Season 2 Episode 1

A is for Anonymous

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 05, 2006 on Toon Disney

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  • Drake is electrocuted by a mysterious sorceress, Frost goes to Earth, Caleb decides to ditch Cornelia for Meridian, and Taranee becomes a bad chick...


    - The animation for this season looks a little bit better and more magical than 3-D and high-tech

    - I liked how Nerissa collected Raythor, Miranda, Frost, Gargoyle, Sandpit, and Tracker into the Knights of Vengeance

    - I liked the storyline of Taranee breaking rules because she thought she would become anonymous again

    - I loved the scene at the beginning where Nerissa attacks Drake, Aldarn, Vathek and Tynar

    - Galgheita Rudolph makes an unimportant, but notable reappearance here.

    - I liked the emotional scenes of the girls telling Elyon her status on Earth and Caleb talking to Cornelia


    - Why was Caleb's hair blue in the dark?

    - I think they needed to have a little more of Taranee as her part of the episode seemed rush with her only doing two bad things

    - The Frost going to Earth plot was kind of minor and unneeded although I did like the action
  • events: 3/3 effects: 2/3 humor: 2/3 overall: 7/10

    first episode of the season- great one, based on 3 different comix books:

    1) #12- the celebration in Meridian. in the comix Elyon lecturing victory speech (or what the words in english?), and the crown of light makes her glowing. here Taranee telling warriors tales to kids- great scene, and everybody else dances.

    2) #13- Frost the hunter, running away from the authorities of Meridian after Elyon's coronation, decides to revenge who that made his life miserable: the guardians. in the comix he first finds out what's the kiddy form of the fire guardians, and then he wants the others. in the show he finds Taranee and Will in the end. in both the guardians fight back, but in the comix it's his last appearance.

    3) #23- Caleb stays in Meridian. chronogically, in the comix, it was after Nerissa's saga.
  • A great beginning! This episode is all about Taranee. Taranee fans, unite and start watching!

    Everyone is celebrating Phobos's defeat, thinking the danger has passed, but another one is about to appear. While everyone is at Elyon's coronation party, they have no idea what is happening in the Mage's lair. Aldarn, Drake, Vathek and Tynar are guarding Phobos and Miranda, when a lightning bolt hit Drake and an old woman, Nerissa, appeared at the entrance. The guys charged at her, but she raised her hand and said: "Quintessence" and their weapons came to life. She then approached Miranda's cage and freed her, when Phobos started complaining. Nerissa and Miranda left. Meanwhile, Caleb told Cornelia that he can't come back to Heatherfield with her, because his job is guarding Elyon and Meridian. So, the girls went back to Earth, while Nerissa gathered more old W.I.T.C.H. foes: Raythor, Frost, Miranda, Tracker, Gargoyle and Sandpit, with their sole purpose of revenge on W.I.T.C.H....
  • just as the guardians think everything has ended, suddenly they are faced with a new enemy! this was a great way to start off the new series!

    normally i don't always like the first episode of a series, because even though they have a good storyline, they are much more boring than the rest of the episodes as it is mostly just introducing characters or giving us facts about the show. but Disney did really well with this one because they made it so we knew what was going on, but still added in excitement so we wern't disappointed with the new series! i can't wait for the rest of the episodes!
  • Anonymous Taranee ties to come out and she tries to not fall inthat category again.

    This was funny! I like this character and they made her look like Harry Potter with the scarf but it was so funny that she wanted to be known. I wasn't sure if she wasn't doing it to get attention or to keep away from the mysterious guy.
  • A very Special Episode...why you ask... Season 2 premire! Need I say more?

    The long a waited Season 2 began with a bang, literally. Fireworks and a party in Meridian to celebrate the end of Phobos\'s rule. Queen Elyon on the thorne and all is well. Or so it seeems. Little to the guardians know but a new threat has arrived. Nersissa, former guardian who seeks revenge. I was glad that this episode followed more closesly to the comics. We see the beginning of the end of the Cornelia/Caleb romance and Frost stalks Taranee. Taranee\'s character really shows in this episode. She simply wants to be special and at the end of the episode, with a little help from her friends, realizes that she was special all along. Besides the character bits this episode also had a great deal of action and humor making it a great start to a new season. I was happy to hear will say "The Heart" in the transformation. Cornelia\'s line at the end proved to be quite foreshadowing \"I don\'t think we\'re quite done with the guardian thing yet.\" One thing still puzzles me. What was that read snake thing at the end?
  • New season, new plotline. If anything, this makes me feel like the second season will be worse than the first.

