Season 1 Episode 21

Escape From Cavigor

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 27, 2005 on Toon Disney
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Escape From Cavigor
Caleb learns that Elyon’s parents, the Browns, are being held in the forbidding underground prison at Cavigor. He and the Guardians plot a difficult escape; while a distraction from above draws guards upwards, Cornelia will tunnel in from the Infinite City below. But one slip and Phobos will discover the rebels’ secret subterranean hideout...moreless

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  • The girls go from bowling to Cavigor Prison, the Browns think their cell is a beautiful mountain cottage, Elyon is cleaning her royal room, and Blunk is being well, Blunk.


    - It is a good think they didn't take Alborn and Miriadel completely out of the picture

    - A reappearance from one of my favorite characters, Miranda, and a hint of her true form

    - Cavigor Prison had a neat design and the Scuttlers were gross but awesome

    - Nice battle scenes, especially with Irma creating the water slide

    - Hypnotizing the Browns, not a bad idea, in fact I thought the writers did a great job on that


    - The battle scenes eventually got repetitive

    - Cedric's transformation scene is getting old, fast

    - The girls seem a bit out of character while they are at the bowling alleymoreless
  • Interesting episode! Not that good as others, but still: "-Nice work, C.! -Why thank you, W.!"

    Caleb found out where Thomas and Elenor Brown, Elyon's adoptive parents, are being held. They're in a prison called Cavigor, along with the other rebels and Meridian inhabitats. However, Elyon misses them and wants to see them, so Phobos had to bring them to her, but he had an idea to brainwash them, so they can tell Elyon all about their "wonderful" life in Meridian. Now, Caleb and the girls split up in two groups: Irma, Taranee, and Hay Lin are going to the prison entrance to distract the guards, while Will, Cornelia, Caleb, and Blunk break into the prison from the Infinite City, but surprises await them at both sides...moreless
  • Quite a nice episode though not the greatest.

    For some reason the title gets to me and it is rather unappealing for me but I do recognize that I am probably the only person who thinks that.

    Title aside this was a great episode. The prison raid has needed to happen for a loooong time now, far too long if you ask me. Good to see Caleb's father back again and all the innocent people are rescued from the horrible prison. The guard coming in is an interesting twist to the plot which I believe will be essential to the future of the show.

    Hypnosis was a little overdone but still, you can't win them all. Irma's water slide- very creative and it rocked! All of them being able to fight the bugs was also interesting.

    This episode did have some very excellent one liners, so kudos on that!


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Hay Lin and Taranee are flying up through the prison after they have fought with the Scuttlers, the front of Hay Lin's skirt is missing.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Taranee: Guys! Trouble!
      Cornelia: We're 800 feet underground in a prison guarded by man-eating cockroaches. How could there possibly be trouble?

    • Will: Nice work, C.
      Cornelia: Why thank you, W.

    • Irma: Hey, you guys ever been on a water slide?
      Taranee/Hay Lin: Sure./Yeah.
      Irma (makes a swirling tube of water): How about a really steep scary one?
      Taranee (apprehensive): Oh no.

    • Cornelia (throws a bowling ball): C'mon baby, make me proud… STRIKE! (showing off) It's all in the shoes.
      Irma: Guys, why are we bowling when we know Phobos's plans for Elyon?
      Will: Well, the attack date's set. What are we supposed to do in the meantime, just stand around? Hey, pretend the bowling pins are Phobos.
      Hay Lin: Yes! Gutter ball! Wuuuu-whoo!!
      Taranee: You do realize the object is to hit them, right?
      Hay Lin: Anyone can hit the pins, there's like ten of them. How many people can miss them, huh?
      Irma: She's a rebel.

    • Cornelia (to Caleb): I'm blond, not dense!

    • Caleb (laughing): No! No Blunk, you're not on a beach!
      Blunk (hypnotized): Ha ha, pretty green fish!
      Caleb: That's your foot.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode borrows many similar elements from W.I.T.C.H. comic/book #10, A Bridge Between Worlds: The monstrous Scuttlers guarding the prison; the Guardians breaking into the prison from underneath with Cornelia's help; and the fact that all the prisoners are set free.

    • This episode was originally titled Power Struggles.