Season 2 Episode 6

F is for Facades

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jul 17, 2006 on Toon Disney

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  • Raythor betrays Nerissa, Aldarn, Drake and Julian get their butts kicked by the Knights of Vengeance, Caleb tries to win Cornelia back who is dating Taranee's brother Peter, and Lilian learns she can't skate on an empty stomach...


    - We some hints of romance between Caleb and Elyon, just like in the comic book

    - I really liked how Caleb decided to regain Cornelia as his girlfriend, only to find out she is dating Taranee's brother Peter Cook

    - Nice reappearances of Mage, Julian, Drake, Aldarn, and Peter Cook I might add

    - It was about time the Knights of Vengeance captured the rebel leaders, now leveling it up to Aldarn, Drake, Julian, Caleb, Vathek and Tynar all being targeted

    - We really see more of Raythor's character as he acts without Nerissa's consent, showing he is not a mindless drone

    - Loved Elyon and Miranda's "friend reunion" scene

    - I thought Irma's new power was pretty neat and it worked out effectively

    - The ice skating ring scene was very well done and truly showed the meaning of a facade

    - Cornelia and Caleb finally get back to getogether

    - I laughed out loud when I saw Frost in pink

    - Julian and the Mage's greeting at the beginning of the episode was well done

    - I thought the capturing scenes of Aldarn and later on Drake and Julian just really cool

    - Even I wanted to cry and I first thought this episode would mark the last appearance of Caleb because he wasn't alive

    - Loved Lilian's comment about how she can't swim on a full stomatch but can't skate on an empty one


    - The subplot should have been better done, it would have made the episode a 10+

    - Too bad this is the only time Irma's new power appears

    - How the heck was Cornelia able to skate on that ice without anything sharp below her feet