Season 2 Episode 15

O is for Obedience

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 23, 2006 on Toon Disney
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O is for Obedience
W.I.T.C.H. is busy with the K-SHIP broadcast of Vance Michael Justin in concert. Irma is in charge and demanding total obedience from her minions.

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  • Absolutely amazing!!

    So, Nerissa is Caleb's mother huh? Nice. That guys life just gets better and better...


    Finally! Caleb Centric!

    Awesome idea. Nerissa being Calebs mom.

    Julian gets a substantial part for once.

    VMJ is back, and we finally see him in the flesh!

    Cornelia actually seems like she cares about Caleb. Not that she doesn't normally, its just like more in this episode.

    Mount Thanos returns!

    We see Halinor fighting the Guadians.

    Martin + Irma-ness


    The VMJ thing was a little pointless. This episode should have been left to the Caleb storyline.

    Cornelia's obsession with VMJ was a little annoying. She has a boyfriend yet babbles on about Vance all episode.

    There should have been more done with the Caleb under Nerissa's spell thing.moreless
  • Irma is running a concert for the popular Vance Michael Justin, or VMJ, (previously seen in Season 1) and demands total obedience from her co-workers. Meanwhile, Julian and Caleb face off with Nerissa, where some stunning news is delivered to Caleb.......moreless

    One of my favourite episodes of the show. The Irma/VMJ storyline was hilarious, but what really caught my attention was the relationship between Julian, Nerissa and Caleb. I had once suspected that the Mage and Julian had had something together, but never that *Nerissa* of all people was Caleb\\\'s mother! (Anyone notice the resemblence to Star Wars? \\\"Caleb, I am your mother!\\\")

    Caleb\\\'s reaction was perfect - running off to confront Nerissa. It really developed the characters of Caleb and Nerissa - not to mention Julian, who has always been a minor character. I was intregued by how Nerissa tried to lure Caleb to her side, and how he refused. But what really struck me was how Nerissa decided to let her son live - maybe she has a little good in her? Classic line: \\\"Gee, Mom, most kids just get grounded\\\"moreless
  • First Cornelia, now Irma... looks like Corny left quite an impression on the others...

    Nerissa paid a visit to her old Knights of Vengeance to torture them a little, but then Caleb, Julian, and other guards came into the prison to save Nerissa a cage, but she stopped their attack to tell them something important... Meanwhile in Heatherfield, Vance Michael Justin (VMJ) was coming to Heatherfield to pull out a concert, and Irma was in charge of it, but she was slaving the others to do her work against their will... And in Meridian, Julian finds out where the real Mage was all these years, so he reveals a great secret to Caleb: that Nerissa is his mother...moreless
  • I would like to take this time to say Thanks to W.I.T.C.H. for making this episode. This episode was more the super cool it actually for a long time stopped a fued between me an my sister and I hope it can help us reconlice again.moreless

    One word. Amazing! I have watch thing over and over again on Youtube I love it so much! Of course I ff through irma parts this should have been all caleb. WITCH need not be here! I wish Caleb had gone south. I know what is chink in the armor of his soul is. He is too selfless! He put his world, queen, witch, "Corniela" all ahead of himself. He was never selfish! I hope something more comes of this becasue with the second seond almost up it getting to be like the wild card meant nothing at all!moreless
  • ok it was a brilliant episode but very obvious what was coming! (spoilers! major!)

    ever since the very first ep i new what was coming! hello ever since julian said to the mage "and a wonderful mother" it was obvious that the mage was calebs mother. but when i found out that the mage was narrisa it all fell into place. and cornelia i would hate to have to meet the parents!! and anyway isn't there a bit of a star wars parody going on?? the whole evil person turns out to be the good persons dad or in this case mother! i actually laughed a bit when i saw calebs reaction to the fact that narissa was his mother i could just see him going "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"! *star wars reference!* anyway that is just my opinion so if u wanna agree then good for you and if you don't then hey thats your opinionmoreless
Loren Lester

Loren Lester

Concert Announcer

Guest Star

Alexander Polinsky

Alexander Polinsky

Vance Michael Justin

Guest Star

Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum


Recurring Role

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


Recurring Role

Loren Lester

Loren Lester


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: The number of the stories within the Sanctum keeps changing. When the Mage first enters there are three cellblocks above the level of the platform, but the number decreases to two, then one as Nerissa brandishes the Heart of Meridian. Yet seconds later in a upshot, we see there now are five of them.

    • Goof: During the discussion between Irma and Martin, the scaffolding in the background has no diagonal bars in the shots with only Irma in it.

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    • Songs: "Feel the Beat"; "Fantasy Love"; "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye".
      Music by Noam Kaniel, lyrics by Samuel Bernstein (complete song lyrics in recap).