Season 2 Episode 12

L is for Loser

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Aug 27, 2006 on Toon Disney

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  • Here's another great and character developing (the Knights of Destruction) Irma, and Martin episode for all you "'loser' loving", hehe, just kidding, fans out there.

    Nerissa paid a visit to Matt, disguised as Will, and luckily Huggles discovered her, but Matt didn't, so she took both of them to her previous cell atop Mount Thanos... On Earth, two boys are starting to get noticed by the two boyfriend-less girls in the W.I.T.C.H. team: Hay Lin is still chasing her crush, Eric Linden, but without him noticing her, and Irma is chasing her crush, Andrew Hornby, avoiding Martin, but she won't be avoiding him for long, since she signed up to be in charge of the new school radio station, along with him, Uriah, and the Grumper Sisters... Meanwhile, Nerissa created a replacement for the disappointing Knights of Vengeance. She turned Matt into Shagon, the angel of malice, a creature that feeds on the hatred of it's enemies. She also turned Mr. Huggles into Khor, a beast of legend feeding on the anger of it's enemies. But that wasn't enough for Nerissa, so she created two more creatures: Tridart, feeding on fear and desperation; and Ember, feeding on pain and misery. So the girls are gonna need very positive feelings in their upcoming battle against the Knights of Destruction, but that will be hard, since they have a lot of problems and troubles...
  • omg! major spoilers coming up everybody!

    i can\'t believe matt has gone evil! i mean matt! god what on earth will Will do when she finds out! it\'s like corny losing caleb cso he\'s been captured! she\'d flip! i mean i know nerissa is evil but that is just taking the biscuit! i hated her before but now i really, really hate her! but i don\'t get that if they were having that massive battle through the city, and smashing into buildings and stuff, why didn\'t they attract a large crowd! it doesn\'t make sense! heck tv never makes sense but even i would notice if there were flying people and monsters attacking each other and flying about! o well loved the ep anyway!
  • Matt disappears and a new set of knights appear.

    A well rounded episode. Although this show is mainly about the relation between Irma and Martian, I liked how the others were put into it when the new knights play off the emotions of the guardians adding a balance to the show. Also had one of the more interesting fight scenes in W.I.T.C.H. so far. Was rather disappointed and shocked that Matt got changed at first, until I saw the second half of the show then understood why the change happened show rather then what happened from in the comic. All and all another good installment Can't wait to see M is for Mercy in about a week.
  • L is for "Loved it!"

    L is for Loved it! The Huggles/Matt plot was good. I liked how he was still loyal to Matt. I think that Khor shouldn't have attacked the girls as he has been with them before. Irma can be really mean. Though I liked how she first tried to apoligise by the fire hyrant and then on air. I liked the fight scenes too, though won't anyone see them doing that? Exposure much. I also liked how Irma washed out Ember.

    The thing I didn't like was Hay Lin. Ever since J she's been so weak and despo.

    The final scene was a tearjerker, yeah, I'm a sucker for sappy moments. I think Irma will finally end up with Martin.

    Overall, this was a great episode. The drama and action has truly made it the best this season, till now.
  • witch meets a new enemy and matt goes missing

    what a great episode! irma becomes a radio DJ and its cool but she was mean, not that much though cuz it was all true, but i like that guy and im glad they got it all worked out in the end. hay lin liking that boy is still cute, and her hair was really cute in this one, high pig tails are the way to go. this was sos sad matt got captured by narrisa, i was kinda mad that he just stood there when she poped up, and i cant beleive that no one has noticed his dissapearance, he is now an evil guy and it is so sad cuz he's baiting will with what happened to him and she doesnt know!! so shes fighting matt!! its all so sad
  • The Knight of Destruction appear, and Matt disappears.

