Season 2 Episode 14

N is for Narcissist

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 16, 2006 on Toon Disney

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  • Loved how Cornelia got every Guardian's power and was "uber-charged."

    But hated that it was CORNELIA who got them. ~_~ LoL No surprise there, of course.

    Anyway, pretty good episode. "M is for Mercy" was a bit better, plot-wise, but in terms of action, this episode was better.

    I greatly approved of the episode title, and how FINALLY the show showcases Cornelia's annoying tendencies to be C.O.A. (center of attention), and roping the others into everything she wants to do (or rather, what she wants THEM to do for HER). So that made me happy when the girls finally snapped about that (even though it meant it was yet another Cornelia-focused episode, as this entire season seems to be, but oh well). LoL

    And then it had to get ruined by of COURSE, as I'd said already, having Corny become "Uber-Guardian." Why didn't you just make HER leader, honestly, Ms. Gnone? Yeesh. ~_~' LoL

    Still? Overall, a pretty good episode, with the overall story moving along, so that's good. No stalling. Was a fun treat (not really, cuz I don't like him LoL) to see "Tony" Vandom. Is there a reason why he's called Tony instead of Thomas? What, they didn't want repeats in names, since Elyon's dad's Earth name is that as well? *Shrugs* Oh, well. Was also a treat to see the Oracle get trapped like that by Nerissa (cuz I find him annoying as well). LoL

    I mainly just can't wait to see Will's reaction when she finally realizes that Shagon IS Matt. Sweet times . . . LoL