Season 2 Episode 14

N is for Narcissist

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 16, 2006 on Toon Disney

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  • This episode is my favourite!

    This is another Cornelia-centered episode. Everyone is in Kandrakar to begin with telling the Council about the Knights of Destruction. W.I.T.C.H. then leave to go back to Earth just as the Knights attack leaving only the Council Caleb and Blunk to fight. Cornelia's Narcississtic nature is getting on everyones nerves when she signs them up for the school car wash. Blunk tells them to go back to Kandrakar where Cornelia absorbs all 5 elements meaning the others had to go to the car wash without her. When Cornelia finally managed to beat the Knights The Mage tries to take her under her thrawl but Will snaps her out of it. The Mage then reavels she is actually Nerissa in disgise. Back at the school the Guardians are punished for being gone 1/2 the day. Cornelia admits it was all her fault.
  • Cornelia... Eh, same old, same old!

    The Guardians told all about the new Knights of Destruction to the Council of Kandrakar, and since the Oracle foresaw none of it, he knew Nerissa blocked his powers. So until he regains it, the Guardians have to go back to Heatherfield to wait. But Cornelia signed the other girls up for a car wash, but doing it behind their backs, while avoiding the job. So the Guardians get dragged into Cornelia's job while she was "supervising" theirs. But then, Will's long gone dad Tony came and Will's mom got jealous, because he offered Hay Lin and Will a ride. But, she won't have to be jealous, since the Heart of Infinity got under attack by the Knights of Destruction, making the Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions miss their very desired jobs...
  • centered around Corny again!

    i'm sorry but Cornelia was a bit of a brat in this ep! i mean first she signs her friends up to do a carwash, then she doesn't help them much and then she "tries" to help them out by getting rid of them during a big battle! i mean i like Corny and all but sometimes she can be a right brat! like when the Mage/Nerissa was saying she should keep all the powers, at first she said no but then she was like 'well yeh i am great'. i'm sorry but you don't even think that you say no straight away and stick to it! but i don't get how the guardians were originally doing so well fighting the knights when they have been having a lot of problems in previous eps! oh well! good episode overall!
  • cornelia acts like a brat again

    this one just wasent very good its just them running around. yea so a few things happened, narissa getting that one lady but thats about all, yea wills dad came and that had great potentail but they just kinda didnt talk about him that much. and also i hate cornillia episods, i dont like her all that much to begin with and she had been geting better this season but man she annoyed me teribly, but i am glad she stayed with witch.
  • Loved how Cornelia got every Guardian's power and was "uber-charged."

    But hated that it was CORNELIA who got them. ~_~ LoL No surprise there, of course.

    Anyway, pretty good episode. "M is for Mercy" was a bit better, plot-wise, but in terms of action, this episode was better.

    I greatly approved of the episode title, and how FINALLY the show showcases Cornelia's annoying tendencies to be C.O.A. (center of attention), and roping the others into everything she wants to do (or rather, what she wants THEM to do for HER). So that made me happy when the girls finally snapped about that (even though it meant it was yet another Cornelia-focused episode, as this entire season seems to be, but oh well). LoL

    And then it had to get ruined by of COURSE, as I'd said already, having Corny become "Uber-Guardian." Why didn't you just make HER leader, honestly, Ms. Gnone? Yeesh. ~_~' LoL

    Still? Overall, a pretty good episode, with the overall story moving along, so that's good. No stalling. Was a fun treat (not really, cuz I don't like him LoL) to see "Tony" Vandom. Is there a reason why he's called Tony instead of Thomas? What, they didn't want repeats in names, since Elyon's dad's Earth name is that as well? *Shrugs* Oh, well. Was also a treat to see the Oracle get trapped like that by Nerissa (cuz I find him annoying as well). LoL

    I mainly just can't wait to see Will's reaction when she finally realizes that Shagon IS Matt. Sweet times . . . LoL
  • A Cornelia/Will episode and definately one of the more exciting shows for the second season.

    Lots of excitement in this show. Will's father Thomas joins the local car wash that Cornelia signed all the girls up for and showing her narcissist side. Also since Thomas is here Susan also joins in hopes to find out why he is here and keep Will close at the same time. On the guardian side of things Nerissa finally makes her move against Kandrakar while her knights are laying siege to the fortress Nerissa disguised as the mage enthralls Hallinor and tries using Halinor to gain control over the elements. Fortunately the plan backfired and Cornelia ends up getting all 5 powers, a new guardian outfit and a echoed voice to go with it. With her new abilities Cornelia is able to drive the knights back, but not before the Oracle and the council are trapped inside a mini veil. In the aftermath of the battle the fortress lies in near ruins and only luba remains free the rest of the council are trapped. Nerissa leaves with Halinor and the suspicion that Nerissa is gathering all of her old teamates for something, as for what that is still unknown. Back on earth Susan and Thomas are still at ends, as for why Thomas is here is still a mystery as well.