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Important Submission Guidelines: Please read before contributing

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    Submission Guidelines

    I thought these would come in handy with the new season approaching. Please check and read this before contributing to the guide. Any submission that doesn’t follow these guidelines could be rejected. If you’re in doubt or if you have a question, PM me rather than submit something which might be rejected. Don't try and fix 50 things with a common "problem." Try one or two and see what I do with them, then respond with the rest. Or PM me before you submit any.

    Whether I approve or reject your submission, please check the PM message. I always offer feedback on rejections and I often offer it on approvals too if there was something I had to fix and which you should do differently the next time around. I will almost always ask you to resubmit if you put something in the wrong category. I'd rather you get one reject and one credit and I get nothing, than you get a credit and I get two credits (one to delete from the wrong spot, one to put in the correct spot).

    General Guidelines

    1) I welcome corrections on typos and spelling mistakes for existing entries. However, please make all grammatical corrections at the same time. For example, please do not make two separate submissions to remove a comma and correct a misspelled word.

    2) On a similar note, I recommend using a word processing program to create your submissions in order to ensure that they are grammatically correct. Spelling and formatting both play an important part in the editor’s decision to approve or reject your entry so please also use proper capitalization and punctuation and don’t use abbreviations.

    3) When you edit material, please provide detailed comments. When your submission shows up in the editor queue, there is no system pointing out which changes have been made. Instead of saying things like "fixed spelling" or “EDIT”, please note exactly what you've done in the comments section. It makes changes much easier to track, even if it's a short entry.

    4) Please don't include paragraph codes (< br >, < P >) in submissions. Just use the enter key. Even though HTML code makes the submissions look right in the preview before you submit, it will not appear properly on the guide page.

    5) To avoid submitting duplicates, please click on “More” [Quotes/Trivia/Notes/Etc]. There is almost always more there than you see.

    6) Don't put anything you want to appear on-screen in the submission Comments. Please put it in the submission box. If it's an allusion, don't put the explanation of the allusion in the comments.

    7) If you want to delete something, please mark the Delete button and put the explanation for why you want to delete it in Comments. Don't edit the entry and put your explanation in the submission box. I can't approve a deletion if you don't mark it for deletion without going to the page, deleting it myself, etc., and you wouldn’t get any points for me doing that.

    8 ) Keep submissions impersonal. Don't speculate on the future or give analysis. Don't cite a fan source that speculates or guesses either. Don't use "I" or "we" or "I think" or "I feel" in contributions.

    9) Don’t put any placeholders for episodes which haven’t aired yet. Wait at least until you have an accurate episode title and/or airdate and/or summary before submitting the new episode.

    10) Don’t make any minor changes just to make an entry look “better”. This is too subjective to likely be accepted.

    Specific Guide Sections

    Episode summaries

    The summary is a short description of an episode containing a synopsis of the plot, but without giving away the ending. Summaries should be about a paragraph long and should not contain any spoilers. The summaries should be unique, meaning they cannot be copied word for word from TV Guide, Zap2it, Tivo, or any other source. TV.com has a strict policy concerning plagiarism.

    Please keep personal opinions out of the summary (i.e, no “this was brilliant!” or “a disappointing episode” etc.). If you want to comment on what you thought of a specific episode, you can do so by writing a review or posting in the designated thread for the episode on the forum.

    Episode recaps

    A recap is the opposite of a summary in that it should be as comprehensive as possible, containing full plot elements. It should detail the entire episode, from beginning to end, and be peppered with quotes. The minimum length for a half hour episode is 400 words. Recaps should be fact-based and as neutral as possible.

    Recaps are not just a simple extension of the show summaries or a simple paraphrase of an episode. When writing a recap please try to avoid repetition. For instance, instead of writing:

    “Then the girls go to the Silver Dragon. Then they are joined by Caleb.”


    “Next the girls go to the Silver Dragon where they are later joined by Caleb.”

    Using synonyms helps making your recap varied and well-written. Contrary to the “quotes” section, quotations marks should be used in the recaps. Example:

    Cedric informs Phobos that the interlopers escaped the Main Guard, to which the Prince replies : “This is too important to leave to Guards.” = (direct speech)


    Will instantly recognizes Caleb as “that kid from yesterday”, but he is taken aback by her non-Guardian appearance and asks where is her “older sister.” = (indirect speech)

    The allusions form

    An allusion is an indirect or passing reference to an existing form of media, be it to another TV program, a movie, a piece of music, or a book. When submitting allusions, always credit the original media being referenced with as much detail as possible.

    An allusion to another episode of the same show belongs in the notes section, not the allusion section because it is not a reference to “another TV program.”

    The allusions should be specific, which means no vague submissions along of lines of: "It looks like something in Movie X."

