Season 2 Episode 19

S is for Self

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 21, 2006 on Toon Disney

Episode Recap

At the Silver Dragon, this episode picks up where the previous one left off, with Yan Lin and Hay Lin having dinner with Eric and his grandfather. Suddenly, the scene freezes, with Eric, Zacharias and Hay Lin equally frozen before Yan Lin's bewildered eyes. Nerissa's ominous voice tells her: "You are not the real Yan Lin. You are… an Altermere." The horrified Yan Lin wakes up in her bed with a start and heaves a sigh of relief: "Just a dream." But her eyes widen as Nerissa's voice adds: "A dream come true…"

As we cut to a flashback from "R is for Relentless", Nerissa explains how the Altermere was created on Mount Thanos after the real Yan Lin resisted corruption. The latter was indeed absorbed and hidden in Nerissa's seal, while the former was rescued by the Guardians who thought she was the real Yan Lin. The Altermere asks Nerissa what she wants, and the sorceress replies: "Nothing now. Enjoy her life. But reveal what you are to anyone, and I'll absorb you back into the Seal… and oblivion."

At Sheffield the following morning, Irma announces over the radio that a K-SHIP "Battle of the Bands" is coming up. Irma wants to set up a contest logistics meeting with Bess, Courtney and Uriah, but the Grumper sisters have to be excused because they've signed up their band, "Alchemy and the Grumpers", for the concert. Uriah instantly gets an idea and quickly enrols Kurt and Clubber: "Wait! The Grumps get to skip work to play? Then my band's playing too! The, uh… Dunnsters!" Nigel retorts: "Too bad Wreck-55's gonna obliterate the Dumpsters!"

After Nigel has enlisted his band for the contest and walked away, Taranee rounds on Irma: "What were you thinking?! You know Shagon is posing as Matt – Wreck's lead singer! What if he tries to play some kind of evil – I don't know – 'Guitar of Hypnos'?" Will is confident that Shagon's here to spy on them, not blow his cover in the public eye, but she intends to keep an eye on him nonetheless.

Later on, Uriah, Kurt and Clubber walk on Eric serenading Hay Lin on the saxophone. Uriah notices how talented the new kid is, and offers Eric a chance to be "the fourth Dunnster". Despite Hay Lin's warning that he doesn't know what he's getting himself into, Eric hops on board and agrees to play with the bullies.

Hours later, Taranee and Will attend Wreck-55's rehearsal, cringing as they hear a glamoured Shagon singing The Demon In Me painfully off-key. Nigel stops Shagon in his tracks: "Man, what's the deal? You're totally not… yourself." Shagon gruffly blames it all on the song, but Nigel points out: "The song is sweet. You wrote the song, man!" Will taunts Shagon by suggesting he sing The Will To Love: "Or don't you feel that one anymore, Matt??"

We dissolve to Matt's mental plane inside which the real Matt complains to Shagon: "Dude, you are so embarrassing me." He tells Shagon that if he doesn't want to blow his cover, he'll need to give him a little more control over their brain and body. Shagon swats Matt, but Matt gets back to his feet, materializing his guitar in his hands: "You know I'm right…"

We cut back to the rehearsal, and as Wreck-55 resume The Demon In Me from the top, all are surprised to hear how much Matt's singing has suddenly improved. While the song carries on as a B-track, we go into a musical montage, first showing Hay Lin in the Sheffield cafeteria. As Yan Lin fills her granddaughter's plate, she says there's something she needs to tell her. But just then Shagon interrupts, glamoured as Matt, and when Hay Lin asks her grandmother what she wanted to talk to her about, Yan Lin dismissively replies: "Eat your veggies…"

Next we see Uriah skating past Eric, who asks: "When are we gonna rehearse?" Uriah doesn't even stop as he replies: "What's the rush? I'm a genius on the guitar, and Kurt started playing the drums when he was six."

