Season 2 Episode 2

B is for Betrayal

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 16, 2006 on Toon Disney

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  • events: 3/3 effects: 2/3 humor: 3/3 overall: 8/10

    great episode- at least its middle. based on 2 different comixes-

    #12- the Kandrakar meeting, first introducing to the guardians. they added a new joke ("hi, oracle!" Will to Tibor) and missed the old good one of Irma ("who is he, Santa Klaus?"), but still funny episode. intresting what could happen if Harol and Elizabeth Hale would enter to Coenelia's room when the pink was portal opened-

    Elizabeth: "Cornelia, how many times i have to tell you not bying the expensive things that glowing in darkness?!"

    #13- Will buying cat to Cornelia to cheer her up, and Lilian calls him "Napoleon". by our forum's assumption, it may be Cornelia's birthday. by timeline (between ep4- january 19, and ep34- june 30) it can be.