Season 2 Episode 18

R is for Relentless

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 14, 2006 on Toon Disney
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R is for Relentless
A frightened Hay Lin is desperate to protect her grandmother from Nerissa. But Nerissa’s pursuit to capture Yan Lin results in a relentless chase from one dimension to another.

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  • The witch just won't give up...! But now she's with MAJOR tricks up her sleeve...!

    Nerissa has Cassidy, Halinor, and Kadma under her power now, so only Hay Lin's grandma, Yan Lin, remains for the collection. So the group hid her in a cave on Shell Beach for the Knights not to find, but it seems they underestimated them, since they've already found her... But atleast that gave the team an idea: they'll hide Yan Lin somewhere on plain sight, somewhere like the Sheffield caffeteria, since that way they can keep watch over her, and Nerissa can't harm her there. But the only problem is Shagon, so they'll have to make a constant chase between dimensions to shake off Nerissa's wrath...moreless
  • Not a bad episode . . .

    Why do I bother with these, really? "Everyone" ALWAYS disagrees with just about every single review I've left. Pfft. *Rolls eyes* ~_~'

    But anyway. LoL Surprised that Yan Lin didn't get snagged, herself, like all the other former C.H.Y.K.N. Guardians. Nice change of pace, anyway.

    To me, it was more so funny (as in, "LoL" funny) than it was "Oh, my God! Look out!", this episode. Especially when Shagon posed as Matt at the school, and kept stalking the girls. LoL

    That whole, "Matt: Just seeing who’s on the menu.

    Hay Lin: Yeah, well, enjoy detention, Shagon! (deep-voiced shout) Yo, Knickerbocker! Classes are for losers!!!

    Knickerbocker: Matthew Olsen! In my office!" would be something I'D do . . . and have. LoL Well, back in middle school anyhow.

    But yeah, thankfully, this episode served its purpose, which was to move the series along, have an actual point and not be a filler episode. NOW, now that Nerissa's done hunting her former comrades down, she can just get on with everything and that's it. Keep it coming. ^_^moreless
  • Great action-packed Hay Lin eppy

    Another Great episode of my fave series. A lot of action in this episode. It's always great to see a Hay Lin episode. I also really liked this episode for the fact that it reminded me why Yan Lin is one my fave W.I.T.C.H. characters. Shagon is still pretending to be Matt(well, he is actually Matt as Shagon pretending to be Matt), and it's getting kinda creepy how you can never tell who or where Nerissa and her KoD will be next, and I was also kinda worried that Yan Lin was gonna be next(well she is next, but I thought she was gonna do that whole "And that is the chink in the armor of her soul thing in this episode). Well, anyway this was yet another great episode, and yet another reason why I hate that W.I.T.C.H. might not have a season 3.moreless
Miss Kittie

Miss Kittie


Guest Star

Dee Dee Rescher

Dee Dee Rescher


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Guest Star

Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden


Recurring Role

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Yan Lin Altermere

Recurring Role

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Blunk: Blunk show knights!
      (Khor's hand comes out of the glass dome)
      Blunk: Knights show Blunk!

    • Blunk: Better than Sheffield cafeteria! Maybe even better than Sheffield cafeteria dumpster!
      Will: That's it! That's how we keep Yan Lin safe!
      Irma: We hide her in the dumpster?

    • Matt: Hello, ladies… Caleb... Little smelly thing…
      Blunk: Hmph! Blunk not so little.

    • Nerissa: Join me and I will give you back your youth, your beauty.
      Yan Lin: Youth over-rated. And I'm still one hot old broad!

    • Yan Lin: Eh, Shagon just having a permanent bad hair day. Now… who wants to eat?
      Irma: Off the floor?
      Blunk: Blunk got it covered!

    • Matt: Just seeing who's on the menu.
      Hay Lin: Yeah, well, enjoy detention, Shagon! (deep-voiced shout) Yo, Knickerbocker! Classes are for losers!!!
      Knickerbocker: Matthew Olsen! In my office!

    • Shagon: You won't be able to protect old Yanie forever.
      Yan Lin: Hey! Who you calling old?

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode originally included a scene which had to be cut for time in which Cassidy pretended to have recovered her free will and to be clear of Nerissa's thrall along with Kadma and Halinor. Cassidy told Yan Lin that all three of them were biding their time, waiting for the chance to bring Nerissa down, and encouraged Yan Lin to join them, saying that if she did so their power would increase. But of course Yan Lin didn't buy Cassidy's speech and told her it was obvious that Nerissa was putting lines in her mouth.

    • This is the first time since "L is for Loser" that the Guardians' transformation sequence is shown, and the first time that all the girls are shown in the new sequence with Will at the end saying "Quintessence".