Lastly, we cut to the Yan Lin Altermere and Zacharias sitting on a blanket under the stars. Zach notices that she's distracted and asks: "Everything all right, Yannie?" She looks at him sadly: "Everything's perfect. Too perfect…"

The musical montage ends as we cut back to the rehearsal where the glamoured Shagon is wrapping up the song. Inside Matt's mental plane, the real Matt is defiantly playing and singing in front of Shagon: "So I went face-to-face, laid claim to my space, and rocked the demon… The Demon in Me!"

At Sheffield the next day, Will finds herself face-to-face with the glamoured Shagon and teases him: "I guess you found your voice just in time for the Battle tomorrow." He retorts: "Found my voice. Find your boyfriend?" But Will is confident: "I will find Matt. And somehow I know you're gonna help me." For an instant, the real Matt shines through and replies: "Count on it." Will reacts with surprise, but the glamoured Shagon catches himself: "Count on it… uh… never happening!"

Inside the mental plane, the real Matt rejoices: "I got through! That was me!" A furious Shagon decides to destroy Will who threatens his hold over Matt's body. The real Matt rushes Shagon in an attempt to stop him: "I won't let you! You can't!" But Shagon eye-blasts Matt across the mental plane, retorting: "I can. I'm the demon in you."

That night, at the Silver Dragon, the Yan Lin Altermere is cooking for Nerissa in an attempt to sway her. But although Nerissa enjoys the food, she remains unyielding: "Make your choice, Altermere: Oblivion or existence?" The Yan Lin Altermere surrenders: "You seem to have created a flawed copy, Nerissa. I do not have Yan Lin's strength of character. I love her granddaughter. I may even love Zacharias. I cannot give up this life… I choose existence." Nerissa gloats as she opens a portal for the Altermere and herself: "That is all I need to make you mine."

At Sheffield the next day, a stage has been set up on the football field, awaiting the bands which will compete: First Alchemy and the Grumpers, then the Dunnsters, and lastly Wreck-55. Nigel worries because his guitarist is AWOL, and we find the glamoured Shagon talking to Will in a school hallway. Pretending to have switched sides, he asks her to protect him against Nerissa in exchange for leading her to the real Matt. Will is hesitant: "I'll unite the Guardians…" But Shagon insists: "And while you scare them up, the Knights will hunt Matt down! Do you want him back… or not?"

Meanwhile, Eric (accompanied by Hay Lin) has cornered Uriah and his bullies: "This is it. No stalling. We've got just enough time for one rehearsal." Uriah agrees to a rehearsal so he can try out the new guitar his Mom bought him. But as he takes it out of its case, he's suddenly surprised: "Who knew a real guitar was so heavy?" Eric and Hay Lin, horrified, ask him what he usually plays, and Uriah replies: "Duh! Air guitar. What's the dif?"

As he and his gang launch into a cacophonic rendition of VMJ's Feel The Beat, Uriah starts to panic: "We stink!" Eric, trying to come up with a solution, asks Uriah if he knows any song at all, which leaves the band with no choice but to play… Itsy Bitsy Spider! Eric tries to put a positive spin on the situation: "Okay, that's… something." But Uriah freaks: "That's nothing! We're gonna totally punk ourselves!" Suddenly, Uriah puts his arm around Eric's shoulder to reassure him: "But don't worry. I'm a genius at trouble, and Kurt has been making mischief since he was six."

We next find Nigel, still worried about what will happen if Matt doesn't show, as Taranee and Cornelia start to get suspicious: "'Matt' is missing… And Will's gone too." The glamoured Shagon is currently leading Will (in Guardian-mode) up the service stairs, as within the mental plane the real Matt tries to regain control, but to no avail.

Back on the stage, Alchemy's band starts playing, while Will reaches the roof of the gym where she is ambushed by Ember, Tridart and Khor. Matt deglamours into Shagon, and eye-blasts Will, who struggles to rise as the Knights loom over her. Fortunately she is saved by the arrival of Taranee and Cornelia who bowl into the fray.

