Season 1 Episode 1

It Begins

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 18, 2004 on Toon Disney
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It Begins
There's a new girl in town, Will. The other four girls invite her to have an after-school snack at Hay Lin's house, where Hay Lin's grandma tells them about their powers. Meanwhile, Caleb is on the run. The girls must use their powers to save Caleb and the rest of the Earth from the evil Prince Phobos; a horrible tyrant who rules Meridian, and his minions.moreless

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  • Take five contemporary girls just going into their teens. Give them super-powers over the four Elements - super-powers that enable them to protect the universe! An what do you get? W.I.T.C.H!moreless

    o0o A StaffOfMoonlite Review o0o Genre: TV Show

    Name: W.I.T.C.H

    Specific Episode: It Begins

    “There was an alternate universe

    where a rebellion is taking place.

    The force of Good against an evil ruler.

    There are five ordinary kids on Earth

    who must stand united. Who must fight this evil…

    And who must win.â€� It begins; with an after-school snack. It’s not everyday that after moving to a new place named after a plant, you would be invited to your new friends ‘house’ (which is really a Chinese restaurant) and find out you have super powers from their eccentric grandmother!



    The plot is nice. I liked how in the beginning, each girl is facing issues with their elements (Hay Lin practically blows her room to ramparts; Cornelia revives her plant that was supposed to be dead; and so forth). It provides a nice background as to why each character was chosen. It is also very realistic and easily empathizing for us to identify with a character. Some of us would be like Will; the one who’s unsure of the power and responsibility. Some of us would be like Irma; who thinks it’s pretty weird, but takes everything laid back. Some of us would be like Taranee; who is frightened and confused as to why she got the power she fears the most. Some of us would be like Cornelia; who just wants a normal life and despises the power. Some of us would be like Hay Lin; who’s excited and joyful. Then, when they practice their powers, it was very realistic as to how each of them reacted. They’re not cardboard personalities; they are actually acting like regular people. Then, the clips of Meridian brought my senses to suspense. Who were these people? What is this alternate universe? Why does my sister seem totally ga-ga over that boy? =Characters=


    I l-o-v-e-d the characters. The Guardians each had a unique personality, which strangely fit their element. Yan-Lin was one of those comedic mysterious people, who bring you in with their comedic antics and cryptic words. Phobos and Cedric were your baddies who had the aura of bad-ness around them, yet a strange innocence as well. Caleb, was adored by my sister and I do enjoy Greg Cripes voice acting. Blunk was also a comedic relief, as was the several other cameo characters. The characters definitely were a plus ( + )



    For an animated fantasy show, I will admit this show sticks to it’s words. The animations are nice, and people who migrated from the comics will find themselves at great comfort with the similar artistic perceptions of each character. (Sans Yan Lin, Phobos, Caleb, and obviously Blunk) The fantasy part was pretty nice too; there’s your typical mythical dimension unknown to the general public of Earth, bar a few mystical beings. Yet, due to this episode being the pilot episode, there isn’t much more extension on the ‘fantasy’ part which leaves the audience desiring more, or they’re turned off. I was personally enticed for more. =Visual=


    Like I said above, the animation and artistic hues of the show aren’t that bad; in fact they’re pretty good. I know it’s creepy; but hey, I will admit that Cornelia and Irma are in fact good looking. And my sister does find Caleb attractive. That must have some credibility; since the artists are good enough to draw appealing artwork that actually looks realisic (*coughWinxClubcough*) And also, each elemental use is pretty cool and the transition is nice in graphics as well.


    ‘All Good Things Must Come To An End’

    That was the first thought after seeing this episode. It was a nice, quaint episode that leaves a window for more development.

