Season 1 Episode 14

Parents' Night

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 30, 2005 on Toon Disney
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Parents' Night
It's parents' night at the school, and nobody (except Hay Lin) seems very excited, especially Elyon. She feels that Cedric is the only one who understands her, not her friends, and especially not her family. When Elyon does her family tree research, her parents do not have any pictures of her other relatives. Elyon thinks that it's because they don't care about her but it's for a whole other reason. Cedric reveals to Elyon, that her parents are beasts, and that she is the Princess of Meridian. Elyon is so confused but she goes to Meridian, her original home.moreless

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  • What a night..

    - I personally loved the darkness of the episode as well as the family tree idea. If they showed the guardians's families they could of used it to throw some references from the comics but oh well.

    - I didn't like that Elyon immediately went to Meridian considering that she doesn't know anything about it but myb they wanted to heat up the story.
  • Elyon goes to Meridian while the others fight off a spider monster and angry parents await at school for the girls' return...


    - I really liked the characters of Thomas and Eleanor Brown/Alborn and Miriadel

    - The battle scene at the end with the girls fighting in the terrarium was well done

    - We get to see Martin's parents

    - Very wonderfully well written episode with Elyon learning about Meridian and going there

    - This episode was actually emotional in the beginning and middle

    - Phobos really shows how good of an actor he can be here


    - There should have been more screentime with Elyon and Phobos being together.

    - The transformation scene was screwed up a bit with Will transforming before they go into that ball mode to transformmoreless
  • Cedric makes his move when Elyon is angry that her parents are so mysterious and wont tell her anything. He tells her the twisted truth. Will Elyon choose a life on earth as normal or go to Meridian and live as a princess.moreless


    It’s parents night at Sheffield institute and Cedric’s contribution is lots of family tree charts. No one suspects the bookstore owner to be the beast and no one realises how the charts are the perfect way to persuade Elyon to return to Meridian. When Elyons parents provide her with photos of them and Elyon only she is not impressed and doesn’t understand why her parents are so secretive. Cedric makes his move and begins to tell Elyon a twisted version of the truth and returns her earth parents to their true forms, Elyons whole life begins to change when she discovers that her friends are also mysterious creatures and she cant see why they attack Cedric.

    Elyon realises the world around her isn’t as she has always seen, she chooses to be with her true remaining family in Meridian who she knows nothing about. Will the guardians arrive in time to stop her and tell her the truth about her brother who she is so excited to meet?

    ---MY OPINION---


    This is my favourite episode in season 1, I don’t know why. Elyon is one of my favourite characters and I liked the way that through her eyes her whole life was never as she had seen it. The sort of darkness of the episode appeals to me, I would defiantly recommend this episode because without it you cant understand the rest of the season. It’s sort of a linking episode.moreless
  • events: 3/3 humor: 1/3 effects: 2/3 overall: 6/10

    great idea of episode- direct continue to ep11, when Cedric found out who is Phobos\'s sister. the family trees idea was great too- but too bad that we didn\'t see the guardians\' families trees, can be intresting, and answer some questions. like, was Yan Lin\'s Grandma an air guardian too? is Fang, the cook of \"the silver dragon\" relative of the Lins? what the name of Tom Lair\'s cousin that appear in \"special5\"?

    first appearance to Martin\'s parents, but they aren\'t appear in the comix, so they appear here for second- maybe because the drawers don\'t have an example of them.moreless
  • Buh-bye, Elyon! And finally she goes away to Meridian!!! Whoohoo! She's my worst character...!

    Now that everything is ready for Elyon's return home (finally), Cedric must now tell her who she really is: the princess of Meridian. But it's parent's night back on Heatherfield, and Cedric's idea was for all students, including Elyon, to write their family trees, so that when Elyon realizes she "has no family", Cedric will jump in with his information. And when it came for her parents to tell her about her family tree, they, of course, refused and made up ridiculous stories. That's when Elyon realized for herself something's not right, that it was like she has no family, so she got mad at her "parents" and told all that to Cedric, making a very bad move. But luckily, before Cedric took Elyon away, Caleb realized that the bookseller Rick Hoffman is actually Cedric the lizard. He immediatelly told the girls, with an attempt to save Elyon from her evil brother... (luckily they don't!!!)moreless
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Vanessa Marshall


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Nancy Linari

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Mark L. Taylor


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: In the establishing shot of the final scene of this episode, when the girls are in Will's room, Hay Lin is barefoot. But when she's seen on camera again a few seconds later, she's wearing socks.

