Season 2 Episode 11

K is for Knowledge

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Aug 21, 2006 on Toon Disney
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K is for Knowledge
W.I.T.C.H. gains new knowledge of their sorceress foe Nerissa, a former Guardian and one-time holder of the Heart of Kandrakhar.

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  • Lots of secrets are getting revealed nowadays, but they're still just not enough for W.I.T.C.H., if they want to stop their new enemy in her tracks...

    Caleb found out that Elyon has been captured, and by "Trill", too, so he decided to fold to Heatherfield and warn the girls. But "the Mage" stopped him, and said that the folding is too dangerous and that he can't use the Tooth, since "Trill" cursed it, as well as all other folding talismans except the Heart of Kandrakar. So "the Mage" took the Tooth to "uncurse it". Meanwhile, on Earth, the girls' first day of school after the summer vacation starts, and Taranee did her first "school" assignment. She found out something about the origin of the Guardians' powers, and the meaning of the word that the old hag used to attack them: "Quintessence", the fifth element, which Will also has, and she'll be able to practice it, because the team is laying a trap for the hag in Meridian, a trap she's already aware of...moreless
  • we finally find out who nerissa really is! and we get to see taranee's bad side!

    this ep was great! i loved how taranee went all bad girl on us and we saw well the bad side of her! i especially loved irma's comment at the start when taranee said she had completed her first assignment! she said 'Oh can I hurt her, please?' haha that cracked me up! but then again, small things amuse small minds! anyway back to the ep! the old guardians looked really cool! minus nerissa that is! she looked really evil and so on! but she was so i'm just pointing out the obvious! i can't believe what she did to cassidy! i mean get over it love! it's just a crystal! it's not like they took away all of your power! but anyway it were a good ep overall!moreless
  • Wow love this epi actually love all of them but this is a big one SPOILERS

    Wow actuallyTaranee was willing to change herself fo Nigel it hows how much she cares actually they also find out about Nerissa being .... No more spoilers just see it it is too goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Just did that not because only it was good it really was but to put 100 words lol :)
  • COOL EPISODE!!!!!!Watch it! The girls find out about Nerissa.

    K is for Knowledge....This episode starts off with the girls hating going back to school.Everyone is bugged out except Tarannee. She has found out what Quin Tessence means. It's the fifth element, energy and lightning. During this time, Nerissa is attacking Meridian. Will is troubled about how the sorceress has the same powers as her. The girls decide to confront Kandrakar.

    All this is happening right after Elyon was captured. The mage has found out that both her ring and Blunk's tooth have a spell on them. Apparently, the Mage is also Nerissa. In the end, Caleb and Blunk get zapped to Mount Thanos where Yan Lin has found out the hard truth. Nerissa, one of the former guardians, has escaped. The girls are told about how Nerissa was the keeper of the Heart. Unfortunetly, she got obsessed with power and decided to miss use it. The Oracle gave the Heart to Cassidy, another Guardian. In the end, Nerissa killed Cassidy and was sent into an eternal prison on top of Mount Thanos. Now she has escaped.

    The Guardians plot an attack plan. That is WICH do. Taranee, in an effort to talk Nigel out of hanging out with Uriah, got involved by accident and her mom won't let her talk to Nigel. Taranee rebels and gets a whole new look and meets up with Nigel at a club. All this is happening while the girls are fighting Nerissa in Meridian. The girls get beat, bad. Nerissa goes after Taranee and the guardians follow. Taranee quickly finds out Nerissa is there. The guardians pop up and Taranee unites. Will the present Guardians be able to beat this former Guardian that apparently has loads and loads of power?

    This episode rocks! I loved how Taranee looked with pink hair!!! This episode allows the Guardians to finally know who they are going up against.....

    "They were CHYKN!!!!"---Hay Lin~~Favorite quotemoreless
  • The girls learn of Nerissa's past deeds as a former Guardian, only to find that she is practically undefeatable.

    Sometimes, I just feel so very sorry for Matt. I know that he didn't have a big role in this episode, but I just always feel sorry for him for that exact reason. He has no powers. Truly, all he has are some fighting moves and Will. Of course, his spunk and will (not the person Will) doesn't allow people to push him completely off to the side, but that doesn't mean that he can't be shoved a little.

    Blast Nerissa! All right, confession. As much as I hate everything that she has done to the girls as well as the rest of the world, I can't help thinking that she is one awesome villain! I mean, she has so much powerful. Of course, she did steal that power, which makes me, well, agree with myself (however strange) that she is amazingly wicked. Now, they are kind of making me feel a little bit sorry for her. Yes, she did kill her friend, but she was the one that ran away, guilt-ridden. Grrr... I hate conflicting thoughts. Anyway, a grand episode, with a stunning plot. Everything is starting to come together! Yeah!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Look Hard: Just before Nigel pushes Uriah out of the way to come to Taranee's aid, you can see another Nigel in the backround when Kurt is handing Taranee her backpack.

    • Goof: When Taranee comes down into Hay Lin's basement carrying her computer, her shirt is a halter leaving the back open. Yet after she sits down and starts typing, her back is completely covered.

    • Nitpick: When we see Eric pass the girls lunch table, you can see "another" Cornelia in the background who is wearing the pink sweater Cornelia wore in Season 1.

    • Nitpick: When the Guardians are in Kandrakhar, they are standing in this order from left to right: Hay Lin, Will, Irma, Cornelia (with Yan Lin in front), and Caleb. After the flashback scene explaining how Nerissa was imprisoned, their positions are mirrored: Caleb, Cornelia, Irma, Will, Hay Lin. Although Matt is still on the right as before.

    • Goof: When Uriah and his gang are 'decorating' the statue on the schoolyard, Uriah smears a lot of lipstick over the statue's mouth. When he says "You wasted my lipstick on that?" the lipstick spot is smaller, and when Uriah loses his balance the spot is gone.

    • Goof: In the flashback with the previous Guardians when the Oracle mentions the Heart of Kandrakhar, it is the Heart of Meridian which is seen instead.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Taranee: Hey guys, isn't it great. I thought summer would never end, and in hounour of school I've already completed my first assignment.
      Irma: Oh can I hurt her, please?

    • Will (about Taranee): She's stuck.
      Matt: I can fill in.
      Will: No offense, but I'd rather not see you 'filling in' her tights.
      Matt: So not what I meant…

    • Irma: Ok, see, I didn't bring my Who's Who of Kandrakhar. So Nerissa is…?
      Oracle: As you know, you were not the first Guardians. Decades ago, there were five others: Cassidy, Halinor, Yan Lin, Kadma, and Nerissa.
      Hay Lin: They were CHYKN? Whoa, I'm so glad we're WITCH!

    • Oracle: With her power, Nerissa's might equals the five of yours, combined.
      Irma: Riiight. Because otherwise? Way too easy!

    • Nigel: T…Taranee?
      Taranee: My mom says you're a bad influence. Like I need any help being bad…
      Uriah (to Nigel): Dude, if it doesn't work out, can I have her number?!

    • Will: Okay, note to self: Lightning can strike twice…

  • NOTES (4)

    • In the comics, Nerissa's hag outfit is pink while her Guardian outfit is teal. In the show, it's the other way around.

    • "Relinqui Malevola," the spell used by the Mage, is Latin for "forsake evil."

    • In the show, Nerissa escaped Thanos through a portal that took her into Meridian, whereas in the comics she was released from her tomb when a single guardian, Cornelia, obtained power over all the elements.

    • Before the US premiere on August 21, 2006 on Toon Disney, this episode aired in Canada on July 16, 2006 on The Family Channel.