Season 2 Episode 2

B is for Betrayal

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 16, 2006 on Toon Disney

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  • The Knights of Vengeance capture Vathek and Tynar, Cornelia and Caleb start hating each other, and Candracar apppears!


    - I liked how Raythor is going to be the leader of the Knights of Vengeance, he did a good job

    - The girls going to Candracar and meeting the Oracle was well done and just plain awesome, especially when the Veil is lowered

    - While getting on my nerves after a little bit, I enjoyed the fact that Cornelia and Caleb bicker throughout

    - Nice minor appearances for Lilian, Drake and Napoleon

    - I really liked how the Knights of Vengeance captured Vathek and Tynar for serving the rebellion even though they swore an oath to Phobos

    - The action scenes were well done and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Tracker fight again

    - Blunk and the Tonga Tooth was a neat scene that I just liked for some reason


    - Nerissa only appeared in the beginning part before the opening credits

    - Luba, Althor and Tibor have very minor roles in this episode