Season 2 Episode 4

D is for Dangerous

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 26, 2006 on Toon Disney
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D is for Dangerous
Nerissa sends dangerous Annihilators to lay waste to Meridian while Matt asks Caleb to train him as a warrior.

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  • Let's see...The Annihilators are attacking Meridian, but are scared of Elyon so they disappear when she arrives but are invincible anyways and Matt and Mister Huggles are the first line of defense...moreless


    - Matt finally gets an episode devoted to him as he never felt like an important character but starting with his 8th appearance I consider important enough to be a star

    - I really found the Mister Huggles subplot really funny; Will had him first, then Irma, then Hay Lin, then Taranee, then Cornelia, then Elyon, then Matt

    - The chant at the beginning of the episode was neat on Nerissa's behalf as she was speaking Latin

    - The battle scenes on Meridian were great and we get to see more on behalf of Julian's character

    - I really liked the training scenes between Caleb and Matt, and how Blunk got soaked

    - The tension between the Will and Matt and Cornelia and Caleb couples continue and for the first one, is resolved


    - This is the third episode in a row that Nerissa only appears in the beginning part before the opening credits

    - Elyon is out of character in this episode, she acts very dull, probably because of her Meridian Duties

    - The Annihilators part just seemed like random filler to fill up an episode, although creative and well donemoreless
  • Here's Will's newest and BEST power: LIGHTNING!!!

    Nerissa is having a grand plan for an attack on the castle: by creating Annihilators, mystic and very powerful creatures, set on a direct path to the castle, destroying anything or anyone that gets in their path. But only one question remains: Where did Nerissa get Elyon's hair from? That will be answered very soon... Anyway, in Heatherfield, it's Elyon's "first" day of school after her "world tour trip" with her "parents", but Caleb is there too, as her personal "bodyguard", which Cornelia is still jealous of, so she makes up a false rule to avoid Caleb sitting at their table, so he sits at a table behind them, with Matt, who asks him to teach him how to be a warrior, all that while the Annihilators are loose in Meridian...moreless
  • Matt finally gets some of the spotlight, while Nerissa is sending Annihilators to cause havoc in Meridian!

    I am soooooooooooooo glad that Will finally has some powers! I have been waiting an entire season for this episode! and the powers shes got are awesome!! and i'm glad Matt finally got some proper spotlight and proved that he can fight! i liked the storyline for this episode because it showed that the Guardians were just as strong as Elyon, as it was up to them to defeat the Annihilators. Great episode!moreless
  • This episode is a well another awesome episode!!

    D is for Dangerous is another good episode along the beginning of season two. Nerissa sends in Annialators to destroy Elyon's castle. The thing is they poof whenever Elyon is there. The guardians try effortlessly to figure out why these baddies keep poofing up along Meridian.

    Matt, Will's boyfriend, is sick and tired of situations being 'too dangerous' for him to battle along side his love. So he asks Caleb to give him warrior lessons in exchange for showing Caleb the ropes along Sheffield.

    Mr. Huggles is constantly getting lose among the girls. First, Hay Lin loses him at the restraunt where Will's mom learns about Matt. Second, Tarannee loses him and can't keep him because of her dad's allergies. Finally, Cornelia just makes Elyon take care of him. In the end, Matt takes him back.

    This episode is another episode of greatness along the best season of WITCH yet!!!moreless
  • Nerissa summons her Annihilators to attack Meridian...Meanwhile, the girls deal with a rampant dormouse while Matt deals with battle training...

    Personally, this episode had its ups and downs...there were too many things going on at the same time...they introduce so many issues and problems that you knew there was bound to be some that should have been taken out...

    The dormouse scenes were nice, but wasn't really needed in this episode...it was completely overshadowed by Matt wanting to learn to fight and his problems with WIll, Elyon and the Annihilators, and as usual the Caleb/Cornelia thing (they need to work things out...now!)

    Overall, it was a good episode...Will gets some offensive attacks and Matt becomes useful...Not as good as the previous episode...moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Look hard: When Will shoots lightning bolts to destroy the rest of the Annihilators, watch where the bolts leave her body. They make an upside-down pattern of her initial.

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  • NOTES (3)

    • The Annihilators are based on Phobos' guards from issues #11 and #12 of the W.I.T.C.H. comic-books.

    • Nerissa's magical chant (Denuone Nihilus loquebar. Me ineptum… Interdum modo elabitur) is Latin for: "Am I speaking, Annihilator? Silly me…Sometimes it just slips out."

    • Before the US premiere on June 26, 2006 on Toon Disney, this episode aired in Canada on June 11, 2006 on The Family Channel.


    • The opening of the hoods on the Annihilators' cloaks are shaped like the all-seeing eye. Also called Eye of Providence, this symbol (dating back to Egyptian mythology and the Eye of Horus) represents the eye of God keeping watch on mankind, and shows an eye surrounded by rays of light; which makes the similarity even more apparent when the Annihilators are emitting energy beams from the eye-shaped opening of their hoods.

    • Cornelia: Houdini's got nothing on Huggles.

      Harry Houdini was one of the most famous magicians of all time. Born in 1874 in Budapest, Hungary, he became world-renowned for his stunts and feats of escapology even more so than his magical illusions.