    This was another Great eppy of W.I.T.C.H. It kept me very entertained from beginning to end. Nerissa new Knights debut, and they are called the "Knights of Destruction" I for one think that sounds way cooler than "Knights of Vengeance/Revenge", and Matt and Mr. Huggles' fates were sad, but they along with Tridart and Ember were just as powerful as I thought they'd be. It was some comical scenes within this eppy too involving Irma, Uriah, and Martin. Also, is it just me, or does Will look pretty powerful with that Quintessence power without being transformed. Shagon looks like he's gonna give Will a run for her money, and it looks like the girls can't go into battle against these Knights carring any emotional baggage or they will end up getting their butts kicked. My all time fave part of this eppy was the rumble in the city W.I.T.C.H. vs KoD. Anyway, really Great Episode.
  • Matt! Huggles! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

    In this eppie when matt got turned into the evil dude I screamed noo pretty boy, Stalker boy, guitar guy! I mean what the heck! this didn't happen in the comic books. But what will we ever do with out pretty boy, he makes my life worth while. Darn you Nerssia. Anyway, SEE Irma does like Martin, ahahahahah my sister loses the bet.( I bet her twenty bucks there would be a Martin Irma moment this season)Any, we see Eric now, isn't that cool? Too bad their is no pretty boy or i would have given this a ten. ANyway, overall, except the Matt part, it was great excellent. But I warn you if I don't get Matt back soon there will be a wrath worse than Will's out to get the writters.
  • It had everything I wanted and more.

    I can safely say that this episodes was one of my favorites so far, it had a good blend of drama, action and comedy. It also did an excellant job of advancing the overall story arc as well as telling the individual story of the character this particular episode focused on. To top it all off the writers also managed to connect the two stories together when their would seemeingly be no connection. All of this shows the example of top quality writing.

    The abduction and transformation of Matt and Mr Huggles was one of the most disturbing things I had seen on this show, but in a good way. It emphasizes the just how good stories can be when they don't have to be watered down or kidified by people who think the viewers can't handel them. The way Nerrisa created her two other henchman also had an creepy feel as well and these new Knights already seem like they are more threatning as well as more interesting characters then the old Knights. The fact that they feed off the inner turmoil of their opponents only makes them more imposing.

    The story connected to the title is also great as well, it showcased Irma's ambivalent relationship with Martin Tubbs. The two of them are in a group of people working at a radio station and the tensions cuase problems. the friendship between them is actually clearer here then in any previous episode and everything comes to a head when in a moment of anger she hurts his feeling while on the air. This sets up the drama that is present througout the episode as Irma tries to come to grips with her own pain over the events.

    Speaking of pain this is where the two stories coincide, as Irma deals with her own inner conflicts the new Kights make their first strike against the group. Almost everyone present has their own issues to deal with which gives the Knights plenty of fodder to dish out punishment. This provides us with one of the best fight sequences in the show as the girls are paired off against opponets with abilities that actually compliment their own. Not to mention the midair battle is a must see.

    The level of pain Irma feels of her friendship is also shon here as after barely escaping from the new threats the first thing on mind is to go see Martin. This leads to a confrontation at his house which doesn't go the way a regualr fan would expect. i for one was glad the show didn't go the cliche route and after Martin just instantly forgive Irma. Not only would it not be realistic it would also cheapen the emotion Irma was feeling. It also causes Irma to do some thinking about herself that is expressed later.

    This comes towards the final battle with the Knights where Irma learns where her priority leads and turns the tabels on the attackers. Even though the fight is over for now it is clear that this was only the beggining. The plot resolves at the end with a conclusion so touching that I wouldn't be able to do it justice in this review. This is the first episode I reviewed that recieved a perfect score from me and it's not hard to see why.
  • One of the best episodes within season 2.

    Finally, another overall good episode, especially since it was more or less another Irma focused episode (well, as the main B-story, anyhow). There was virtually nothing I didn't like about this episode (save Cornelia's ragging on Will for wondering where Matt was when he didn't show up to class. Like Cornelia never obsesses over Caleb. Sure. ~_~ And the fact that she was the only one who didn't have problems or woes, meanwhile everyone else did. Of course she didn't. Why would she? ~_~). I personally think Nerissa's new Knights of Destruction kick arse, especially because she made allies out of two enemies (I definitely also liked how Matt's "new self" purposely taunted Will about "what he did to Matt". Then again, I enjoyed watching each Knight target each Guardian who had issues at the time).

    And then, of course, the upside, funny moments such as Irma, Martin, Uriah, and those reject sisters working on the new radio station was a treat too. And even though it WAS mean, it was funny to hear Irma rant and finally explode about how much Martin annoys her. LoL

    BASICALLY, it was a REALLY good episode, one that makes you "sad" that it's only 22 minutes long and was already over.
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