Season 2 Episode 6

F is for Facades

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jul 17, 2006 on Toon Disney

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  • Raythor betrays Nerissa, Aldarn, Drake and Julian get their butts kicked by the Knights of Vengeance, Caleb tries to win Cornelia back who is dating Taranee's brother Peter, and Lilian learns she can't skate on an empty stomach...


    - We some hints of romance between Caleb and Elyon, just like in the comic book

    - I really liked how Caleb decided to regain Cornelia as his girlfriend, only to find out she is dating Taranee's brother Peter Cook

    - Nice reappearances of Mage, Julian, Drake, Aldarn, and Peter Cook I might add

    - It was about time the Knights of Vengeance captured the rebel leaders, now leveling it up to Aldarn, Drake, Julian, Caleb, Vathek and Tynar all being targeted

    - We really see more of Raythor's character as he acts without Nerissa's consent, showing he is not a mindless drone

    - Loved Elyon and Miranda's "friend reunion" scene

    - I thought Irma's new power was pretty neat and it worked out effectively

    - The ice skating ring scene was very well done and truly showed the meaning of a facade

    - Cornelia and Caleb finally get back to getogether

    - I laughed out loud when I saw Frost in pink

    - Julian and the Mage's greeting at the beginning of the episode was well done

    - I thought the capturing scenes of Aldarn and later on Drake and Julian just really cool

    - Even I wanted to cry and I first thought this episode would mark the last appearance of Caleb because he wasn't alive

    - Loved Lilian's comment about how she can't swim on a full stomatch but can't skate on an empty one


    - The subplot should have been better done, it would have made the episode a 10+

    - Too bad this is the only time Irma's new power appears

    - How the heck was Cornelia able to skate on that ice without anything sharp below her feet
  • Ok Cornelia masquerades as "Lillian" and is flirting with Taranee's older brother...Funny!!

    In this episode there is really no advancing of the plot in general but there is alot of shipping going on here. Cornelia is flirting with Peter and is trying to keep her relationship with Caleb, who evidentaly has no idea on how to impress a girl. His comeback to Corneila's comment was a classic clueless boy comment. Oh, well no one is perfect. The dynamatics of the episode such as Caleb coming into the ice rink and Cornelia changing back and forth between "Lillian" and true herself was hysterical. It was great episode to laugh with but as for the Nercissa plot? Sorry, you are better off with "H is for Hunted."
  • Yup, a very special episode for Caleb-and-Cornelia-romance lovers!

    Because of their good work protecting Meridian, Elyon is awarding Caleb, Aldarn, Drake, and Julian with medals, but while they are feeling embarassed, Cornelia is jealous of Caleb, still being angry at him. But it's Aldarn's turn to watch over Phobos, so he leaves the castle, but that was when the Knights ambushed and captured him, with the others being their next target... Later, on Earth, Cornelia is getting ready for a secret non-Caleb date with Taranee's brother, Peter, at the ice-skating rink, but without letting the other girls figure it out. But when Lilian spits out her secret, the girls don't stop until they figure out who's the lucky guy dating "Cornelia's older sister Lilian". And when Caleb arrives, man do things get cooked up! But in Meridian, the Knights captured two more rebels: Drake and Julian... So now it's up to the ice-skating princess "Lilian", the other Guardians, and Caleb, the self-humiliating prince to save the day...
  • I love this epi because SPOILERS

    In the comics it ends up Caleb and Corneilia breaking for good and Caleb going with Elyon and Corny with Peter so I love the whole Peter and Corny ting in this epi especailly the kiss scene YEAH for for more info before flaming me or the comic read the forum Elyon n Caleb from page 1 to the last Thanks
  • i looooooooooove this episode.

    :) i love caleb and cornellia's relationship. cornellia is my favorite witch girl i love her attitude. this episode has alot of drama in it, i love it. i really think that caleb and cornellia make a good couple. the main reason i watch witch is because of caleb and cornellias relationship. i also loooove the action. this is one of my favorite episodes because it really focuses on caleb and cornellias relationship. this is one of my favorite episodes. i also like the episode of the finale battle. i like it when caleb tells cornellia that he will not be going back to her world. i liked it when caleb got jealus of cornellia when she kissed that guy.
  • caleb and corny! finally they are back together!

    i have to say this episode was slightly different than i thought it would be! i can't even remember what it was that i thought it would be like but oh well! i thought it was cute how caleb was humiliating himself for cornelia and how she finally realised that she should forgive him! aww bless them!
  • Cornelia needs to stay with caleb!!!!!!!! This is who she loves!

    It was funny what Cornelia was with one guy and the other comes in. Double date here we come! At least she knew who was right for her but it was a nice episode. The Skating part was the funniest since Caleb couldn't and Elyon told him about skating during warm times and it's not on a pond.

