Season 2 Episode 2

B is for Betrayal

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 16, 2006 on Toon Disney

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  • The Knights of Vengeance capture Vathek and Tynar, Cornelia and Caleb start hating each other, and Candracar apppears!


    - I liked how Raythor is going to be the leader of the Knights of Vengeance, he did a good job

    - The girls going to Candracar and meeting the Oracle was well done and just plain awesome, especially when the Veil is lowered

    - While getting on my nerves after a little bit, I enjoyed the fact that Cornelia and Caleb bicker throughout

    - Nice minor appearances for Lilian, Drake and Napoleon

    - I really liked how the Knights of Vengeance captured Vathek and Tynar for serving the rebellion even though they swore an oath to Phobos

    - The action scenes were well done and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Tracker fight again

    - Blunk and the Tonga Tooth was a neat scene that I just liked for some reason


    - Nerissa only appeared in the beginning part before the opening credits

    - Luba, Althor and Tibor have very minor roles in this episode
  • events: 3/3 effects: 2/3 humor: 3/3 overall: 8/10

    great episode- at least its middle. based on 2 different comixes-

    #12- the Kandrakar meeting, first introducing to the guardians. they added a new joke ("hi, oracle!" Will to Tibor) and missed the old good one of Irma ("who is he, Santa Klaus?"), but still funny episode. intresting what could happen if Harol and Elizabeth Hale would enter to Coenelia's room when the pink was portal opened-

    Elizabeth: "Cornelia, how many times i have to tell you not bying the expensive things that glowing in darkness?!"

    #13- Will buying cat to Cornelia to cheer her up, and Lilian calls him "Napoleon". by our forum's assumption, it may be Cornelia's birthday. by timeline (between ep4- january 19, and ep34- june 30) it can be.
  • The second episode of W.I.T.C.H. season 2, and it's slowly improving!

    Now that the Knights of Vengeance have been gathered, it's time to choose the right leader: Raythor or Frost, but Raythor outsmarted Frost very soon, so his first plan for the Knights is to attack and capture their former comrades that betrayed prince Phobos to join the rebellion, and the first one is Tynar. So the Knights attacked the recovering village, wiped out that little of the village the rebellion has repaired, took Tynar, and fled, with Vathek being their next target. Meanwhile, Cornelia is still angry at Caleb for choosing Elyon's safety over her, so Will tried to cheer her up by buying her a cat, and she didn't like it, so she gave the cat to Lilian, when a portal suddenly opened...
  • another great episode! The knights of vengence are running rampage while the guardians are learning about kandrakhar!

    i loved this episode because they learnt about kandrakhar and they became the guardians of the infinate dimensions (don't think i spelt either of them right). and i really loved caleb and cornelia fighting because throughout the first series it was about they relationship buiding up and now we can see them when things aren't all lovey dovey! and i wonder what happened with cornelia's powers? well i guess we will find out what is going on in the next episode. but great overall!
  • Revealing . . . well, for me, anyway. LoL

    Considering that I'm only on book 8 of the series, as I'd finally stopped being lazy and have begun to collect the books. LoL

    So therefore, watching this episode has given me better insight to the "next chapter" in the Guardians' duties, etc. I was definitely right in my presumptions that season 2 is shaping out to be a lot better than season 1 (which is a slight guarantee, given that the production crew no longer has to worry about letting the viewers get to know the Guardians better, and can shift the attention onto their increased and more intense adventures) -- especially since cutie Peter was introduced and Caleb and Cornelia are experiencing their couples' drama (sorry to all you Caleb/Cornelia fans! But methinks Peter and Cornelia make a cuter couple, and Will can have Caleb. ^_^).

    NOW, I can't wait to see Caleb try to teach Matt how to be a warrior the following week (and since I do at least know that in the books Matt doesn't know -- yet, anyhow -- about Will's alter ego, watching him be aware AND supportive of it in the animated series is very interesting. I've always liked it whenever "non-magical" people found out about "magical beings'" true identies in shows or movies. LoL). That should make a pretty interesting watch. ^_^
  • I can honestly say that this is the best episode that\'s aired so far (and I /hate/ the cartoon).

    Yeah, yeah, I know what you\'re thinking. \"Why am I even reading this review? ...Oh, yeah, there\'s nothing good on TV. It\'s just gonna be another one of WTC\'s long pointless rants about how the cartoon is butchering W.I.T.C.H. and all that. Where\'s my pocky?\" Well, yeah, I know that\'s what I usually do, but I can honestly say that \'B is for Betrayal\' was the best episode that\'s aired so far. Don\'t get me wrong, it\'s not up to par with what I expected for the second season, but...Candracar /does/ exist in the cartoon; I\'m so happy.
  • Another great episode! Disney continues to keep up the brilliant work with yet another exciting episode. The animation is still looking great and the Knights of Vengence continue to try and destroy Meridian. You also see Kandracar and the Oracle. Awesome!

    Another great episode! Disney continues to keep up the brilliant work with yet another exciting episode. The animation is still looking great and the Knights of Vengence continue to try and destroy Merdian. In this episode, you see Kandracar for the first time and the Oracle. Also, the guardians are no longer the gaurdians of the veil because the veil is gone. Now they are the guardians of infinent dimentions. This episode also ties in with Caleb and Cornelia's relationship and how their emotions are tied to thier powers. Disney continues to bring in yet another funny and exciting episode of W.i.t.c.h. With two new great episodes out, everyone is wondering, what will Disney do next?
  • Season 2 continues to be great.

