Season 2 Episode 6

F is for Facades

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jul 17, 2006 on Toon Disney

Episode Recap

In Meridian, Elyon decorates Drake, Aldarn, Julian and Caleb for leading the rebellion that liberated their world. The crowd cheers, but a sulky Cornelia is still brooding about Caleb: "Look at medal boy. He's just loving this." Later on, Aldarn leaves the ceremony to get back to his post when he is ambushed in a secluded spot by Sandpit and Raythor, who kidnap and threaten him: "Have no fear. Your fellow rebels will join you soon enough." Once the celebration is over, the Guardians congratulate the rebels, but Cornelia keeps giving Caleb the cold shoulder. Caleb tries to make her understand that just because he puts his duty to his Queen first, does not mean that he doesn't care about her. But Cornelia demonstrates that Caleb knows Elyon better than he knows his own ex-girlfriend. Caleb expresses interest, but when Cornelia tells him that her favorite hobby is ice-skating, he scoffs, causing her to stalk off. Caleb berates himself: "Great comeback, Caleb." While the Knights of Vengeance guard Aldarn's cell in Nerissa's lair, the girls visit Cornelia in Heatherfield. Irma tries to cheer her up by showing her her latest power (magically changing the color of her clothes), but Cornelia insists she doesn't need cheering up and mocks Irma: "You can change the color of your outfit…and still be so last season." Irma retorts: "I'm last season? Hello, it's 76º out, and you're wearing wool." Lilian pops in and says that Cornelia is dressed warm because she's going skating…with a guy. The girls' interest is piqued: "You have a date? A non-Caleb date?" Meanwhile, in Meridian, Elyon is eating with her entourage, but Caleb seems to have lost his appetite without Cornelia. Caleb pretends he doesn't care and wishes he'd never met her, but he recoils when Elyon offers to use her magic to burn Cornelia from his memory. Elyon says Cornelia cares a lot too: "Are you really going to give her up without a fight?" Back in the Hale residence, Cornelia's date buzzes her over the intercom and she rushes out of the apartment, forbidding the girls to follow. As soon as she's in the elevator and the doors close, she changes to her older W.I.T.C.H. form, minus the wings and Guardian outfit. Suddenly, the doors open again and Will, Irma, Taranee and Hay Lin take in Cornelia's new appearance. Battered with questions, Cornelia reveals that she has learned to transform without the Heart since Kandrakhar, but doesn't have Guardian powers in this mode. The elevator reaches the lobby and the girls step out to discover that Taranee's older brother Peter is Cornelia's date, only Peter thinks Cornelia is her own older sister, 'Lilian'. Cornelia and Peter head for the ice rink and Will, Irma, Taranee and Hay Lin decide to follow. Later on, in the same lobby, Elyon and Caleb buzz the downstairs intercom and Lilian answers, saying they just missed Cornelia and everyone: "They went skating. Without me." Caleb is crushed: "I'm doomed. I can't skate. I've tried. I'm a disaster! A face-first, ice-up-your-nose disaster." But Elyon is still determined to catch up to Cornelia at the rink. In Meridian, Drake and Julian are attacked and abducted by the Knights. The Mage tries to stop them, but only succeeds in taking down Miranda. The Knights leave both Miranda and the Mage behind. Meanwhile, at the ice rink, Cornelia and Peter skate as Will, Irma, Taranee and Hay Lin get ready in the lobby area. They are joined by Elyon, Lilian and Caleb. "This is a train wreck," Will dryly comments. While Will delays Caleb and Hay Lin distracts Lilian, Taranee leads Peter away so Irma and Elyon can warn Cornelia of the situation. Cornelia is horrified, then touched when she sees Caleb sprawled on the ice, humiliating himself for her sake. She transforms back to her younger self and Irma changes the color of Cornelia's outfit so she can go to Caleb. But Peter is still around, and Cornelia has to keep switching between older and younger mode to maintain her façade for both her dates, while Irma continuously changes the color of her outfit. Will uses her power over appliances to control the lightboard, plunging the rink in darkness, save for a roving spotlight. Young Cornelia skates in and out of the darkness as she transforms into her older self, going back and forth