Season 1 Episode 16

Ghosts of Elyon

Aired Monday 8:30 PM May 20, 2005 on Toon Disney
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Ghosts of Elyon
Will and the rest of the girls try to tell Elyon the truth about Phobos and Meridian, but that becomes very hard when Phobos teaches his sister to make ghostly images of herself to confuse her former friends and the rebels. The real Elyon is upset that she didn’t bring her sketchbook from Earth so Phobos sends Lurdens through a portal to her old bedroom to fetch it. But the creatures also trash a stash of chocolate, the scent from which Blunk is able to follow to Phobos’s and Elyon’s secret Meridian mountain hideout, where a battle erupts.moreless

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    - There were some really funny lines in the episode. I love that we get to see more of Elyon, her interests, hobbies etc, but still I'm mad that Phobos had her easily fooled.

    - The one bad thing that I can add is that the scenes were randomly places or it seems to be like that.
  • Caleb and Blunk climb up the castle, evading the Moat Monster, the Guards and the Lurdens to find an army of Elyons?


    - This time we get to see more of Will and we really see good character development

    - Battle scenes at the end were nice and the underground cavern was a cleverly plotted idea

    - We see more of Elyon, and of Phobos

    - We get to see Will use her powers and Taranee use her brain in battle, always a nice treat


    - The extra versions of Elyon was not explained well even though it was a great idea

    - This episode didn't seem to flow as well as the others and was a little confusing

    - They could have easily put Miranda in here since they had to delete her for time, but instead they are putting a rushed intro to her in the next episodemoreless
  • Man, Elyon's really stupid! I mean, I know she's being tricked by Phobos, but, REALLY!

    Caleb and Blunk are breaking into the castle to rescue Elyon, but all they find is her astral projection. Phobos used that break-in to his advantage, and made Elyon create an army of her astral-selves. But the girls have to do everything in their power to rescue Elyon, so they went to Meridian. When they discovered that Elyon is in the castle, they went for her, but Hay Lin overheard Elyon mention that she wanted her scetchbook, the one Cornelia gave her for her eight birthday, when she was talking to Phobos, but the only problem was that the scetchbook was back on Earth. So Caleb and the girls thought they could get Elyon to come back to Earth using the scetchbook as bait when they find it, but Phobos's Lurdens beat them to it...moreless
Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum

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Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


Guest Star

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


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Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Susan Vandom

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    • Taranee (cheering Cornelia up): You've still got us.
      Caleb (awkwardly): Uh, yeah. Me too. As long as you don't want to talk about makeup or, you know, girlie stuff.

    • Caleb: This is Elyon's sketchbook? Half a picture of a horse?
      Will: Look, I was all alone and I was outnumbered! And it's not a horse, I think it's a face.
      Cornelia (turning the picture sideways): Or a map of Spain.

    • Will: All right. Peace and quiet. No mother telling me what to do; nice and peaceful…(shivers)…and really cold!

    • Hay Lin: So, anybody know anything about a missing sketchbook?
      Irma: No, but you win the Random Question of the Day Award!

    • Taranee (sending out a ball of light at virtual Elyon): See, no shadow.
      Cornelia: Kind of Dracula-ish.
      Hay Lin: Check it. This one's all mine. (blowing gust of wind at a second virtual Elyon) You know, add some bleepy noises, and this would be a really cool video game!
      Will: There's another one. Bets?
      Irma: Nah, she's talking to Blunk like she knows him. Plus she's not holding her nose.

    • Will (arriving late): Sorry, guys!
      Irma: By the way, it's okay to wear that outfit with a watch!
      Cornelia: We ran out of gossip. (disgusted) We had to talk about schoolwork.
      Will: My mom grounded me. I had to go out the window.
      Taranee: Well, did you leave an Astral Drop of yourself?
      Will: No. I want her to think I've run away and been captured by bears!
      Cornelia: Can we please transform? I'm cold and sweatshirts make me look fat.

    • Blunk (jumps up and grabs a Frisbee in his mouth): Blunk fetch!
      Caleb: You don't even make a cute pet.

    • Will: Mom! Hay Lin's having a sleepover tonight, so I won't be…(sees Susan's angry stare) What? The phone's in the kitchen.
      Susan: And your clothes are on the floor. The clothes you promised to pick up last week when you cleaned up your room, which you didn't do either!
      (Susan holds up a green, half-eaten sandwich. Will throws it away in what she thinks is her waste bin.)
      Susan: That was your laundry hamper.
      Will: I can't wait till I live alone!
      Susan: You can live alone right here in this room until it's cleaned up!

    • Will: Maybe you saw a holograph.
      Hay Lin: In Meridian? They don't even have HDTV.
      Irma:Or TV TV.

    • Taranee (on the phone with Will): It's me. We got to meet Caleb at the Silver Dragon, like, yesterday.
      Will (hanging up): Mom, I got to go. Emergency math study group!
      Susan: Phone!
      Will (runs back in and sheepishly hands the phone to Susan): I would have remembered.

    • Susan (seeing the "Do Not Enter" sign on Will's bedroom door) : Well, that's subtle.
      Will: Sorry, Mom, I need my privacy.
      Susan: And sometimes I need to get in there.
      Will: Why? It's my room. It's my stuff.
      (The phone rings from inside Will's room.)
      Susan: And it's our cordless phone.

    • Blunk (licking rock): Mmm...chocolate!
      Irma: Um, Blunk, I've gone trick-or-treating enough to know that that's a rock!

    • Caleb (about Will): Typical girl: late, late, late!
      Cornelia: Excuse me, we're here!

    • (Blunk gives Irma a drool-covered lollipop.)
      Irma: There isn't an Ew loud enough!

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