    Season 2 continues to be great with this episode. The guardians learn of the Council of Kandrakar, as well as their first real fight with the Knights of Vengeance. This was a really good episode and it helps season 2 to continue on a strong note. Only two episode into the season and I'm already starting to like this season better than the first one. The battle was good and I loved seeing Cornelia's powers acting weird because she is my favorite guardian. I was also glad to see more Cornelia and Caleb love scenes, three episodes in a row, awesome!
  • Corny appears to be having some problems...

    Not exactly one of my favorites, very little happened except to bring the knights of vengeance into the light. The main confrontation was between Caleb and Corny, who appear to be having a difference in opinions on where a boyfriend should place his focus. Caleb wants to be in Meridian since that is where he is needed, Corny feels neglected by this, and decides to make her opinion heard.

    She is also the first to show a growth in power, literally, she grows near the end of the episode into a mini giant! But you also see that her eye isn't only on the rebel leader, but Tyrany's big bro, who likes the taller version of herself.
  • The Knights of Vengeance are still on the loose, but W.I.T.C.H. is hot on their trails now. All the while, Corny is having some difficulties with her powers that lead to some sticky situations.

    A brilliant episode packed with emotion, power, and confusion for the girls. Cornelia's issues with Caleb, while getting a tad bit on the annoying side, has erupted into something far more dangerous: her explosive powers. Something has happened to them, and no one quite knows what is going on. Mystery. Mystery.

    It's all brilliant, though. The ending is quite hysterical and unique, while rather confusing, but one supposes that they are going to clear it up in the next episode. Great, now I can't wait for it! Wonderful episode. Great example of what is spectacular about this show: the originality.
  • Thrills and Chills down my spine during this whole episode!!

    B is for Betrayal is another eye opener for the Guardians where they finally learn that Candracar exists, the Knights of Vengeance are among them, and that Cornelia says that she's so over Caleb. This is so far my favorite episode of season two. I loved every part of this episode! Cornelia's pride is always getting the way. She doesn't want her friends and Caleb that she's hurt. Because she's hiding her emotions, her powers are affected. If you love W.I.T.C.H, this is the reason why. I hope that the whole season will be like this episode, exciting and fun!
  • And episodes like this are really exactly why I watch the series . . .

    Okay, A is for Anonymous was crap, except for of course that it was Taranee-centred, and Taranee rocks! But still, B is for Betrayal is the awesomeness. And believe me, I don't use awesomeness often.

    To start with the pros, first thing I liked was that Peter came, and now all the siblings are in the show.

    Next thing was that Napoleon the cat appeared in the show! Around this was when I basically realised this was a Cornelia-centered episode. I like how they stuck with Lilian ending up keeping the cat and naming him too.

    Another pro is that even though Cornelia sees Caleb in the show, unlike the books where she's mourning and not going to school because he's, well, a flower, she's still kind of having the same moody attitude as in the books. She's just more together in the show.

    And then the major pro. You know what's coming, obviously. Kandrakar is now in the show!!! It made me realise I was pronouncing Tibor wrong the whole time, and for some reason Tibor and Oracle are perfect parts.

    Now for some cons. Number one would be that Blunk is really starting to piss me off. He really shouldn't have gone to Kandrakar. He is just so fricken annoying and the worst part of the show.

    Next is that Luba had a guy's voice if I do believe! Luba is FEMALE! A girl! A she!

    And another is that Caleb's hair was blue again. Although now I'm starting to think it's possibly just a trick of light they're trying to do when it's like twilight out or something like that. Who knows.

    A teeny tiny con I have is just that Peter isn't very much older than Taranee and he basically likes Cornelia when she's normal in the books. (Not like as in crush. Or maybe... who knows?)

    Another small con is just that Nerissa didn't come back because of the aurameres merging(sp?) into an altermere (which was basically Luba's fault), but she just came back. I don't really mind though, because the show can be different from the books.

    Another small one was that Metamoor should be OUT of the picture. Disney shows usually have to somehow keep the same plot in each season, but the W.I.T.C.H. arc's have nothing to do with each other basically, except of course the Guardians, obviously. So, Elyon, Blunk, Vathek and them should pretty much not have a part in this season. But Disney won't let that happen, now will they? Of course, once again, I'm not REALLY pissed, it's just a really small annoyance. I really don't actually care that much. Except about Blunk.

    Anyway, I definitely loved this episode. I was just so impressed and episodes like these are really why I watch the series.

    And here are my three favourite quotes (aka the jokes I laughed at like I would a joke from Friends):

    Irma: Wait, wait, wait! Kandrakhar exists? I thought it was just a magical brand name…

    Cornelia: Everything always has to be about Meridian with you!
    Caleb: And everything always has to be about you with you!

    Cornelia: My powers are…amped up! Whatever I tried came out huge!
    Caleb: Oh, like your ego…
  • Great Episode

    I think It was a great episode. I like the way Candracar looks, and that part at the end with Cornelia and Taranee's Brother was really funny. The Guardians were so clueless as to what was going on, and why they were summoned to Candracar. Irma also really cracked me up when the Oracle said that they were the Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions, and she says "Does that come with a raise", and when she said "Candracar, it reaaly exists. I thought it was just a Magical Brand name". Cornelia's powers were quite impressive. I can hardly wait till the next eppy to see their other powers kick in. Great Eppy.

    This episode was amazing!we see Candracar for the firs time and Peter appeared. The knights of vengeance are a great evil team, Cornelia's powers are crazy when they are "whack" because of Caleb. So Raythor is the leader of the group? Anyways, Candracar looks more beautiful in blue and white than in pink and purple. So the girls do age in the show when they transform. Lol, the Mage likes Oracle. I wonder why Halinor is in Candracar...more questions . I wonder what the Oracle meant at the end of the episode when he was looking at the auremes (or however you spell it). Great episode, I rate it 8.5/10.
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