Season 2 Episode 3

C is for Changes

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 19, 2006 on Toon Disney
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C is for Changes
While the Guardians are going through some changes, Nerissa sends Miranda and Sandpit to Heatherfield to make W.I.T.C.H. miserable.

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  • Will is talking to appliances, Irma mind controls her dad, Taranee becomes a mind reader, Cornelia is now the master of solid material and Hay Lin can turn invisible...


    - I really like the girls' new powers, especially Will's.

    - The Knights of Vengeance's plot to send Miranda and Sandpit to Earth was neat and creative on Nerissa's behalf

    - The only episode where the main villian is Miranda, one of my favorite characters

    - This episode is realistic in that the Earth authorities should be wondering where the Browns disappeared to

    - It is also realistic in that Elyon, Alborn, and Caleb find Royal Life very boring

    - I liked how creative they were in all of the girls having to use their powers to solve the conflict

    - I liked the explanation of how the girls' got their powers, through the magic of the Veil

    - We get to see reappearances of Susan, Alchemy and Tom Lair here

    - Elyon's "new dog" was very hilarious and I laughed out loud


    - While the girls using all their powers to solve the conflict was done in a creative way, it kind of seemed corny in that they had to use their new powers to win

    - This episode only focused on Will and Irma and their conflicts but barely on Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin

    - It would have been nice if Miranda/Melinda started hanging out with the girls before she would betray themmoreless
  • A plot to get the Guardians in trouble? New powers? Elyon's disappearance noticed? You know that mixing this stuff together has got to end up with something hilarious!

    This episode was actually one of the first episodes that I saw which got me introduced to this show. I love Hay Lin with her invisibility! "It's like I'm air! No one can see me unless I want them to!" as she almost gets run over by a car. Oh, well, what can you expect from that bouncy Air Guardian? Will's powers with electrical appliances are hysterical, and as for Irma? Her mind bending powers are awesome! Taranee can transfer psychic thoughts to the other girls, and Cornelia has telekanesis! How cool can you get with teenage girls? I'd love to be one of them! The plot about Elyon's friend finally getting the principal to do something about Elyon's disappearance is a great one in my opinion. It's funny how they get their stories mixed up while Elyon has her own miserable time over sewage construction and hoogong land disputes. Then at the end with the police chasing the Guardians around and trying to take them downtown to interrogate them further, Elyon shows up as according to plan to get the blame off of the other girls. You just gotta love this episode!moreless
  • effects: 2/3 events: 3.5/3 humor: 3/3 overall: 8.5

    maybe one of the greatest episodes in this show. based on 3 different comixes-

    #1-#2: the guardians find out about their additional powers. the producers could add the scene of Irma\'s history pop quiz from the beginning of #1, when she first discover her tele-comtrolling, and Cornelia\'s self-oredered room scene. the scene of the guardians in Will\'s house from issue #2 appears here, when Will shows the others her electrical powers, but why they didn\'t add the electrical blackout? the printer print Taranee\'s work from computer by itself could be funny. (\"they fight, i think they\'re couple\")

    #10: first and only appearance to the agents Maria Medina and Joel McTinen, investigating the Browns\' disappearance. here it\'s ended in good ending- the Browns back by themselves.moreless
  • "We've got the power!" And finally, the girls' new powers!!! Oh how we've waited long for this!!!

    Nerissa is angry at the Knights of Vengeance for failing their first mission and asks them if there is anyone that deserves their revenge, and they decide that Elyon is the perfect target, but Nerissa believes they are still weak for her wrath, so she sends two scouts: Miranda and Sandpit to Heatherfield to make W.I.T.C.H. miserable. So Miranda poses as a new student in Sheffield, Melinda, and tries to get close to W.I.T.C.H., since they never actually saw her in her human form. But speaking of W.I.T.C.H., something very strange has been happening to them since they went to Kandrakar, especially Will, because she became every electrical appliances' best friend, since only she and the rest of the girls can hear them and talk to them. But Irma has stronger water power and she can mind control, Taranee is telepathic, so she can talk to the other girls through their minds, and broadcast their thoughts to the other girls, Cornelia is telekinetic, and Hay Lin is invisible, but we haven't seen all of Will's powers yet... However, because Elyon disappeared without a trace, Alchemy made Mrs. Knickerbocker call the police, and Miranda, or rather "Melinda" heard all of that...moreless
  • this has to be the best episode so far! the girls with new powers and will is moving! they left it on such a climax!!

