Season 2 Episode 10

J is for Jewel

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Aug 14, 2006 on Toon Disney

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  • Woohoo, more Phobos!

    I almost flipped when I watched this, I didn't know Phobos makes an appearance before the end of season 2, so it was a very pleasant surprise. I do hate how he is put aside in this season, and Nerissa being all unoriginal and doing the same things he did and using his servants, but oh well. W.I.T.C.H. is great and I love it coz it was unpredictable and exciting, anything could happen! So this is the turning point of season 2 when Nerissa is slowly starting to gain more power. Oh, it was nice to see young Phobos, and his and Elyon's parents.
  • Phobos is free! Run for your lives!

    The Knights are planning their next attack on Queen Elyon, and Nerissa thinks it's best to attack Alborn and Miriadel, but the Knights ignore her command, so they go to Phobos's cell to free him... Elyon is starting to ask questions about her parents and her jewel, when Trill, or rather "Trill", suspiciously looks at it, feeling a bit "power hungry", so Alborn and Miriadel suggest that she and Trill go to the ancient Meditation Chamber, so that, through Trill's memories, Elyon can meet her real parents. Meanwhile, on Earth, the Guardians get scattered throughout the world, everyone except Hay Lin, who needs to help her grandma in the restaurant. So she calls the others on their cell phones, but her grandma stops her, and makes her deliver a Moo-Goo-Gai-Pan, when she soon sees a cute boy in whom she immediately falls in love with, but the other girls told her she'll never get a boyfriend a couple of minutes ago. However, in Meridian, Phobos escaped and set a course on Elyon's new castle, to get back his throne, while Elyon is unaware of it in the Meditation Chamber...
  • OH MY GOD!! that is all i can say!

    this episode was just...god i can\'t even describe it! how did they ever manage to fit all this action into one episode! i mean we have phobos escaping in one part, we see elyon and her parents in another part, then there is hay lin and this new boy and finally the guardians scattered everywhere! how did they do it! the best part as definately when the guardians came face to face with phobos since season 1! but i would have liked to have seen will blast a few lightening bolts at phobos, just to rub it in that she had proper powers now! i'm glad this was a hay lin ep though cos she is my joint favourite! but i was just staring at the screen for ages when nerissa popped up and captured elyon! omg how will they get her back! i guess we will have to wait and see!
  • Wow you finally see.... SPOILERS

    Elyon's family and a young teenager PHOBOS which was cute also whoa Trish Nerissa whoa stunner I love this series really They really should make a season 3 :)I hope they show Orube she's my fav and the romance with Cedric yeah OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's me loving the drama !!!:)
  • This episode is so eye opening!!! Watch it and find out!!

    J is for Jewel.......In this episode, the girls are off on their summer vacations. Will is at a musuem spending quality time with her mom. Irma is still at the beach with her family. Taranee is spending her time in the mountains getting close to nature. Cornelia is in Europe spending all sorts of money. Unfortunetly, Hay Lin is stuck at the restaurant where she wishes she could be free. While sent on a delivery, she spots a hot guy. She wishes she could talk to him, but her powers sorta take her away or make her invisible. On Meridian, Elyon wants to know more about her real parents. Her adopted mother and father don't know much about them. Only one person does and that is the trustworthy kitchen helper Trill. They go into a meditation room where Trill's memories become Elyon's memories.
    Unfortunetly, Trill remembers a spoiled rotton queen having to care for Elyon which to the queen was killing her. Phobos is there in her memories where he is a pampered offspring. Elyon is tragic about how her parents didn't turn as she thought they would.

    During this time, the Knights have invaded the prison and let Phobos free! Elyon is in a trance and the Guardians are all seperated! Will the girls be able to get together and stop the tyrant prince from coming to power once again? In the end, Trill is really Nerissa. This whole time she had been disguised as her. Trill was never a real person. Meanwhile, Hay Lin learns how to teleport in a way. And all the Knights of Venegeance are gone forever.......but Elyon has been captured. I really felt this episode was a shocking surprise!!!! Never did I think that Trill was Nerissa!!!! So shocking!! This episode was a good eye opener for me that you can never really know someone until you really know who they are.
  • While the girls are off on family vacations, Phobos is released and Elyon is betrayed.

