Season 2 Episode 19

S is for Self

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 21, 2006 on Toon Disney

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  • this episode was really good, i liked it, it is exactly why i watch this series, i like the story, music was great and i am trying to download it but for doing that i need to be lvl 2 account user...:(

    this episode was really good, i liked it, it is exactly why i watch this series, i like the story, music was great and i am trying to download it but for doing that i need to be lvl 2 account user...:( People how do u expect me to do anything on this page if i am not allowed to download things and watch something while i am online. I want to download some music, song "will to love" and "demon in me" was really good and those are the ones i want to download. work with me people, give me some points. Thank you.
  • Matt defeats Shagon with the power of music.

    this episode was by far the best one i've seen!! The music was really, really good, especially 'the demon in me' because it fit perfectly with Shagon/Matt.
    i loved how Matt defeated Shagon with music, that was so cool. Matt is my favourite character, he and Will are such a cute couple. and Mr. Huggles is really adorable!!
    Yan-lin as a guardian looks so different. her hair is really short, but i think it looks cool :) all their outfits are really different too.
    i loved how at the end they have Matt playing guitar and Will has Mr. Huggles around her neck, and there is a split screen thing. that is so sweet! especially how he wrote the song for her. :)
  • I think a perfect episode.

    This episode was something special...Even if this cartoon is firstly for children it's good to be seen by,lets say "bigger children" . What I really enjoyed at this episode was the music.These melodies rock not only in that world of good vs evil ,but also in our real life..Even the words can fit in either of these two worlds.When Matt gains control over his body remaining his own master,it's very touching and sweet.
    I think it's a special episode with hidden meanings...Will finally finds her long lost love, Matt become himself at last by fighting for what they wanted and for the greater good,like in life...
    All in all this is an episode that deserves a 10.
  • humor: 2/2.5 events: 3/2.5 effects: 2.5/2.5 music: 2.5/2.5 overall: 10

    the humor is averagial: no big jokes, but good quoting, as Yan Lin's altemere's last words before losing her soul to Nerissa. my score: 2 of 2.5.

    great events. how they didn't think about it in the comix i've no idea. reuniting of the CHYKN. but hi, they even didn't give nickname to the former guardians in the comix! my score: 3 of 2.5.

    great music, good subject to some soundtracks of this show. as "Itsy Mitsy Spider" to Miranda, "demon in me" to Matt/Shagon (as someone already did in youtube), and "Will to love", of course. my score: 2.5 of 2.5.

    nice effect- the CHYKN's transformation. there's something weird: the CHYKN said their elements' name before they morphed to guardians forms, and not after, as the WITCH. but it's still great. my score: 2.5 of 2.5.

    maybe one of the best eps. score: 10
  • Matt, coming back, soon, on W.I.T.C.H.. BUT, something even worse is replacing the Knights of Destruction...

    It was time for Nerissa to confess a big secret to Yan Lin, so she paid a visit to her in her dream, and told her that she is an Altermere, created on Mount Thanos, and made her keep quiet about it, since she'll get absorbed back into the Seal where the real Yan Lin is, if she makes a confession to anyone. And on Earth, a competition, the "Battle of the Bands" is open for signing in, for everyone who wants to win... nothing, but still, the competitors are: "Alchemy and the Grumpers" (Alchemy with the Grumper sisters), "The Dunsters" (Uriah with Curt and Clubber, and Eric), and whaddaya know, "Wrack 55" (Nigel and... Matt, or rather Shagon)...
  • by far my favourite episode so far!

    the songs were ace! everything was just pure genius packed into 20 mins of good tv time! i loved the songs so much! they should so release an album with them on cos so many people would buy it! i loved the bit with Will and Matt it was soooo cute! i'm glad he is back aswell! it just hasn't been the same without him! but him as Shagon cos quite good aswell! but now the old guardians are back there is bound to be trouble! i wonder what Hay Lin will say when she finds out! something is seriously wrong with Nerissa! send her into counselling! i know i great therapist! lol! anyway loved it so i'm giving it a 10!!
  • I just love it!!! the end song is great, ad finaly matt is back^^.

    It's the best episode. hay lin has a boyfriend, matt is finaly back, and there is some very good music!!! Specially the song "the will to love" 2 meanings, it's cool!!! At one moment i really thaught that shagon was going to win on matt, and music saves him. And Eric paying the saxo, good idea!!!! we can see rhe power of love ;-) And the end with the old guardiens is also great they are all young again it's weird to see yan lin as young as hay lin lol ^^ they end the episode with they return, so we don't know what is going to happened , but we don't care because matt is back and he plays a so beautiful song!!!!XD
  • Well we may have seen the end of the kights of destruction, but it seems we don't need them anymore.

    Loved this episode. Especially the scenes with Matt and Shagon. And it was nice to get Matt and Mr Huggles back at the end. I look forward to the next few episodes. The ending was also very dramatic, I just love dramatic cliffhangers (I grew up watching classic Doctor Who so can you blame me). Ok, now I need to fill in the last 30 words to get to 100. My favourite bit of the episode, not quite sure what. The band scenes were great and the music was too. Oh and someone manages to sneak my favourite number in there somwhere (42).

  • Plot twists and music galore!

    Why Helloooo Matt! Who knew you could sing so well? The music in this episode is superb! It fits the mood so well, I was almost to tears. And talk about plot twists! There's another big shocker in this episode I never saw coming! I can't wait to see how this season ends!
  • Guardians are great here, Will is the best. I\'m so happy to see Elyon again, of cource she is still a prisoner. Matt and his band rocks!!!

    This is awsome episode! I love Matts song, the best is song for Will. “The Demon in Me” is good to. Just a very good episode. Matt Win the Fight! Wohooo!!! I loved this episode! OK, this is bad Elyon and Yan Lin are prisoners of Nerissa. Everyone just have to see that episode!!! And this is good and bad that old guardians C.H.Y.K.N. are young. That season getter better and better (actually it is always been good). I can\'t wait another episodes.
  • This episode is definitely one of the best this season! You have got to watch it!

    I loved this episode! Matt keeps trying to gain control of his body while Shagon fights him off, but through the entire episode, the way that Matt ends up reaching out is by his music. This episode ROCKED and Matt singing a song for Will was so sweet! If you like episodes with plenty of sarcasm, action, romance, and a surprise ending, this is the episode for you!
  • Great episode! Definitely one of the best so far!

    This episode and O are two of the best this season. It just keeps getting better and better!The Matt vs. Shagon battle was nerve-wracking, but very fun to watch. And even though I'm not too fond of TV-Verse!Matt/Will, I thought the ending with him playing the song he made for her was really adorable! If the next bunch of episodes turns out like this one, we're heading for an amazing season finale!
  • Wow this episode is as cool as O even better SPOILERS

    Not only great music you see what Nerissa did with Yang Lin in epi R also you see Matt battling himself and Will suffering through it til the end .Then you ge to see the whole C.H.Y.K.N. group young as well . Neat This is a fab show and it keeps getter better and better .