    The girls get new powers and the police begin searching for elyon! this is my favourite episode so far definately! i can't actually believe it took someone this long to actually worry about elyon missing but this is tv for you, nothing is ever right. i really love the fact that the girls have new powers, but i kind of feel sorry for will, because she doesn't have a real power anyway and she has got the worst new one. i mean irma has power over water and has mind control, taranee has power over fire and has telepathy, cornelia has power over earth and has telekinesis and hay lin has power over air and can turn invisible! and all will gets is the ability to change them all into guardians (which i guess is pretty inportant but she can't actually help them out afterwards as much) and have electrical appliences yell at her. i hope she gains some more powers because i really want to see her do something in this series. but still this episode rocked and i hope we see more like it!moreless
Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Maria Medina

Guest Star

Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum

Ed the Phone/School Clock

Guest Star

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

James the Fridge/Joel McTiennan

Guest Star

Candi Milo

Candi Milo


Recurring Role

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Susan Vandom/Alchemy

Recurring Role

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Will and Irma are the only guardians who do not transform in this episode.

    • Goof: When Ed tells Will that she forgot to bring him to school again, we can see a book lying on a wheeled piece of furniture next to the potted plant, but a few shots later the book is gone. When Billy the television offers his various programs, the book has returned along with an unknown object. Again, a few shots later that object has vanished. And when Will and Susan are alone in the room, the object is back again. Also, when Susan enters the room, Sammy the calculator has changed color (from blue to yellow) and has switched positions (a 90 degrees-turn, clockwise). Furthermore there now are a book and some papers stacked underneath Sammy.

    • Nitpick: With its number of buttons, Sammy the Calculator would never work properly as there is no function to multiply, add, substract or divide.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Manfred the clock: No loitering in the hallways.
      Will: Why are you talking to me? How are you talking to me?!

    • Miranda: We knew you'd come. Criminals always return to the scene of their crime.

    • Elyon: Ruling so does not rule!

    • Cornelia: But won't classes be boring for the queen of the castle?
      Elyon: Give me schoolbooks over sewage projects any day.

    • Taranee: Kandrakhar, that's it! Conservation of energy!
      Irma: Er, non-brainiac definition, please?

    • Irma: Oh no! You didn't broadcast my crush on Andrew Hornby?
      Taranee: Er...no, but you just did!

    • Hay Lin: Cool! It's like having a hundred new friends!
      Ed: You forgot to bring me to school again! What if your mother needed to reach you?
      Irma: More like a hundred new parents...

    • Irma: Hey, I'm actually speechless!

    • Elyon: Allow me to introduce my cousin Caleb. And my new…puppy?
      Blunk: Uh, Blunk barks! Bark, bark!

    • Mctiennan (about Elyon and her parents): We've heard you know where they are.
      Will: Uh, sure...Everyone does. They're on a ski trip. In the Alps!
      Medina: And who told you that?
      Will: Cornelia?
      Cornelia: Well, Hay Lin said the Browns are in Australia. Deep in the outback. You can't even call them.
      Hay Lin: Irma told me they're sunbathing in Hawaii.
      Irma: Bora-Bora. Definitely Bora-Bora.
      Taranee: Um, could you repeat the question?

    • Sammy: Just steer clear of the whole equation.
      Irma: I hate to say it, but I agree with the calculator.

    • Taranee: Uh, shouldn't we take this inside? Someone might see us, and...
      Miranda: Reveal your identities and destroy your lives forever? Lovely!

  • NOTES (2)