    Yeah, Hay Lin! Whoopie! Whoop-whoop! Finally, there is an episode that is extenuating Hay Lin's talents. It seems that this season they are finally letting episodes in that show off that the characters as individuals, and less as a whole, which I find to be spectacular. You finally learn what the character is like: their strengths and faults. You can tell that Hay Lin believes herself to the weak one in the group: the gal who doesn't have anything without her friends. Or, at least, that's how it was in the beginning of the episode, but by the end, she was finally learning about her self-worth. Which, in all actuality, is true to common day life. All right, now I understand that they are being bombarded and are unsheltered, but when did Caleb become the wimp? Normally, he is the one that says, "I don't care if I die, I will fight!" Not this time though. Made me kind of angry. Plus... grrr... Trill/ Nerissa! Grrr. That is all that I have to say about it. Anyway, a fast-paced, thrilling episode.
  • The return of Phobos plus some revealing things at the end made this one fantastic!

    I beginning of the episode looked a little boring but was very excited to see the return of Phobos. It was always expected that he would make another appearence but this was well written. The Hay Lin/Eric relationship was introduced but I think it could have been done better. It seemed forced to me. There were a lot of good camera angles in this episode making it even more interesting. I'm glad that they finally gave Hay Lin the spotlight. The ending of this episode was by far the best part. The writers did an exelent job of providing a twist. I don't think anyone expected Trill to be Nerissa. This helped explain some things and made for a very good clifhanger. I can't wait to see the next episode.
  • Wow, this episode was like every single one of the first season, condensed. Only in the sense that they were fighting Phobos...so, maybe not.

    But still, I loved this episode. You could definitely not call this one predictable. There were too many surprises-like Phobos getting out of jail. I couldn;t believe it, I was horrified! And the blue guy, whoes name I forget (Vathek?) made the mistake of saying the gate was unbreachable from the inside. I somehow knew Sandpit would get them out of that one. Really, I wanted to yell at my computer screen (because I watched it on Youtube) to tell Princess Elyon to wake up. She was trying to see her parents on the wrong day. And then, when Trill gave her those horrible memories of her parents, I was shocked. But I thought she was hearing the sounds of battle outside subconsiously or something and it was distrubing her. I never would have guessed that Trill was actually Nerissa. They never showed her with a shadow-maybe it was so we'd be surprised till the very end of this episode. All in all, this episode is one of the reasons I watch this show.
  • Wow, ok um I didn\'t know that boys just dismissed invisible people riding their bikes. Funny!!! And the Nerissa=Trill part was just, ah!! Who knew?

    This episode is now on my good episodes list. Beware: Spoilers!!

    From the top, funny way to portray the girls scattered. I loved it when Hay Lin\'s grandmother (Yan Lin) goes and gets them all. I thought it was even funnier when Will\'s teacher shows up and the mother tries to cover it up. So Will goes into a planetarium showing, and then leaves through a portal in front of everyone. AND THEY APPLAUDED!! Hah. it made me laugh. And then the poor waiter when Cornelia poofed. He spilled the wine. Poor wine. But before that, they mentioned boys, and who did Taranee say? I don\'t know, because my closed captioning is stupid. Anyone knows, please say!!! Also, hope Hay Lin\'s boyfriend will come back. Very little attention was paid to him in this episode. But, the rest of it made up for it, so it still gets a ten. Final things, um, knights of vengence. YAY for Maranda, turned into bug. Squash her. Actually, she was my favorite. Oh Well. And, um, Nerissa is actually Trill, kinda scared me. She is cool and will be an awesome enemy. I am so excited for this season. I can\'t wait for the next episode. But, I also want Will to learn that quintessence spell. Quintessence means purest essence or form, so I don\'t know how that ties into the series.

    Final final thing, is Wiera (Elyon\'s mother) the same Wiera from the Star of Threbe story? Just wondering.

    Ten point o

  • A mix of fun, suspense, decepiton, and betrayal.


    Well I enjoyed this episode but it wasn't my favourite(that is taken by either D,G, or H). I did like that Hay Lin got her own episode finally and Eric is in the picture now. I also found it interesting how the girls were all scattered around the place and Hay Lin had to bring them back. Which brings up the topic of Yan Lin using her powers. I really loved the trans-teleportation as she called it. The whole Phobos thing was good, but the battle was not suspenseful enough. I really liked how Hay Lin beat him in the hall. A change in the story is that the KoV were captured, which will be explained a bit more in L. By far the best thing of this episode and the biggest twist of the season was Trill turning out to be Nerissa and capturing Elyon. This was a big turn in the show, and I liked it.

