Season 2 Episode 7

G is for Garbage

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jul 24, 2006 on Toon Disney
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G is for Garbage
After Blunk finds the Horn of Hypnos, Irma is forced to team with the garbage-obsessed Passling to save the day.

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  • About the Horn of Hypnos

    I went to do a little research and found out that the Horn of Hypnos could not be destroyed. It will just reappear somewhere else. I hope you find this helpful

    Anyway, I seriously like this episode. Because I notice that Will and Cornelia has the most spotlight in the episodes. But this is an all Irma episode, since she is my favourite character. I like it when she can create a larger of herself in water. And she has started to threat Blunk way better.

    I wonder why didn't the knights just look for her, or for the fact that Nerissa didn't know about it. But still, it is a great episode.moreless
  • an irma and blunk episode! loved it!!

    this was a great ep! i loved how Blunk and Irma had to team up and all the others were hypnotised!! have to admit i wasn't expecting the horn of hypnos to show up again! and i'm surprised Matt didn't ask more about who Jeek was and what the horn of hypnos was! i would of asked! the best part was definately when Irma created that giant version of herself! she was really mean to poor Blunk when she yelled at him though! poor Blunky! but she made it for it later though so that's ok! one of my favourite eps so far and can't wait for the rest!moreless
  • effects: 3.5/3 events: 3/3 humor: 3.5/3 overall: 10/10

    one of the best episodes! another Irma's episode! but there's a big goof- how Hipnos's horn returned if Caleb destroyed it in "walk this way"? did the farmer go to the Olimpus Mt. to ask the ancient greek idol more one? well, how did he have portal? i thought no mortal can climb the Olimpus...

    the first time that Blunk has briliant idea- block ears.

    the picture of Blunk and Irma flying, and the full moon in background is nice- what next? "Irmi, call home"?

    looked like Blunk has good freind- Golum. if you think about it, they both talk about themself as "he", and they both bald and ugly.moreless
  • Another great one! An episode of Irma and Blunk working together to save the other Guardians that are under the spell of the Horn of Hypnos.

    Blunk is trading valuable Earth stuff in Meridian, when he spotted Jeek. A man holding the Horn of Hypnos approached Blunk and wanted to trade. Blunk wanted the Horn to destroy it, but Jeek wanted the Horn for himself, so the two of them tried to impress the man with valuable stuff. The Horn ended up in Blunk's hands, so he went to the Guardians to show it to them, but Jeek followed him. Meanwhile, Irma's dad found out Blunk's "treasures" in his garage and made Irma clean it up. Blunk showed up and left the Horn of Hypnos to "help" Irma clean up the garage. That was when Jeek stole it, and started looking for a portal back to Meridian near the other girls. They smelled him, and looked at the alley behind them, when Jeek started running up a building. The girls followed, but then lost him. They thought he got back to Meridian, so they folded a portal and sent Matt to tell all that to Irma, when Jeek used the opportunity to follow the Guardians, while the Knights of Vengeance were searching for the Horn as well...moreless
  • Although this episode wasn't the most exciting thus far, it was very helpful for character development. But as a fan of the show I have to say that this one just doesn't meet my standards.moreless

    After winning a trade for the Horn of Hypnos over a greedy little passling named Jeek, Blunk returns to Earth to find Irma who is stuck cleaning the garage, due to the passling's pack-rat habbits. She is forced to team up with him to save the other guardians from the horn's hypnotic trance. In retrospect this episode is a little boring compared to other episodes previously aired. Combining interesting character development of Irma and Blunk and some bland comedy this episode began with much more potential but about half-way through it I began to lose interest. I guess with four of the five guardians in a trance, the episode wasn't as interesting.moreless
Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


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Paul Eiding

Paul Eiding


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Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum


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Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


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Byrne Offutt

Byrne Offutt

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • As Blunk tries to remember the song to break the spell of the Horn of Hypnos, he hums several tunes that Irma identifies as "Twinkle Twinkle", "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "The Alphabet Song". In truth, all three of these songs have the same melody!

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Blunk: See, Blunk help! Blunk track down Jeek. Follow smell.
      Irma: Ewww… A trunkless elephant could follow this smell. It reeks!
      Blunk: Nice, huh?

    • Irma (looking at glassy-eyed Guardians): Okay…are they all practicing to be runway models, or is there something really wrong here?!

    • Matt: Guys! We have bigger things to worry about than garbage.
      Blunk: Not garbage!
      Matt: Whatever. The real crisis is that the Knights have the Horn.
      Blunk: Not Knights!
      Irma: Now, you're just being contrary.

    • Cornelia: I'm smelling Passling stink big time.
      Taranee: Ewww…It's coming from back here.
      Will: Ugh. It's worse than usual. Like skunk-loaf soaked in fish oil all smothered with Limburger cheese.
      Cornelia: Mmmm…Who's ready for lunch?

    • Blunk: This time, Blunk save Irma.
      Irma: Okay, but the prom is still out!

    • Irma: I'm being held hostage!
      Tom Lair: No, you're being grounded.
      Irma: That's just being held hostage with a bonus lecture...

    • Blunk: So, you save Blunk?!
      Irma: Blah! It was just a reflex, ok? We're not going to the prom together.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Look hard: The arms of the Guardian that lifts Matt as he fails to open the entrance to Blunk's cave are clearly those of Hay Lin, but when she and the other Guardians go chasing after Irma and Blunk down the mountainside, Matt is being carried by Taranee and Jeek is being carried by Hay Lin.  In addition of the scene following Matt's failure to open Blunk's cave, Will is carrying Jeek and the Horn of Hypnos.

    • Before the US premiere on July 24, 2006 on Toon Disney, this episode aired in Canada on June 25, 2006 on The Family Channel.


    • Irma becomes one with the lake and creates a large watery monster. Something similar happened in "Avatar: The Last Airbender" in the episode titled, "Siege of the North: Part Two", in which Aang joined forces with the water spirit to become a huge, watery giant.

    • When Irma and Blunk are forced down the mountain in the tub, they shoot up into the air and pass the moon. This is similiar to the famous scene in "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial".

    • Blunk: My precious!

      This is a reference to J. R. R. Tolkien's character Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. Blunk himself is considered by many to be a cross between Gollum and Star Wars Jedi Yoda.