between Caleb and Peter. Eventually, a rink employee hits the lightboard with his fist, and as the lights come back up, young Cornelia smashes into Caleb, knocking them both to their feet. Caleb smiles: "Cornelia, I'm really trying. And I've got the black and blue marks to prove it." Cornelia promises to meet him outside in five minutes, and Caleb leaves to turn in his skating shoes. Cornelia decides to break up with Peter, while at the rental booth, Caleb sees her turning into her older self in the security monitor. Cornelia skates to Peter, but before she can end things with him, he literally sweeps her off her feet and kisses her. Cornelia suddenly realizes Caleb has witnessed the whole scene and rushes over to plead with him. They are both interrupted by Blunk, who warns them of trouble in Meridian. Before the gang folds to Meridian, Cornelia asks Peter to watch over her little sister, passing her off as her younger cousin "whose name is also…Lilian." In Elyon's castle, Miranda has been imprisoned in an energy cage. She strikes a bargain with the Guardians: If they ever want to see Drake, Aldarn and Julian again, they'll have to release her and let her leave with Caleb. Cornelia protests, but Caleb cuts her off and does as Miranda bade him. Later on, Blunk is playing bloodhound across Meridian, trying to track Caleb and the others, while W.I.T.C.H. follows by air. They find Caleb's jacket lying in a clearing where they are ambushed by Sandpit, Tracker, Sniffer, Frost and Crimson. The girls fight, but the Knights flee with Blunk: "We've got their nose! Let's go!" Inside Nerissa's lair, Blunk joins Drake, Aldarn, Julian and Caleb in their cell. Miranda and Frost are debating what end the prisoners should meet when Nerissa shows up in a fury. She lashes at the Knights for acting without consulting her, and decides to divide the spoils. She fires lightning bolts, blowing a hole in the cell wall which reveals Julian and Caleb. Flying high above the Meridian wilderness, Will stops. She suddenly nosedives out of view, saying she felt a charge and urging the other girls to follow her. She leads them to the entrance of Nerissa's lair. Cornelia buries Gargoyle, who is on sentry duty, with an earthquake. Irma and Hay Lin combine their powers to freeze her path towards the cave. Cornelia skates off, slaloming round Sniffer, Tracker and Frost, then tucking to skate under Crimson to enter the lair. Once inside, Cornelia is attacked by Raythor and Miranda, but she uses her telekinesis to knock them both out, slamming them into each other. Next, she is engulfed by Sandpit, and the other Guardians fly to the rescue just in time to free Cornelia from her sand-armor. The Knights flee, but as the girls release the prisoners, they find only Drake, Aldarn and Blunk. Julian and Caleb are gone. Later that night, W.I.T.C.H. and the rebels make their way back to Elyon's castle. At the foot of the palace stairs, Cornelia drops to her knees, sobbing over the loss of Caleb. Just then, a fold opens in mid-air, dropping Caleb and Julian who thud to the ground a few feet away from Cornelia. She rushes forward, and throws her arms around the dazed Caleb before he can react. In the royal dining room, Elyon is seated with W.I.T.C.H., Blunk, Drake, Aldarn and the Mage as she questions Caleb and Julian: "Then after this 'hag' zapped you?" Julian is nonplussed: "No idea. I'm not even sure why we're still alive." Cornelia reaches out to take Caleb's hand, but he pulls away. She pleads with him: "I deserve that. But you have to know: When I thought I'd lost you, all I could think about was…" Caleb cuts in mercilessly: "That other guy?" Cornelia protests: "No. Caleb, listen. After you made a fool of yourself for me, I decided to break up with him. I swear." Caleb considers this, obviously rattled. Back at the Heatherfield ice rink, Cornelia poses as her own older sister one last time to end things with Peter. Taranee greets her brother at the rink's edge, saying he looks bummed and asking him if he's alright. Peter reassures her: "Just a façade, sis. She was so serious, I didn't want to hurt her feelings." Taranee is surprised: " You were gonna break it off?" As Cornelia (back in girl-mode) skates over to join a wobbly Caleb, Peter acquiesces: "She wasn't the one. And we've all got to find something real." And we fade out on Cornelia and Caleb, laughing in each other's arms…