which Raythor replies that he seeks vengeance. In Heatherfield, a nervous Taranee escorts Will to Shell Beach cave, under the pretense of showing her a surprise. Inside the cave, the girls find Irma, Cornelia and Hay Lin trapped in a glowing sphere of energy. Frost and his rhino Crimson block their way out. Will reaches for the Heart, but realizes it's gone. Taranee admits to having stolen it at Frost's request. Frost flings both girls into the energy sphere, which begins to shrink. Frost gloats: "Soon, Guardians, it will crush you into the slime that you are." But Taranee and Will exchange a smile and a wink, and Taranee returns the Heart to her leader. Will transforms the Guardians, and Taranee burns the sphere, releasing them. The girls battle Frost, but just as he's about to be defeated, a portal opens, allowing him to escape with Crimson. The guardians follow them to Meridian, only to find they have disappeared. Back on Shell Beach, Will closes the portal while Irma congratulates her on the success of her rescue plan. Will explains it was Taranee's idea, and the girls confront Taranee about her strange behavior. Taranee explains that she was afraid of fading into the background and becoming anonymous again: "Being a Guardian meant I was special. But with Phobos gone, I figured that was all over. So I started breaking rules. If I got in trouble… well, at least I'd still stand out." The other girls wrap Taranee in a big group hug as Hay Lin protests: "You are in trouble if you ever think you're not special again!" Meanwhile, on Meridian, Frost and Crimson find themselves in an underground lair where they are welcomed by Nerissa. They join Gargoyle, Miranda, Sandpit, Raythor, Tracker and Sniffer, as Nerissa announces that she has brought them here to take their rightful place among the Knights of Vengeance.