    Allusions should be things that are alluded to, but not explained in the episode itself. If the episode mentions George of the Jungle and gives an explanation of who George of the Jungle is, it's not an Allusion. You don't need to define words either. Here again, no plagiarism from Wikipedia, IMDB or other sites. Always rephrase and rewrite in your own words, even though you can put your source in the comment box.

    If the allusion is mentioned in dialog, provide a reference like a quote, format wise. Try to keep the quote brief, only one line rather then the whole conversation. The next line would then be the explanation. Keep it to a paragraph but don’t dismiss the explanation in just a few words either. Example:

    Cornelia: Whoa, slow down, Tinkerbell!
    Tinkerbell is a famous character from J.M. Barrie's play and subsequent novel "Peter Pan", later to be adapted in various movies. Coincidentally for the Disney show W.I.T.C.H., Tinkerbell is also a fairy and became something of a mascot for The Walt Disney Company after their 1953 animated film version.

    If the allusion isn’t a quote (i.e the episode title, a visual reference etc.), you may provide a title, also in bold. Example:

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: It has been alleged that the names of some of the W.I.T.C.H. characters have connections with another TV show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Will, Taranee and Cornelia are assumed to find their equivalents in Willow, Tara (both of whom are also witches) and Cordelia of Buffy. Furthermore, both Will and Willow are redheads and both Cornelia and Cordelia have similarly snobbish personality traits. Also both shows have a male character called Caleb.

    The notes form

    Notes are tidbits about an episode which deal with a show's production and not with on-camera events. This includes information such as: episodes airing out of order, production costs, deliberate in-jokes (as opposed to random coincidences), original episode titles, etc. As a general rule, these should be noteworthy and not state the obvious.

    Please don’t put anything in the notes that actually belongs in the episode summary or recap, like plot points or major revelations in the story. If your note refers to another episode of the show, I’d appreciate it if you used hmtl to link to this episode, like so:

    < a href="http://www.tv.com/w.i.t.c.h./escape-from-cavigor/episode/426926/summary.html">Escape From Cavigor< /a>

    Which (once you remove the spacing before the < a> and < /a> tags) will give you:

    Escape From Cavigor

    First Appearances should appear in the cast list, in which case they don’t need to be listed as notes. The fact a guest star is on another show is not noteworthy or relevant to the episode. Neither is a character biography of an actor.

    The trivia form

    Trivia is for goofs. Continuity issues, inconsistencies, etc. If you disagree with a goof which has already been listed, edit it or delete it instead of submitting a contradicting new entry along the lines of “it has been noted that, but actually I disagree because…” We're not going to have running debate-entries in the Goof section.

    When submitting a goof, please use the bold html to label it as a goof, e.g:

    Goof: When Will pulls the eel off Taranee, she's speaking in Irma's voice.

    The quotes form

    Quotes should be exact, word for word, not paraphrases. They should be memorable lines. Some quotes won't work without the visual element. Don't provide a paragraph of context trying to explain. If the context/explanation is longer than the quote, then submitting it is a bad idea. Also do not quote an entire scene, unless it’s a very brief one.

    The character name should not be in all caps. Proper punctuation should be used. You should not use quotation marks and the formatting should be used as follows:

    < b>Blunk< /b>: Boy look shifty.
    < b>Cornelia< /b>: Look who’s talking!

    Which (once you remove the spacing between the < b> < /b> tags) shows up as:

    Blunk: Boy look shifty.
    Cornelia: Look who’s talking!

    Please note the spacing between the two lines. Do not use < p > or < br > tags. Make sure you close out html with the / (slash) mark, otherwise the entire quotes section will show up in bold.

    Action notes or indications of context should be put between parentheses – like so () and not like so {} – and italicized. If a word is stressed in the way the line is delivered, you can use italics (with properly closed < i> and < /i> tags) here too to emphasize it. Examples:

    Caleb (eating Silver Dragon food): We cross the Veil for the assault on the castle in twelve hours. I need all my strength.
    Yan Lin (pulling the plate away from him): Save some strength for the customers.


    Taranee (cheering Cornelia up): You’ve still got us.
    Caleb (awkwardly): Uh... yeah. Me too. As long as you don’t wanna talk about makeup or you know, girlie stuff.

    Note that the parentheses should go before the colon. Also use lower case the first word of the parenthesis if it’s not a proper noun and don’t put a period at the end. It's a fragment, not a sentence.

    Show Credits

    Writers, directors, guest stars, etc. should be submitted directly from the episode, instead of another source which may not always be reliable. When submitting this information please make sure you have the person’s name correctly spelled, otherwise this could result in a duplicate people guide being created for the misspelled entry.
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