In the Sheffield cafeteria kitchen, Uriah and his bullies are concocting a sabotage plan: "Stinky cheese plus tuna plus raw eggs… plus a wind machine, equals one cancelled concert." Eric joins them, but instead of stopping them he actually participates: "Guys, don't forget the sardines."

Meanwhile, on Meridian, Nerissa has reunited her former team-mates: "Finally, the gang's all here… And I think we've earned a little power trip, courtesy of our dear Knights of Destruction." While Cassidy, Halinor, Kadma and the Yan Lin Altermere all stare ahead with glassy eyes, Nerissa creates a fold to Earth, which opens within the stairway leading up to the roof of the gym. Taking in the battle scene with the Guardians, Nerissa is pleasantly surprised and decides to give the Knights a few more minutes to work their magic before she works hers.

Back to the Battle of the Bands, Kurt, Clubber and Uriah prepare to dump the contents of their sabotage vat in front of the wind machine while Alchemy continues to sing on stage. Hay Lin approaches Eric, trying to stop him from joining the gang. But he tells her he knows what he's doing, and turns the fan around, causing the tuna surprise to splat all over Uriah, Kurt and Clubber. We resume the battle on the roof, where hate waves flow off Will, fuelling Shagon's power. Inside the mental plane, the real Matt is also powerless to defeat his enemy. Shagon gloats: "If she can't stop me, do you really think your fists stand a chance?" Matt regains his confidence as he rematerializes his guitar: "No… wrong weapon."

We then find the Dunnsters replacing Alchemy and the Grumpers on stage. Uriah starts singing Itsy Bitsy Spider over the jeers of his schoolmates. Eric encourages him with a saxophone solo, and Uriah gets into the song, starting to riff with the lyrics, and finally cutting loose punk-style! The crowd cheers as Hay Lin glances wistfully at Eric, musing: "Nothing to worry about with that boy…"

Back in the mental plane, the real Matt deflects one of Shagon's eye-blasts with his guitar. He strums a power-chord which sends Shagon slamming across the limbo, then smiles triumphantly: "Right weapon."

When we cut to Shagon looming over Will on the roof, we suddenly hear him sing with Matt's voice: "Winged Angel from above… Help me find the Will to love." Will's hate waves taper off as recognition washes over her: "That's Matt's voice… That's Matt's song! The one he wrote for me!" She sits up, exclaiming: "It's you, Matt! You're inside Shagon! And I hear you!"

Back inside the mental plane, Matt strikes one more chord; the reverb shattering Shagon to pieces. Still looking like Shagon on the outside, but truly Matt on the inside, he eye-blasts Ember and orders Khor to release Cornelia.

Nerissa, witnessing the scene from the other side of the fold back on Meridian, concludes that the battle is now over: "Time for the Knights' power to serve a higher goal." She raises her Seal and calls out: "Guardians - UNITE!" The Seal starts draining the Knights' mystic energy. Will, Taranee and Cornelia watch as Ember and Tridart's life-force flares away, the flare blocking the girls' view of the fold.

Ember's energy flows through the fold and into a levitating Halinor and Kadma, while Cassidy and Yan Lin absorb Tridart's life-force. Nerissa then drains Shagon and Khor of their powers, closing the fold and leaving behind Matt and Huggles, both now restored to their true forms. Wordlessly, Will rushes to Matt, and they kiss.

Meanwhile, the Dunnsters are wrapping up their act, and it is Wreck's turn to take the stage. Matt arrives just in time, much to the relief of Nigel, who asks: "Where have you been?" Matt smiles: "Finding my will to rock. Speaking of which: we're doing The Will to Love." The band performs much to the audience's delight, Matt singing his heart out as he looks lovingly down at Will: "Then everything changes… She's there. Life rearranges. Winged angel from above helped me find the Will, the Will to love…"

Irma happily asides to Martin: "For once, it looks like the battle goes to the good guys." But unbeknownst to her, on Meridian, the rejuvenated C.HY.K.N. are standing in Guardian form, and Nerissa gets the last word: "The battle… has only just begun."