    I have a few complaints though. Eric didn't have any lines in it. I found that dissapointing. I also loved Trill, so it was sad to see the betrayal. My biggest complaint, however, is that, even though this is a Hay Lin episode, it didn't seem like it. You could definitely tell it was, but she still didn't seem to get as much screen time as I had hoped.

    Two things people on the threads were wanting got fufilled. The KoV got captured( ), and so did Elyon. Finally a big twist. I can't wait to see the next Hay Lin episode and L, and I haven't read anything about K yet because I don't want to be spoiled, so I guess we'll have to wait and see!
  • This episode rocked big time!!! I wonder what will happen to Nerissa and The Knights of Vengance who will be the new phsicics of Nerissa???!! oh well we will find out soon enough!! ahhh well anyway this episodes rocked a lot and i want to watch it over!!!

    wow im phsyced!! no comment all i could say is that it was really good i mean really good and i think that the writers are doing a very good job on season 2 not saying that season 1 wasnt good it was good but this one is WOW like OMG this was me on this episode >>>> :O and :D hahahahaha well W.I.T.C.H. rockes big time and forever it will rock ahhh cant wait until K is for Knowledge i bet its going to be really good and i hope all of the episodes will rock rock 4 ever!
  • Well, all I can say is whoa. Good cliffhanger.

    Well, this certainly was a good episode. The KoV freeing Phobos from his prison, and him going on a rampage through Meridian leading to the castle, and his showdown with the powered-up Guardians. Good plot. As for Trill, with only knowing one key piece of info, I knew that she was toying with Elyon's mind. After all, Nerissa is the Queen of mind games("E is for Emeny", "I is for Illusion"). My all time fave scene from this eppy was when Hay Lin gave Phobos that super-kick that sent him flying. I knew that he wasn't gonna defeat W.I.T.C.H. nearly as easily as before cause they are stronger now than when they faced him before. Now for the end. The cliff-hanger ending was really well done. Nerissa being revealed as being Trill all this time, and that she gave Elyon the Jewel to steal her powers, and then absorbed Elyon into what she called the Heart of Meridian was really shocking. I see this going very bad for W.I.T.C.H., especially since now, they will be faced with the real KoV. A very good episode.
  • Revealing AND redeeming, this episode in comparison to last week's, because of Nerissa's surprise twist at the end of the episode, and Hay Lin's forefronting debut. Both made it a good watch.

    Because otherwise, it was pretty boring. Cornelia's perfect vacation and . . . well, Cornelia speaking period (especially about having Caleb there with her to MAKE it perfect, her vacation) was aggrevating as always, sadly. But having it more or less be a Hay Lin episode made it bearable.

    Having Phobos escape, make that big commotion to reclaim "his throne" was, I understand just a distraction and filler for the episode's true purpose. Still, just because it was indeed just a filler or "B-story" doesn't mean that production had to literally cut the supposed showdown between Phobos and Elyon. I would have very much enjoyed to see another battle between them, especially now that Elyon's had more practice with her powers.

    I liked the life force bit, showcasing more tricks and insight to the ways of Guardians overall. And then, of course, having Hay Lin being able to take down Phobos all her own -- despite her crippling weakness at that moment -- was very respectable and a treat to watch . . . especially because of her little "Hadouken" sort of move and mini tornado with her Air power. LoL Another great showcase of how far they've all come with their powers from season 1 to 2.

    Even seeing Hay Lin kinda-sorta interact with Eric was amusing and bearable, as well (but I already knew it was coming -- even if I hadn't read the books -- considering last week's obvious foreshadowing, the way she was sulking that she didn't have a boyfriend or crush).

    And finally, the twist at the very end was basically, in my opinion, the sole reason to watch. Nerissa's my kinda villain, acting like she doesn't really know what she's doing and then BAM! Blindsides her foes and supposed "allies" like that. Rock it, Nerissa. LoL

    All in all, a better episode than last week. ^_^
  • What will W.I.T.C.H do when Phobos escapes and they are scattered around the globe?

    This episode was good, other than the ending when Phobos is just locked up and they don't show a fight between him and Elyon. I think that scene could have been done much better. Other than that it was good, especially as all the girls were on holiday, except poor Hay-Lin, and it was up to her to gather them all. I liked the whole idea of sharing life forces and energy to get to new places. It was nice to see more of Elyon, and the twist with Nerissa was unexpected. As usual, the action was good and the plot thickens...