Season 2 Episode 14

N is for Narcissist

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 16, 2006 on Toon Disney

Episode Recap

The Guardians are in Kandrakar with Caleb and Blunk, briefing the Oracle, Althor, Tibor, Halinor, Luba, and the Mage. Halinor sums up the latest developments: "So Nerissa's new minions – these 'Knights of Destruction' – attacked you and your families?"

Will looks down sadly: "And Matt…"

The stunned Oracle shakes his head: "Yet I foresaw none of it. I suspect Nerissa has tampered with my powers as a seer. Deep meditation will reveal the truth." Holding Caleb's hand, Cornelia waves her free hand nonchalantly: "Take your time. We'll totally wait." But the Mage says W.I.T.C.H. must return to Earth: "Until the Oracle regains his sight, you five are the eyes of the Council." Hay Lin grimaces: "Oh, great. Now I'll feel guilty every time I blink!" Will opens a fold to Heatherfield and Cornelia sighs: "So much for ditching the PTA car-wash fundraiser." Taranee looks disbelieving: "The Cornelia I know spends funds… She doesn't raise them." Cornelia concurs: "Exactly. But my dad insisted. So, that's why I signed you guys up too!" After the Guardians have left the fortress, another fold opens outside of it and a magic golden platform emerges, floating in mid-air. Shagon is on the platform, flanked followed by Khor, Ember and Tridart: "Ah, back in Kandrakar. So beautiful, so peaceful… We can fix that."

Meanwhile, W.I.T.C.H. is back in schoolgirl mode as the fold closes inside a deserted classroom of Sheffield Institute. Irma is mad at Cornelia: "I can't believe you signed us up for the car wash without even asking!" Cornelia tries to convince her: "Come on, it's for a good cause: Me!" Taranee holds up her hand: "Wow, narcissist much?" Will tugs off her shirt, revealing a one-piece swimsuit underneath: "Yeah, my Mom already signed me up too. But it would tank less if you guys came." Hay Lin smiles excitedly: "We can have a water fight!" Irma shoots a spray of water from her fingers, bored: "Oh yeah, there's something I never do…"

Later on, the girls join the car wash in the school parking lot. While Cornelia tries to get Irma and Taranee to do all the work, pretending to be "supervising", Hay Lin teams up with Will and her mother. But Will's father suddenly shows up, offering to take Hay Lin and Will for a spin once they're done washing his car. Will is eager to blow off the car wash, but Susan grits: "A few minutes in a convertible do not make up for months of absence!" Meanwhile, in Kandrakar, the Knights of Destruction attack the fortress, using the catapult on their platform. Halinor panics: "The Fortress at the Heart of Infinity is under siege! The walls can't take much more." She even uses some of her former Guardian powers, but the Mage points out that, without an Auramere, it drains too much of her life-force. Halinor protests: "But I must do something! The Fortress has never been attacked before." Waves of fear radiate from Halinor, and unseen behind her, the Mage absorbs the fear and fires it to Tridart, who grows larger. The Oracle tells Halinor to remain calm: "Blunk will summon the Guardians."

Blunk folds to Heatherfield, but the parking lot is bustling with people, making it hard for him to mingle unnoticed. He spots an empty bin and smiles craftily to himself: "Good thing Blunk master of disguise!" Moments later, the overturned bin skitters forward on Blunk's barely visible hands and knees, until it reaches the van which Irma, Taranee and Cornelia are cleaning. Blunk warns the three girls that there's trouble, and Taranee sends a telepathic SOS to Will and Hay Lin: "We got a Kandrakar 911!"
Will and Hay Lin excuse themselves, telling Mr. Vandom they need more water to wash his car again: "Free second wash! It's a special." They join Irma, Taranee and Hay Lin who are blocking the adults' view of Blunk while Principal Knickerbocker is about to give them their next assignment. Will and Hay Lin open the van door and the girls all pile in, still hiding Blunk: "Wait! The job's not done till we've cleaned the inside!" They slam the door behind them and tell Blunk that they can't just disappear to go to Kandrakar. Blunk sighs: "Blunk need shoes…" W.I.T.C.H. reacts with confusion. We next find the girls in the court of the fortress, as their bare feet step through a fold, which seals. They stagger as a blast shakes the fortress, causing Taranee to accidentally step on Cornelia's foot. Cornelia rounds angrily on Taranee: "What is this: Attack-Cornelia-Day?!" Taranee retorts: "I know it's a shock, but not every world revolves around you." Hay Lin interrupts them: "Guys, the battle's outside." Will holds out the Heart of Kandrakar: "Guardians, knock it off and Unite!"