    New season, new plotline. I went to watch it with all its past offenses forgotten. In an interview with the show\'s new director, he said that he\'d try to keep more consistent with the comic, so I actually thought that the second season would be relatively likeable. So I sat down for half an hour, watched the episode (on my new widescreen plasma TV...I feel rich now >; But of course, the Council isn\'t /in/ the cartoon, so the explanation goes out the window. >\\;;;; GAWD, I hate this series.
  • this epesode of W.I.T.C.H.gave the show a uneque panash that gives the show a very outstanding biginning to a nother exiting season which leaves us in supence and wating for the next epesode in my opinyoun im exited to watch the whole series

    this epesode of W.I.T.C.H.gave the show a uneque panash that gives the show a very outstanding biginning to a nother exiting season which leaves us in supence and wating for the next epesode with this epesode it seams that W.I.T.C.H. is a brand new series and alwas leaves us suspence and makes us want to look forward to the next disney has really out did them selves with this show its a new looke at anime but there is some simillaritys with some other shows but has a uneque and new twist with anime like the girls are gards over two dimentions in the first season but in the second season they are "the gardions of the infonit dimentions" this twist makes W.I.T.C.H. MORE INTERISTING
  • This episode was a pefect way to start of the second season of W.i.t.c.h. Disney is brilliant! Combining great animation, and an excellent storyline, Disney started off the second season of this show with a big bam leaving everyone hanging. Fabulous!

    This episode was a pefect way to start of the second season of W.i.t.c.h. Disney is brilliant! Combining great animation, and an excellent storyline, Disney started off the second season of this show with a big bam leaving everyone hanging. With Caleb telling Cornelia his decision of staying on Meridian, Taranee feeling that she is going to become invisible again, and a new enemy (Nerissa) planning attacks on Meridian, everyone is waiting for the next episode. If Disney keeps this up, the second season will be a bigger hit than the first. Keep up the great work Disney and Jetix. We are all waiting to see more of oyur brilliant work.
  • This was as good a season opener as I could have asked for. I look forward to seeing Cornelia and Caleb contrast their relaionship, contrasting with it in season one.

    I look forward to this season, It seems like we\'ll go a little more in-depth with the characters familys, histories, and personalities. We finally got to see Taranee\'s brother, and a little crush begins to develop. (From Cornelia) That\'ll be an interesting thing to develop in the series. I\'m not just saying this because I\'ve been waiting for-EVER for the second season, I think this one will be a great follow up to the first season, and I hope all the episodes meet up to expectations of the first.

    (Afternote: I like the alphabet theme they\'re working into the season. That seems cool. >.
  • Elyon addresses the crowd as their new queen and throws a celebration and recaps what they accomplished.However, while everyone else is partying, Nerissa joins the cast and begins setting free the creatures of phobos\' to create an army of her own.

    This was a great start to the second season (which we all hated waiting for lol). I loved how the story-line is more closely related to the book, even though I would have much rathered Nerissa comming out of her crypt and creating her own creatures like in the books instead of bringing back the old guys.
  • in this episode the guardians think that their journey is over for the moment as cornelia learns that caleb will not be returning to heatherfield with them. taranee believes that her life will be become boring as well.

    i really liked this episode beacause it hooks a person into the series all over again because there is a new enemy. this new enemy will be quite interesting due to the fact that it looks like an old woman/ hag. the guardains have their work cut out for them as they battle this new enemy and ncornelia has to deal with caleb staying in meridian. just foreshadowing but what if caleb ended up with the queen lady who's name i do not remmeber at the moment. then of course there is will and i think her boyfriend. i could be wrong though i haven't watched this series for very long but this episode seems to be hooking me into the series more
  • Am I the only one who liked the first season better?

    I must be the only one who liked the first season better, which is just based on this new episode.

    I guess it\'s because I just can\'t relate. I\'m a perfect straight-A student and I get treated like all the other students. Possibly worse because I AM such a good student. (my school was weird.) I would feel so sick when I got detention once. But my mom sorted it out. Therefore I have NEVER got detention in my life. I despise getting in trouble. My friends sometimes think of me as a goody two-shoes, but when I see some of them having to miss out on stuff while having detention, I feel so happy that I\'m not them.

    Basically the thing with the teachers let her off easy was totally unrealistic.
    Plus I could NOT get over how many mistakes there were, like Hay Lin\'s Guardian top being long-sleeved, or Caleb\'s blue hair. I also wish Nerissa had created her own flunkies instead of taking ones that have never even appeared in the book (except for Frost of course.)

    Oh, speaking of Frost, I like how they stuck to the books/comics with half of the Taranee plot of this episode, where she was being followed by someone who looked normal, but ended up being Frost.