"The Demon in Me" (Lyrics by Jon Weisman)

Didn't know why I couldn't fly Didn't want to be stuck on the ground I wanted to soar across the sky But something was holding me down

What had me cower in fear? What was it I couldn't see? The answer near, but so unclear I was fighting the demon in me

The demon in me The demon in me The battle weird, over all that I feared I was fighting the demon in me

He fell on me when I was weak Made me feel so lazy and dumb He talked to me deep in my sleep My mind and my soul overcome

I started to just let him win I decided to just let it be It was up to me not to give in I was trapped by the demon in me

The demon in me The demon in me My head in a spin, my strength wearing thin I was trapped by the demon in me

Asked myself, what did I want? Kick back or just go for broke? My dreams continued to haunt I'd get close – then the demon said choke

Somehow you gotta step up Stop buying excuses for free So I went face-to-face, laid claim to my space And rocked the demon…

The demon in me The demon in me I recovered my spark, got free of the dark And I rocked the demon in me The demon in me I rocked the demon in me…

"I'm Somebody Too" (Lyrics by Jon Weisman)

Oooooh, yeah… You think all I do Is pay attention to you Sure it's true I care But you're so unaware

I build up myself More than just my health… Yeah! I like what I see I glory in me

Hear what I say Be you I pray But it's about time you knew That I'm somebody too

Y'all have your story So sweet or so gory Whether dull or bling bling I'm sure it's fascinating

But talk ain't so cheap When you sow but don't reap I bloom like the lotus And you're gonna notice

Hear what I say Be you I pray But it's 'bout time you knew I'm somebody too

Anyone can be a critic But doncha be so Narci- Narcissistic

Hear what I say Be you I pray But it's about time you knew That I'm somebody too!

"The Itsy Bitsy Spider" (Lyrics adapted by Greg Weisman)

The Itsy Bitsy Spider climbed up the waterspout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain. And the Itsy Bitsy Spider climbed up the spout again.

Oh, that Itsy Bitsy Spider… he was really small. He climbed that spout… so that he could feel… tall. Down came that rain… dude, it was really… wet. And that spider thought that climb was something to… regret. Yeah.

He was washed away… washed away… washed away… He was washed away… washed away… washed away… He was washed away… washed away… washed away…

But the sun came out and put a hurtin' on the rain. The spider was cool. Dry and feelin' no pain. So dude, be like Spider and take it to that spout. Climb again, cause, babe, climbin's what it's all about.

And don't get washed away… washed away… washed away… Don't get washed away… washed away… washed away… Don't get washed away… washed away… washed away…


"The Will to Love" (Lyrics by Greg Weisman)

So many strangers on the street. Yeah, nearly everyone you meet. Can't relate, can't translate, can't create A connection. No.

Easier to keep your distance. Tread the path of least resistance. Don't engage, keep to your cage, stay offstage For protection.

Then everything changes. She's there. Life rearranges. Winged angel from above… Helped me find the Will… the Will to love… The Will to love… The Will to love…

I figured I'd stay on the shelf. Truth be told, didn't trust myself: Always fade, don't make the grade, too afraid Of rejection. Oh…

I didn't think I had the strength To find a girl on my wavelength. Just a runt, always punt. No will to hunt For perfection.

Then everything changes. She's there. Life rearranges. Winged angel from above… Helped me find the Will… the Will to love… The Will to love… The Will to love…

Game's full of surprises. Live our share of compromises. Still when push comes to shove… She's just the Will to love. She's just the Will to love. I found the Will to love.

And everything changes. She's here. Life rearranges. Winged angel from above… She is just the Will… the Will to love. The Will to love… The Will to love… Oh… The Will to love…