Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 8:30 PM Mar 19, 2005 on Toon Disney

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  • The princess is revealed!!

    - It was great seeing the girls without there powers and how they would manage in those situations. I loved how Phobos only allows pictures and sculptures that portray sadness and disgust into his castle.

    - The last scene always bothered me because I never figured out why Elyon was in the picture. Maybe it was to show that she's connected to Meridian but we'll never know.
  • Frost the Hunter versus Elias Van Dahl, anybody interested?


    - Elias Van Dahl was a great character and Quinton Flynn did a good job as his character

    - The whole concept of the midievel festival and the painting was interesting

    - We get a hint at the end who is the Princess of Meridian

    - This is the first time Martin acts in the part he is known for

    - Frost the Hunter, major in the comic books, finally shows up

    - The jousting and bowling for Lurdens scenes were very well done and creative CONS

    - The painting being in Meridian and Earth kind of confused me the first time I saw this

    - No one is ever going to believe an elective at Sheffield Institute is jousting

    - The girls never go guardian here

    - Frost the Hunter doesn't speak at all, thats out of character considering in season two he doesn't do anything but blab
  • events: 3/3 humor: 2/3 effects: 2.5/3 overall: 5.5

    nice episode, based on comix #5. but there in the other side of the pic were Lord Cedric and Elyon. here just Cedric. they changed the name of the picture- from \"the last drop\" in the comix to \"eternal summer\". the guardians refreed the pictured guys, not as in the comix, when they unspelled the picture\'s curse. they didn\'t have powers in both- but when they uncursed the pic in the comix the powers returned. in the comix these events took place between the december 10-12. in the show it\'s later. in the comix Irma entered to the pic too.
  • CRAP!

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  • Framed-you're damn right they are!

    In Heatherfield, Will called the other girls to a slumber party at her place, and then told them she volonteered for the Sheffield Institute spring carnival, and then dragged the other girls into helping her. Of course, they didn't like it. But then, Martin showed up carrying pizza and his favourite board game. He automatically got kicked out, but his game gave Will an idea: the school fair should be about medieval times. So, the other girls started liking the idea, and all thought of good fair attractions: jousting tournament; the fair's damsel contest; costumes; decoration... Then the girls went to the museum, for Hay Lin to check if she got everything right for the fair, when Irma remembered she has jousting practice and she's late. The moment Irma left, Cornelia noticed something weird with the picture Hay Lin was looking at, when the picture started pulling Will and the others through the Heart's power... But when Phobos found out about this, he sent one of his men, Frost the Hunter, to get the Heart of Kandrakar by a portal in the picture. And now, only Irma, Caleb, and Blunk remain to save the day...
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    dont feel like typing more reviews so I will ramble on almost all

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  • Another great episode.

    In this episode Will, Taranee, Cornelia and Haylin get trapped in a painting. They meet the artist of the painting, and they find out that Phobos imprisoned him inside it. While they are there Frost comes, but they are unable to fight him since they cant transform and they have no powers. So they have no choice but to run, but then Cedric comes. Luckily at the end, Irma and Caleb come and they are able to get out of the painting. It was interesting to see how the guardians would survive in the painting without being able to use their powers. The ending was good because they were able to free everyone from the painting, and they ended up having a good school carnival.