    Otherwise a good episode!
  • I loved the together what a cute episode. Caleb is so good to corny. I am glad she finally understands. This episode is my favorite so far.Its just cute

    I loved the together what a cute episode. Caleb is so good to corny. I am glad she finally understands. This episode is my favorite so far.Its just cute. They are my favorite couple on the show. I love how they both always try to make each other jealous. This episode deserves two thumbs up. He also goes out there and he embarss himself for her. She crys to bring him back but it was all worth it because in the end they end up being together and she dumped peter which was good becuase those two are perfect together.
  • Caleb tries to get Cornelia back. Cornelia transforms and goes out on a date with Taranee's older brother pretending to be her "big sister Lillian".

    My favorite episode of W.I.T.C.H. It is just too funny watching Cornelia go back in forth between Caleb and Taranee's brother. It reminded me of Sleeping Beauty when the faeries keep changing the color of her dress. I love that Cornelia and Caleb are back together again. I love them being together. They're my fav. couple. Just so happy. I was so excited when they got back together, I started saying yes over and over again. I hated it when they were fighting. In the books they're like destined to be together. Dreaming of each other before they met. Awww.... What does Irma making things pink have to do with water?
  • While Cornelia and Caleb deal with their relationship, the Knights take their vengeance into their own hands, leaving out Nerissa.

    Absolutely amazing! Throughout the entire episode I was absolutely stunned by the animation. The fight scenes as well as the skating scenes were expertly done; it was as if you were practically watching real life characters and not doodles. And finally Corny and Caleb are back together. Personally, I found Cornelia dating Taranee's older brother a tad unnerving, so I was pleased when she broke it off. Plus, Caleb and Cornelia's arguments were getting a tad bit on the annoying side, so I was ready for them to either break it off completely (which would ruin the storyline, so you knew THAT wasn't going to happen) or get back together. Overall, it was just a wonderful episode.
  • At the risk of being bombarded with "You're horrible/wrong!" internal or external outbursts by others on here, I have to express my deepest disappointment for this episode . . .

    Why? Because, to ME, at least, it was a waste of time, effort, and production finances to have gone through. Every show usually has at least one or two episodes per season (if lucky) where it'll become the "bad seed" that ruins the greatness of the entire group -- and clearly (again, for me, at least), this episode demonstrates that notion.

    While I'm pleased the show incorporated Cornelia's brief romance with Peter (who, for a fictional character, is pretty hot, yes, I'll admit once more LoL), hers and Irma's continuously growing magical abilities (although I honestly find both abilities promptly placed within the "useless ability" category, especially Irma's clothes-color-changing one), it just was mainly perceived to me as a "filler" of sorts . . . as though the writing staff sat around together, thinking of what to produce next for a new episode (even though they do have the books to go off of and model each episode roughly after as they do), and out of desperation quickly pieced this episode together.

    Then again, to be fair, whenever I write MY stories (mostly W.I.T.C.H., lately), I sometimes feel that way, myself. LoL

    My "great negativity" towards this episode ALSO might be greatly clouded by my general dislike towards Cornelia, as well as her "destined romance" with Caleb (again, sorry to all you Cornelia fans! No disrespect LoL). And so, to have an episode PRIMARILY focusing upon both aspects? To me, that is a close equivalent to just barely enduring a harsh root canal of sorts.

    A shame, really, as I'd been looking forward to the new episode all week. Oh, well. LoL

    Overall? I give this episode a "fair" rating, and apparently so too did Nerissa (or would, if she could LoL), seeing as even SHE basically "washed her hands" of appearing within the episode until the very end. I guess having to watch Cornelia and Caleb mull over one another and their situation for 22 minutes was too much for HER to stomach, as well. LoL
  • They put nice use to Irmas, clothes changing powers and cornelias height changing powers.

    A nice Cornelia, Caleb episode. Nice everyone made up, although it was shocking to see Cornelia kissing Peter, right after she kind'a made up with Caleb. I really thought, Caleb would never forgive her. It would have been good when, now Caleb would be mad at Corny for a couple of episodes and they would make up in a episode called L is for Love. Although i am prity sure thats not going to happen. I think Blank really did deserve a medal too, although mostly he just stole things through season 1. Well this all for now. Good bye!
  • This is the episode of the season that everyone will always remember!!!!

    F is for Facades.....this episode is all about Cornelia, Peter, Caleb, and "Lillian". If you have been watching this season of WITCH or reading all my reviews, you should know that Cornelia is very mad at Caleb, and "he just can't save himself"-quote from Hay Lin. In the meantime, Cornelia puts her emotions into local earthboy and best brother in the whole world, Peter Cook. Also, Irma has got a new power. She can change the color of clothes. So far she can only turn them into pink. Anyway the girls try to make Cornelia better.