    And the fireworks in Metamoor? I wanted to barf. That\'s what they do with all cartoons these days. Make the different worlds like ours even if their old fashioned. Seriously, Metamoor wouldn\'t really have fireworks, so don\'t do it just \'cause it looks cool. I\'m sick of it.

    Another thing I did like was that Will's saying in the transformation scene is now crystal clear: "The Heart."

    IMHO, this season does not look very promising to me.

    However, I did like some parts of this episode, as stated above. And this is my favourite quote of the episode:

    Cornelia: Oh, I understand. I just don’t care.
  • A great way to start out the second season.

    I really loved this episode, it started out the new season in a good and mysterious way. I loved how they had the main Taranee plot going on with splashes of Nerissa doing her sommoth talking to all the creatures here and there, that really was a great way to have the episode. I loved the battle when the Guardians were saying stuff like, Lesson 1. I relaly liked how Cornelia got in the monsters face too. I was also glad they had another Cornelia and Caleb scene, although this one was a little sad. Overall, this is a really good episode and starts the new season on a good note.
  • Couldn\'t blink for fear of missing anything (and after waiting forever for season 2 to air, can anyone blame me?) LoL

    It seems that the writing staff for the show has upped their game and drank better coffee to help them stay awake longer when pulling all-nighters to write the episodes. LoL

    Because, honestly, while season 1 was great, don\'t get me wrong, it seems that season 2 is shaping out to be a lot more captivating with its deliverance.

    So, basically? 9.6 for this season\'s opener, definitely. ^_~
  • Amazing!

    Amazing. Absolutly amazing is all I can say about the first episode of season two. The voice of Nerissa is perfetly evil. Exactly what I imagined. The Guardians thought their life would go back to normal now that phobos is gone. Boy were they wrong. Here come Nerissa and the Knights of Vengence. Their lives will never go back to normal again.
    I love how Taranee is self confidence is thrown into the mix along with Frost the Hunter. I give more insite into her character. Amazing start of the new season and will be sure to watch the rest!
  • Awesome way to start a brand new season!

    This episode is where viewers learn of Nerissa, baddy of season two. The Guardians think that life will go back to simple teenage life. This isn't what Taranee wants. She felt like she was important when she was needed as a Guardian. So, to give herself attention, she acts out in a rebellion that only Taranee can do. While trying to be late for class, Taranee is followed by a mysterious stranger. Later, she learns that he's Frost the Hunter seeking revenge. During all this, Nerissa is gathering evil villians that have a grudge against the Guardians. This episode was a great way to start season two where I predict will be full of action, Irma's jokes, revenge, and of course boys.
  • When all thought the end of struggle was there, Nerissa makes her debut by setting free lost evils and creating her Knight's of Vengeance.

    A wonderful episode full of drama and danger. Taranee struggles with her self-image which causes her to get into a mess of trouble, only to be comforted by her friends in the end. Everyone is celebrating Phobos' overthrowing, only to have their moment of happiness discarded with Nerissa's evil plot, yet unbeknownst to the others the exact cause of the attack. Powerful episode which takes a closer look at Taranee's character.
  • AMAZING!!!

    This episode rocked!!I wonder how Nerissa escaped from Mount Thanos (unless that doesn't exist in the show...which would mean she's not an ex-guardian?), her voice is so good and it brings life to her character, it felt weird seeing the same exact opening sequence from season one since were in a new arc but whatever I'll live, the animation looks brighter and has improved a lot since last season. Also, was the voice actor for Vathek in this episode the same one from season 1? he sounded different to me. And did Rathor & Sandpit appear in any other episode before this one? so many questions, i like that it keeps me in suspense . Is that snake sign suppose to be the knights of vengeance's mascot? Nerissa's 1st episode and she's seems like a tougher big bad than phobos

    I rate this episode 7.5 out of 10

    I'm a watch it again on saturday when ABC Family shows it
  • Great episode brought down only by Taranees self confidence issues

    Well i have to say that this season has started out on a high. The new opning credits are ten times better than the old ones and Nerissa is absolutely perfect. The Meridian sequences were nice as well showing the party and fireworks, that was great. However i feel that the story with Taranee didn\'t quite fit, i think they should have focused more on Meridian and Nerissa than Taranee, but it still didn\'t drag this episode down by much.
  • Stunning!

    This episode was the bomb! The opening was brilliant and Nerissa made her debut! Taranee was desperately trying to get into trouble and Frost caputred the girls, and Taranee saved the day by pulling the Heart from nowhere! And, Will says \\\"The Heart\\\" when she transforms! The girls were trapped in a pink floating bubble and the Heart saved them!
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