Season 2 Episode 2

B is for Betrayal

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 16, 2006 on Toon Disney

Episode Recap

Inside Nerissa's Meridian lair, Frost challenges Raythor for leadership of the Knights of Vengeance. Frost's brute strength is no match for Raythor's cunning, and the latter decides to strike against those who swore an oath to Prince Phobos and yet betrayed their master.

Meanwhile, in Heatherfield, Cornelia decides to get over her breakup with Caleb by becoming from now on "strictly an earth-guy girl." Just then, she runs into Taranee's older brother, Peter. She flirts with him, but he seems uninterested and lets her down easy. Cornelia heads back home, with Irma, Taranee and Hay Lin, and finds Will waiting for her there. Will has brought her a cat as a present to cheer her up. Cornelia insists she doesn't need cheering up, and gives the cat to her little sister Lilian, who decides to name the pet Napoleon.

Suddenly a portal opens in Cornelia's living room and Will transforms the Guardians, figuring they are being summoned. On the other side of the portal, the girls find themselves in Kandrakhar, where they are met by Yan Lin. They are soon joined by Elyon, Caleb, Blunk and The Mage. Althor and Halinor welcome them all on behalf of the Council, and take them on a tour of the Fortress at the heart of Infinity.

On Meridian, Tynar and Drake are leading a work crew to rebuild part of the village, when they are attacked by the Knights of Vengeance. Drake and his guards try to fight back, but they are outnumbered, and the Knights capture Tynar.

Back in Kandrakhar, the Guardians discover the Aurameres (globes of mystical energy, source of the Guardian magic) and their keeper, Luba. In the court of the Council, they are next introduced to Tibor and the Oracle. The Oracle explains the reason for the Guardians' summons: Now that Phobos has been defeated, Meridian no longer needs to be quarantined from the other worlds to prevent the spread of his evil. And so the Veil is lowered.

A new day has dawned, and the Guardians of the Veil are now the Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions. The Oracle tells Yan Lin and the Mage that they would both be valuable additions to the Council. Yan Lin declines, but the Mage accepts, pointing out that on Meridian she is also tasked with keeping Phobos in his cage. His minion Miranda has already escaped…

Elyon is shocked by the news, and says she has to go recapture Miranda right away. The Oracle agrees that he does sense disharmony on Meridian, but tells Elyon that her power unchecked presents an equal danger. Meridian's new Queen needs to meditate before she can return to her kingdom, and so Caleb and the Guardians are assigned the mission instead. Before they go, the Mage shows Will the new way of traversing dimensions now that the Veil is gone. Thanks to the Heart of Kandrakhar, the Guardian leader can now open folds in space instead of portals.

On Meridian, Caleb and the girls find Vathek who assumes he will be the Knights of Vengeance's next target. Vathek decides to face the Knights alone, and finds them in the forest. Unbeknownst to the Knights, Vathek has changed his mind and has come with Caleb and W.I.T.C.H. The trick is playing to the good guys' advantage, until Cornelia's powers go haywire and turn against her own team, allowing the Knights' escape with Vathek.

Back in Kandrakhar, Blunk is laden with scavenged junk, trying to pick up the scent of a portal, when he stumbles into the Oracle. The Oracle takes away the stolen goods, but gives Blunk a magical talisman called the Tooth of the Tonga. The Oracle explains that the talisman will allow him to move between worlds, and instructs Blunk to put it to good use right now, because his friends need his help.

On Meridian, the Guardians confront Cornelia about her out-of-control powers, saying they are the result of her frustration over Caleb and her desire to "show up" to him. Cornelia denies, but keeps bickering with her ex-boyfriend until Will orders them both to keep their feelings in check so they can focus on rescuing Tynar and Vathek. They are interrupted by Blunk's arrival, and the Passling sniffs out the Knights of Vengeance, who are hiding in a canyon. The Guardians think they have the element of surprise, but little do they know that Tracker's batsects have already tipped the Knights off.

The girls attack, while Blunk manages to free Tynar and Vathek, but they soon realize that Miranda is sealing them in, spinning a vast web canopy across the canyon. Caleb urges Cornelia to attack, but she has lost all confidence in her magic since it betrayed her. Caleb praises her powers: "They're spectacular! Show me what they can do!" Cornelia complies by conjuring a giant rose bush which breaks through Miranda's canopy before blossoming in one colossal, beautifully crimson flower. The defeated Knights flee, and Caleb congratulates Cornelia on her victory. But the truce between them is short-lived, and Will takes the Guardians back to Heatherfield to prevent more bickering.

Still unused to using space folds instead of portals, Will accidentally ends up at the wrong location. The Guardians find themselves in an alley behind the playground, instead of inside the Silver Dragon basement. They de-transform, but while the other girls revert back to their pre-teen form, Cornelia's body keeps the size and proportions of her Guardian self, only in regular everyday clothes.

Just then, Peter shows up, basketball under his arm, and stares in awe as he notices the new Cornelia. Taranee and Irma instantly come up with a story, pretending this is Cornelia's older sister, "Lilian." Peter doesn't hide his obvious attraction to "Lilian," and as he leaves Cornelia blushes and transforms back to age thirteen. Irma rants: "Why is she so cheerful? She nearly blew our cover, her powers are wigged, Caleb's still…" But Will leniently cuts in: "Irma. Let her have her moment."

Meanwhile, in Kandrakhar, the Oracle thoughtfully observes the glowing, crackling Aurameres, and mysteriously comments: "I foresee some very interesting moments ahead…"