    Elyon has tricks up her sleeve when she takes Caleb to Cornelia's favorite place, the ice skating rink. Cornelia loves to ice skate and after making fun of it, Caleb is willing to humiliate himself for his love.Cornelia realizes this and decides to break it off with Peter before he wants a kiss from "Lillian". Caleb sees and feels terrible.

    In the meantime, Rathor from the Knights kidnaps Aldarn, Drake, and Caleb's father, Jullian. Because of this, Miranda wants Caleb and convinces to make him come with her to their prison. Unknown to Nerissa, the Knights have captured them and decided to kill them. In the end, Nerissa zaps Caleb and Jullian somewhere and let the others out.

    After trying to save the captains, the Guardians come back not being able to find Caleb and Jullian. Cornelia breaks down, and right then, Caleb comes back. Nerissa is going to be found very soon.

    This episode is awesome, tearjerking, and hilarious!!!

    Favorite line from this episode~~~
    "Uh! I'd rather get caught!"--Cornelia after Irma helps her when Caleb almosts sees her with Peter by changing her outfit to pink.
  • Woah. They only broke up for like, six episodes. Not that long. But that\'s good. Ha. Corny made a funnie.

    Ah thank God. I was worried thay\'d be pissed at each other for the whole season! Hey, Good things come to those who wait. This made me laugh a few times, but besides the C/C action, this was a pretty empty episode. But we did get a closer perspective on what Cornelia does in her spare time. \"Don\'t worry, only nine out of ten of her medals are real gold\" Ha. Lillian makes me laugh. Both Lillians. But I\'m pretty sure this is the last apperance of big sis. I think the nice twist in here is that Peter dumped Corny, not the other way around.
  • Good episode with new powers and Caleb and Cornelia on good terms again yay!

    I am glad that Cornelia and Irma got new powers. I was laughing when Cornelia was skating around and Irma was changng her clothes while she was changing between her guardian form and regular form impressing Peter and Caleb. Also glad they are on good terms again even if they do break up in the future they are still a better couple than lame and lamer, Matt and Will. At least we know she truly cares aout him when she cried when she thought he was dead and he was all jealous but it was cute. And Peter was going to break up with "Lillian" it was so hilarious.
  • Cornelia finally understands Caleb reason for staying on Meridian.

    Definately a episode for Cornelia fan and whose who like the Caleb and Cornelia pairing, the rest of you bear with me this will be over soon. More of the usual that I've come to expect from the series so far entertaining and keeps the plot going. Some drama was added to this episode when Caleb is believed to be dead. Also some mystery added in when Caleb and his father sudden appear in front of the guardians on there way to inform Elyon of what had occured. But did Nerissa release the two after doing something to them or did some other party released them and if so why? A nice episode especially for all the Cornelia fans out there.
  • This was so touching.

    What a great episode. It has Cornie getting ready for a date. Irma shows off a new power by changing clothing colors. The grils follow Cornie and see that she can use her power to age without the heart. Then they see that her date is Tawlany's brother. Those two go ice skating then. Meanwhile, The queen and caleb go to middlefeild to have caleb win cormie back. I just loved how he goes all over to see her and how Elean goes with him. Everyone meets at eth skating rink and caleb learns of cornies secrete. Then blonk comes and tells how the caslte was breached. They all go to meridian and caleb goes with miranda to save his dad. The gardians fight the other warriors and a cave collapses. Everyone thinks that caleb and dad were killed. cornie even breaks down and cries. THen caleb pops out with his dad and says a witch hag saved them. Then he and cornie talk and she says how she is breaking up with the other guy cause she realized hwo she felt for caleb. just so touching.
  • Awww Cornelia finally forgives Caleb...

    This episode wasn't very W.I.T.C.Hy so to speak, as most of it was set in the ice rink where Cornelia set up a date with Peter, who she's been seeing for a few weeks as Lillian. Caleb gatecrashes the rink to impress her and he ends up making a fool out of himself, and Cornelia wants him back. We also find out that Irma has the power to change the colour of clothes. The fight scene in this episode was good, and overall it was interesting to watch, however I wish that it was based more in Meridan.
  • Cornelia finally understands Caleb\\\'s choice!

    I’m so happy that Cornelia and Caleb finally got back together! It took some understanding and a bit of lies and compromises but it all paid off in the end. Even though this was a Cornelia episode I really enjoyed watching it. I found this to be one of the funniest episodes yet, with Cornelia’s constant age changing, the girls pestering her, and the hiding from Caleb. Taranee getting mad at “Lillian” was also entertaining but short-lived. We find out a little bit more about Cornelia, Caleb, and their relationship together. Some other pros are new powers for Irma and Cornelia and a pretty good fight between the Knights and the Guardians.

    The episode still leaves some loose-ends untied but overall, another good episode.