Season 2 Episode 10

J is for Jewel

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Aug 14, 2006 on Toon Disney

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  • Phobos is free! Run for your lives!

    The Knights are planning their next attack on Queen Elyon, and Nerissa thinks it's best to attack Alborn and Miriadel, but the Knights ignore her command, so they go to Phobos's cell to free him... Elyon is starting to ask questions about her parents and her jewel, when Trill, or rather "Trill", suspiciously looks at it, feeling a bit "power hungry", so Alborn and Miriadel suggest that she and Trill go to the ancient Meditation Chamber, so that, through Trill's memories, Elyon can meet her real parents. Meanwhile, on Earth, the Guardians get scattered throughout the world, everyone except Hay Lin, who needs to help her grandma in the restaurant. So she calls the others on their cell phones, but her grandma stops her, and makes her deliver a Moo-Goo-Gai-Pan, when she soon sees a cute boy in whom she immediately falls in love with, but the other girls told her she'll never get a boyfriend a couple of minutes ago. However, in Meridian, Phobos escaped and set a course on Elyon's new castle, to get back his throne, while Elyon is unaware of it in the Meditation Chamber...