A frightened Halinor has witnessed the confrontation, and the Mage preys on her fear: "Did you hear them? How can the Guardians protect the Fortress if they're not in harmony?" More waves of fear ripple off Halinor into the Mage's hand. The Mage teleports them outside, and Tridart, engulfed in waves of fear, grows another larger. The girls have a hard time battling the giant Tridart, especially Cornelia: "What am I supposed to do? Plants don't exactly grow in thin air!" Shagon zaps Will and Hay Lin, who plummet downward. Cornelia reaches out with her telekinesis and slows the two girls to a stop. The Mage watches from the battlements: "They're down to three now! If only we could do something." Halinor reaches a decision: "I can do something. I have to." Halinor heads inside, and the Mage smiles while Cornelia watches over a groggy Will and Hay Lin and asks: "Where's the Veil when you need it?" The Oracle suddenly has an idea: "The Veil, of course! A small Veil may safeguard the Fortress… It will require considerable power. Cornelia, can you find the others?" Cornelia flips her hair dismissively: "Not like anyone will miss me here."

Meanwhile, in Heatherfield, Harold Hale is getting worried: "Have you seen the girls? They're not in the van." Susan directs this to Mr. Vandom: "Nope. Someone gave them the idea you can just skip out on responsibility." Suddenly, a high-pitched voice comes from behind a SUV: "Oh, Cornelia! You clean truck good!" The adults turn and see Cornelia's heels and Will's sneakers clomping back and forth underneath the car as water shoots straight up in the air from behind it: "It's like, my pleasure, Will!" Unseen by the parents, Blunk is actually doubled over behind the SUV, with Cornelia's heels on his feet and Will's sneakers on his hands, getting sprayed by a hose and sobbing: "Blunk never been so clean in Blunk's life!"

Back in Kandrakar, Halinor and the Mage are in the Auramere chamber with Luba, who protests: "Halinor, you know I cannot leave the Aurameres! Who would protect the Guardians' source of power?" Halinor raises one hand and a spark of green flame appears: "I will! I will protect us all…" A green sphere of flame engulfs Luba, who gasps and faints. The sphere dissipates and Halinor hurries: "The flames soaked up the oxygen around her. She will recover in minutes." Halinor takes Luba's place facing the Aurameres. She brings her hands together and the five spheres of energy move toward one another: "The Guardians are not experienced enough. But I am!" The Mage nods: "So you steal their magic in the midst of a dire battle… Fear is a powerful thing, especially when it fuels betrayal." The Mage holds out the Heart of Meridian, which reflects Halinor's waves of fear back onto Halinor as black waves, binding her with mystic chains. Halinor's eyes close, then reopen without pupils. She's fallen into a trance, and the Mage concludes: "The need to do anything – no matter how treasonous – to smother the burning flame of your own fear is the chink in the armor of your soul… and all I need to make you mine." The Mage orders Halinor: "Now, divert the might of Kandrakar into the Heart of Meridian." An entranced Halinor holds out her hands and a bolt of power zaps from the Aurameres toward the Heart.