    =Final Score=

    35/40 = 87.5%

    P.S My summary is credited to TV.commoreless
  • the girls find out about their powers

    this was a good introductory episode. i can't wait to see the rest, my friend recommended witch to me and so far it's been really good. i think will should have powers, coz she is a bit of an outcast. coz taranee has fire, cornelia has earth, hay lin has air and irma has water...and will just has the heart. i suppose there's no other element, so...

    what's with the big snake? i mean, seriously - giant snake!!! who would think of something like that? a big, slimy green snake-human transforming thing! pretty cool, though. :) looking forward to seeing the other episodesmoreless
  • The very beginning of the W.I.T.C.H. TV series.

    A new girl, Will, has arrived at the town of Heatherfield. When her classmate Hay Lin invites her, Irma, Taranee, and Cornelia to lunch, her grandmother, Yan Lin, reveals to the girls their true powers, and passes to Will the Heart of Kandrakar. Meanwhile, in another world, the leader of the Rebellion against the evil Prince Phobos, Caleb, is running for his life after a failed attempt of a storage raid. He leaps through a portal, interrupting the new Guardians' first training session. Overcome with fear, Will does not close the portal until one of Phobos' servants, Lord Cedric, drags Caleb through.moreless
  • Five girls go for an afternoon snack get together but get something more...


    - We are introduced to major characters, the W.I.T.C.H. girls, the rebel leaders, the bad guys, and the comic relief crew

    - A lot of changes from the comic book in a good way, like no strange marks on Caleb

    - The artwork is fantabulous

    - That power is the Heart of Candracar used against Cedric in this episode is awesome

    - All the girls can fly, not just Hay Lin

    - Is easy to understand, especially if you haven't read the comics


    - The animation and artwork look slightly off

    - Everybody is out of character compared to future episodes

    - 2 scenes were cut in Americamoreless
  • This is where it all started...I really like they way the represented the powers... It is begining....

    For me I believe this is where the journey has started. The way that the characters met and how the characters evolved. Even though with reat differance friends are joined together for the better of mankind. Here is were it all started and who knows where it may lead...the adventutres they are going to encounter are greater can anyone can imagine are believe.

    Evil has many faces as we can see from now on. Looks can be decieving. Even though you believe tha someone has a great heart, it can be only a facade.

    This series is the start of something different....moreless
Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Moat Monster/Rhinoceroses

Guest Star

Mitchell Whitfield

Mitchell Whitfield

Castle Guard

Guest Star

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


Recurring Role

Greg Cipes

Greg Cipes


Recurring Role

Byrne Offutt

Byrne Offutt


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Nitpick: In this episode when Cornelia gets her powers she simply twirls her fingers and a large cactus abruptly sprouts out of the ground. But in later episodes to make anything truly large grow Cornelia seems to have to touch the earth.

    • Goof: When Irma tells Taranee, "You do something!", and Taranee shoots fire and it almost hits Cornelia, she has no glasses. Once Irma uses water to put out the fire, Taranee's glasses are back.

    • In the Sheffield Institute gym we can see a large portrait of Albert Einstein a la Andy Warhol.

    • Goof: When Taranee says "Uh, did you say five?", Hay Lin's voice comes out instead of hers.

    • Goof: After Will says "Holy cow!" and before Irma tells Hay Lin "I cannot imagine your grandma wearing that", the twirly part of Cornelia's top touches her skirt making it look like a dress.

    • Theme song goof: The colors of Irma's top and skirt are reversed.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Uriah: Hey, Wilma.
      Will: Uh, it's just Will.
      Uriah: Okay, Wil-ma!

    • Taranee: Cornelia, our project's supposed to prove that too much fertilizer reverses osmosis, killing the plants! Yours has grown like three inches.
      Cornelia: Well, I tried to kill it! I fertilized its little butt off!

    • Cornelia: Have you guys noticed a bunch of real strange stuff going on around me lately?
      Irma: Oh dear, the conversation has accidentally wandered away from Cornelia's life. Whatever were we thinking?

    • Yan Lin: In the last few days, you have all had unusual experiences, am I right?
      Irma: Not counting this one?

