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Season 2 Episode 17

Q is for Quarry

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 07, 2006 on Toon Disney
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Episode Summary

Q is for Quarry
Yan Lin hides on Zamballa, but the Knights of Destruction attack and Kadma convinces Will that they should turn the tables and make Nerissa their quarry.

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  • The pests are back! And not even bug spray's strong enough to beat 'em for good...

    The Knights of Destruction started another attack on Zamballa, but quickly had to withdraw, since Kadma was well prepared. But Nerissa already had a plan how to take the Heart of Zamballa away from it's queen... While on Earth, Will's dad found a... fiance that Will mistakened to be Nerissa, so she told Blunk to keep an eye on her, while she and the others lay a trap for Nerissa to take back the Heart of Meridian, while using both Kandrakar's and Zamballa's Hearts to do the job and make Nerissa the whelp for change, but the witch already had a backup plan, so she made it look like she was tricked...moreless
  • we really got to see Kadma's personality more in this ep!

    Kadma was desperate to get Nerissa's power! she was like power mad! (kinda) but i'm glad Will saw sense at the end of the episode which unfortunately Kadma didn't agree with and got herself captured! not clever! i don't know why but Will's dad seems really gay! i don't know what Sarina sees in him but she could probably do much better! no wonder Susan left him! if i had to wake to that every morning i probably would aswell! oh well i'm not a cartoon character that's married to him so lucky me! Blunk was funny as a little spy thing though! but i would be quite scared if a little green troll was following me around! but i've got my sister for that! anyway this was a good ep!moreless
  • Not a bad episode . . .

    Even seeing Blunk didn't annoy me as it usually does. LoL Cuz he was actually funny in this episode. Congrats, Blunk. LoL

    Cornelia's little green-speaking moment was cool, but was ruined when she opened her mouth and made that dumb "Love to the wife and PODS" play on words. Pfft.

    But besides all of that, it really wasn't that bad an episode. It was more so on the "serious" side of things, which I always favor to see. If I were Will, I'd probably choose not to absorb the Heart of Meridian, as well, but it certainly sucks to be her that she didn't. It was a nice fake-out at the end by Nerissa, the way she acted so helpless and beaten. Can't believe the others thought they had her on the run, but hey. LoL

    Overall, a refreshing episode to witness, out of a few weeks of so-so episodes.moreless
  • This was an 'ok' episode. It seems that there are many things happening making it sort of ~uncomfortable~ because it's sort of jumbled...

    This was an 'ok' episode. It seems that there are many things happening making it sort of ~uncomfortable~ because it's sort of jumbled. Will's dad is getting married, Narissa has captured yet another 'Heart', and so on. This is all I have to say. But all in all, The series is terrific.
Miss Kittie

Miss Kittie


Guest Star

CCH Pounder

CCH Pounder


Guest Star

Elisa Gabrielli

Elisa Gabrielli

Sarina Sanchez

Guest Star

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


Recurring Role

Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Will: Two Hearts to one. Advantage: good guys!

    • Will: One question remains: Will the pool evaporate before Tony Vandom finishes the race?
      Tony: Hey, I'm not that slow!

    • Blunk: Subject Sarina running in place for no apparent reason! Very strange...

    • Blunk: Nerissa… Name haunt Blunk, like double-cheese pizza that got away.
      Will: Blunk, you need to catch Sarina in the act. Deglamouring or something!
      Blunk: They put on whole layer of cheese. And then…put on whole other layer. Melt Blunk P.I.'s cold heart.
      Will: Stay on it, Blunk. We're close.
      Blunk: Blunk stick to her like pepperoni.

    • Hay Lin: You okay here, Grandma?
      Yan Lin: Kadma is a wonderful hostess. But she can't cook worth beans. She can't even cook beans.

    • Cornelia (green-speaking): Hey, that really helps. Thanks. Love to the wife and pods!

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode was originally supposed to be based on issue #26 of the W.I.T.C.H. comic-book in which Mr. Vandom hires an investigator to compromise Susan and blackmail her into getting custody of Will. However, Disney's Standards and Practices vetoed the adaptation of this storyline to the screen because it was deemed unsuitable for young audiences and too sensitive a subject, leading instead to the creation of Sarina Sanchez, Will's future stepmother.

    • Supervisory Producer and Showrunner Greg Weisman put an in-joke as a tribute to Story-Editor Justine Cheynet in this episode by naming the fictitious Zamballan swamps "Shené," which is a phonetic reference to Justine's last name.