But just then Cornelia enters in search of Luba, crossing the path of the bolt, which strikes her instead! On the battlements, Will and Hay Lin recover, while above them, Irma and Taranee throw water and fire at Ember and Shagon. Suddenly, with a flash, the girls de-Guardian! Now in barefoot girl-mode, Irma and Taranee plummet without their wings, and are caught at the last second by Caleb, Will and Hay Lin. Will is baffled: "It wasn't me! Our wings, our powers… they're just gone!" She tries to unite the Guardians, to no avail: "Okay, uniting's out! How 'bout panicking?!"
Tridart's gigantic shadow looms over the girls, but just then he is slammed by a tornado of mystic fire. We discover who fired it: Cornelia in Uber-Guardian form, taller, curvier, with body-length hair and an echoing voice. Taranee is disbelieving: "Is that Cornelia??" Cornelia flips her hair: "What would you do without me?" Irma deadpans: "It's Cornelia…" The girls ask Cornelia how she got all their powers, but Cornelia tells them to hold as the giant Tridart races towards her: "An iceberg's looking to Titanic my tail!"

Meanwhile, in the court of the fortress, the Oracle, Althor and Tibor stand amid the wreckage, linked by a triangle of mystic purple energy. A small purple sphere hovers over the Oracle's cupped hands as the Mage enters with Halinor. The Oracle greets them: "We need your help to create a Veil. Please, link your magic to ours." The Oracle extends purple links of power to the Mage and Halinor, making the triangle a Pentagon. The purple touching the Mage turns black, and the black energy begins infecting the pentagon. The Mage gloats: "I thought you'd never ask." The Oracle gasps when the black energy touches him: "That essence, it's… It's you!" We cut to a flashback from episode "B is for Betrayal" of the Mage giving the Oracle a vigorous hug. We cut back to present time as the manipulation dawns on the Oracle: "You, who hid among us and tampered with my sight… Nerissa!" The Mage deglamours into Nerissa: "The same! And you just invited me to join your mystic link." The hovering purple globe swells, surrounding the Oracle, Tibor and Althor, trapping them in a mini-Veil. Nerissa triumphs: "I've waited decades for this! Ever since you imprisoned me, I've longed to return the favor! And much as I'd love to gloat, it's time for the power of Kandrakar to return to its rightful owner..." Nerissa shimmers back into the Mage and leaves with Halinor: "…Me!"

Meanwhile, Uber-Cornelia uses all five elemental powers against the Knights of Destruction, while the other girls cheer: "Go, Corny! Use your lightning! Telekinesis! Go invisible again!" Shagon decides to distract Cornelia by attacking her friends and Caleb. Cornelia tells them to get inside: "I'm the only one who can do this now!" Irma quips: "Wow. Even when she's self-sacrificing, she's self-centered." Cornelia creates a large protective shield of fire which becomes a dome, caging Caleb and the girls. Cornelia flies off: "I can't save your behinds and fight at the same time!" Hay Lin says they can't leave her out there alone: "We're her friends!" Will concurs: "And we're always stronger together, with or without powers!" She grabs holds the Heart of Kandrakar: "Hey, the Heart's warm! Okay, it may not be transmitting from the Aurameres, but it's still a talisman."

The Guardians open a fold back to Heatherfield, ending up with Caleb at the back of the van they were cleaning earlier. Harold opens the van door: "You're cleaning this again? It was spotless… Wait! Where's Cornelia?" Irma starts to rag, saying that Cornelia ditched them, but Hay Lin cuts in: "…To get air freshener! Gotta have that new car smell!" The gang is assigned a new car and, as they wash, Irma finds Blunk under the chassis. Hay Lin says they have to get back to Cornelia, but Will is pessimistic: "Good luck. I'm not sure my Mom is even bothering to blink."