    • Yan Lin: Ah! Lord Cedric.
      Irma: Lord? They've got pretty low standards for knighthood over there.
      Yan Lin: Cedric is not always in this form.
      Irma: Well, that's good news for his wife.

    • Cornelia (to Hay Lin): No offense to your grandma or anything but she's, like, completely deluded. Probably not enough Vitamin D.

    • Taranee: Uh, recap? We've got to protect the world from evil by repairing holes in some kinda Veil?
      Cornelia: This doesn't involve sewing, does it?

    • Hay Lin: That's Uriah. Ignore him.
      Irma: Yeah, evolution did.

    • Hay Lin: What have we got behind us?
      Cornelia (looking at her chest): What have we got in front of us?

    • Hay Lin: Grandma, I sneezed and like totally trashed my room. What's wrong with me? It's not one of those becoming a woman things, is it?

  • NOTES (3)

    • The international version of this episode features a scene deleted from the domestic (US) version: Right after Irma's dialog about Uriah, "One day we expect him to slither back into the water," water from the nearby water fountain suddenly beams directly into Uriah's face and Kurt, who is drinking from the fountain, tells Uriah, "Sorry Uriah, I don't know what happened!" Another deleted scene takes place at the Silver Dragon where Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin are bored. Taranee asks Will what school she went to before Sheffield Institute, but Cornelia interrupts saying, "Hello! Who cares?"

    • Comic Book Changes:
      1. Before going to rescue Will, Taranee said she moved to Heatherfield one year ago, but in the books, she moved there only a few days before Will.
      2. In the books, Caleb was a murmurer for Phobos, but defected to the rebel side. In one book, Phobos knows Caleb because of this, but in the scene where Caleb was brought before Phobos, it seemed that he was just an ordinary Metamoorian. He is also missing the green stripes on his chin.
      3. In the books, the Heart of Kandrakhar is blue, but in the show it's pink.
      4. In the comic, Yan Lin dies shortly after revealing the Heart and Map of 12 Portals to the Guardians.
      5. The Guardians' powers are stronger in the comic. In the first volume, Irma can transform herself without the heart, both Cornelia and Irma display the ability to have what they wish happen, and Will has displayed both minor precognitive abilities, as well as the ability to let machines talk and develop personalities. From comic book 10 Will also can talk with animals.
      6. In the comic, Cornelia and Taranee are not present for the first battle.
      7. Elyon almost automatically goes to Cedric. Here, it is a gradual process that takes the first half of the season.
      8. Throughout the season, Hay Lin doesn't wear the trademark goggles on her head like she does in the comics.
      9. In the comic books, only Hay Lin can fly, because she is the guardian of air, while here all of the girls can fly.
      10. In the comics, Caleb didn't appear until issue #7 but in the TV show he is the first main character to be seen (not including the titles).

    • This episode originally aired as Part 1 of an hour-long preview special. It was first aired separately on January 15, 2005.


    • Captain Planet: The powers of the Guardians are similar to the powers of the heroes for the animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers in which one of the main characters even had the power of the heart.

    • Buffy The Vampire Slayer: It has been alleged that the names of some of the W.I.T.C.H. characters have connections with another TV show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Will, Taranee, and Cornelia are assumed to find their equivalents in Willow, Tara (both of whom are also witches) and Cordelia of Buffy. Furthermore, both Will and Willow are redheads and both Cornelia and Cordelia have similarly snobbish personality traits. Also, both shows have a male character named Caleb.

    • Avatar & W.I.T.C.H.: The show "Avatar: The Last Airbender," like W.I.T.C.H., also has to do with controlling the elements of water, fire, earth, and air.

    • Taranee's shirt: The shirt Taranee wears looks a lot like the one worn by DC Comics' Lady Shiva, the "World's Greatest Martial Artist", and only person to fight Gotham City's Dark Knight Batman to a draw.