    • Goof: When the girls change into Guardian form in front of Elyon, Will turns into a Guardian before she goes into her transformation like the other girls do.

    • Goof: In the shot when Elyon's adoptive parents are being walked past, Will's top is blue and her skirt is pink.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Caleb: Blunk! Give me those sunglasses!
      Blunk: Cash or credit?

    • Irma: Itsy Bitsy's still a little too close for comfort!

    • Hay Lin (after Cornelia has buried giant spider): Good work. But with six legs, he won't stay put.
      Taranee: Well, eight, actually. All arachnids have eight legs, and when they use them...
      Will (cutting her off): Save it for school, huh?

    • Taranee: This is a giant terrarium!
      Cornelia: Why can't we ever be trapped someplace without dirt?
      Irma: Like where, an evil mall?

    • Blunk: Blunk cheer up Caleb! Found tiny folding stool! (He sits on a pair of sunglasses, earpieces down like legs, and the whole thing collapses.)

    • Taranee (recognizes Cedric): It's the bookseller!
      Cornelia: He is the beast? He was so cute!

    • Irma: You told your parents I'm your what?
      Martin: Oh, sorry, Girlfriend isn't correct these days. Significant Other or Main Squeeze, those'll do, too.
      Will (to Irma's parents): Hi! I need your daughter. Urgent Parents' Night business!
      Martin: Modern women. Very work-orientated.

    • Knickerbocker: Local merchants have once again donated generously to our Parents' Day festivities. We got this darling assortment of paper cups from Cup City...
      Irma (sarcastically): 'Cause nothing says par-tay like Three Little Pigs cups.
      Knickerbocker: …And these Family Tree charts donated by a local bookstore, which I want you to fill out with your parents, attaching photos of your relatives!
      Cornelia: I'd rather shave my head and wear clown shoes to the prom.
      Hay Lin: Wow! This is going to be...(the other girls glare at her)…only a little fun.

    • Will (holding up a piece of paper): You think you guys have problems? Check this out!
      Cornelia (gasping): You still dot your i's with smiley faces? That is so summer of 6th Grade.
      Will: I'm talking about the "C" on my math midterm! I can hide this, or shred it, or eat it or something, but on Parents' Night when my mom talks to Mrs. Rudolph, I'm grounded.

    • Taranee (reading sign): Parents Night Tomorrow. Food! Art! Fun Fun Fun!
      Irma (sarcastically): Yeah, parents at school, that says fun fun fun to me.
      Hay Lin (genuinely): I know! I can't wait to show them my history report. And my science project, oh and the inside of my locker...
      Cornelia: Mine will spend the whole night pushing back my hair and saying: "Why do you want to hide that pretty face?" Could anything be less cool?
      Irma: Try your mother bringing cookies with your name on them. Her pet name from when you were a baby.
      Hay Lin: Does Shmoopy Pants fit on a cookie?
      Irma: Droopy Pants!
      Hay Lin(laughing): Oh, that's much less humiliating!

    • Cornelia: Hey, Elyon! Want to walk to school together?
      Elyon: I called you last night. Your mom said you were off with the other girls.
      Cornelia: Oh um, we had to close uh... there was this uh...Will's frog was sick.
      Elyon: Her frog is a stuffed animal.
      Cornelia: You know, it wasn't so much an illness as a washing machine accident.

  • NOTES (3)

    • When the girls arrive in Meridian in this episode, they find themselves as midgets trapped inside a terrarium. This is similar to comic issue #4, The Fire of Friendship, where they end up as midgets inside an aquarium.

    • Comic Book Changes:
      1. In the books and comics, Elyon's birthday is on October 31 and not March 13.
      2. In the books and comics, Will suffers from attaques when she's in the neighborhood of portals or Meridian creatures, no matter if they are in human form or not.

    • This episode shows the longest W.I.T.C.H. transformation up to date.


    • When Elyon discovers the lineage of her true family, the first portrait she sees is of a smiling woman whose hair style resembles that of Princess Leia from Star Wars.

    • Irma: Itsy Bitsy's still a little too close for comfort!

      This is an allusion to the popular nursery rhyme Itsy Bitsy Spider (also known as 'Incy Wincy' or 'Eency Weency Spider').

    • Irma: 'Cause nothing says par-tay like Three Little Pigs cups.
      Three Little Pigs is a fairy tale featuring talking animals. Published versions of the story date back to the late 18th century, but the story is thought to be much older. The story was assured its place in the world's folklore thanks to an immensely popular 1933 Walt Disney animated cartoon.