Back in Kandrakar, Cornelia is still battling Tridart, and using her mind power on him: "Now, you feed on fear… You'll choke on this: Eat hot confidence, Ice Cube!" Tridart can't resist the mind-blast and rapidly shrinks back to his normal Shagon soars in to catch Tridart, just as the Mage and an entranced Halinor come outside. The Mage nods, and Shagon responds by opening a fold. He flies through it with Tridart, Khor and Ember. The Fold seals and Cornelia lands on the battlements beside the Mage and Halinor. The Mage congratulates her: "Success, Cornelia! In fact, you did so well, perhaps you should keep all five powers… Permanently." Meanwhile, in Heatherfield, Mr. Vandom got his second wash: "So, if you're ready for that ride…?" Will and her friends jump at the chance: "We are so there!" Tony is mystified to see Will, Irma, Taranee, Hay Lin and Caleb all piled in the car, but shakes it off and heads for his convertible as Susan fumes: "Tony, they've got responsibilities!" He grins before driving off: "Susan, one little ride… Lighten up!" The convertible pulls out of the lot and we discover Blunk wrapped in a towel and shoved down in the backseat at the girls' feet, out of Tony's view. As the car is about to turn onto the street, Will yells: "Stop! Sorry, bathroom break!" Tony hits the brakes, surprised to see the five kids are already pouring out of the car: "All of you?!" An embarrassed Caleb replies as he carries a towel-wrapped Blunk: "Working with all that water…" The girls and Caleb disappear into some bushes where Caleb drops Blunk and tells him to fold to Meridian and bring reinforcements to Kandrakar. Bunk whines as he digs up a handful of dirt and begins rubbing it on himself: "Go home? Clean?! Mama not recognize her Blunkie-Boo!"

We resume the action in Kandrakar. Cornelia looks torn: "Keep the powers? I couldn't… Though I was pretty amazing, wasn't I?" The Mage smiles, her tone honeyed: "Astonishing. Just imagine: Cornelia, sole Guardian of Kandrakar! I could make it so. Just open yourself to my power…" Almost entranced, Cornelia's pupils begin to fade. Suddenly a fold opens, disgorging Caleb and the girls. Will takes in the scene: "Whoa… We interrupting something?" Cornelia turns to face her friends, dazed: "Will? How did you…" The Mage tries to maintain control: "Ignore them! What do you need them for when you have real power?" Irma quips: "I dunno… Washing cars, maybe? Or did you really think she'd do that for herself?" The comment snaps Cornelia out of it. She smiles at Irma: "I think we'll go back to W.I.T.C.H. Being C. alone… Not nearly as fun." The Mage frowns: "You know not what you give up." Suddenly, Luba interrupts: "Or to whom! Will, raise the Heart of Kandrakar and shed some light on this." Will holds up the Heart, which shoots a beam of light that morphs the Mage back into Nerissa and reveals the black mystic chains binding Halinor. Caleb and Cornelia move to attack but Nerissa raises her Heart and stops them with a crackling shield of electricity: "Keep your precious Aurameres. I have what I came for!" Nerissa teleports away with Halinor. Later on, W.I.T.C.H. (back in normal Guardian-mode) stands with Caleb, Blunk and Julian, as Luba studies the five Aurameres: "The Aurameres are restored. But Halinor has been enthralled. The Mage… was not the Mage at all." We see Tynar and a squad of Meridian guards standing watch over the mini-Veil-sphere and the motionless Oracle, Althor and Tibor within. Luba carries on: "We cannot free the others until the Heart of Meridian - the cause of their imprisonment – is liberated." Caleb says Nerissa will not surprise them again, but Luba looks down sadly: "I doubt she will return. She cannot take the Aurameres by force, and nothing else remains. The Council of Kandrakar is broken." Luba turns to the Guardians seriously: "I'm afraid the responsibility for stopping the sorceress lies squarely on your shoulders now, Guardians." Cornelia rolls her eyes: "Great. No pressure..."

Back in Heatherfield, Harold, Susan, Dean, Tony and Knickerbocker stare at the girls (who are still barefoot in their car-wash outfits), arms crossed and fuming. Susan says she hopes they have a good explanation for being gone half the day. Knickerbocker chimes in: "As punishment, you five will clean the school bus. Outside and in." Cornelia steps forward: "Wait! It's my fault. I flaked, and they were just covering. But I'm ready to do my own work now. Please don't punish them because of me." Harold looks disappointed as Knickerbocker considers: "Then I suppose the others may go." Cornelia faces the bus alone. Suddenly water squirts across it as Will, Irma, Taranee and Hay Lin start washing the bus. Cornelia is surprised: "What are you doing?!" Hay Lin replies: "Helping!" Irma hands Cornelia a sponge: "We're teammates, not deserters." Cornelia smiles gratefully, then we fade to black as she asks: "Hey, has anyone seen my shoes…?"