Season 1 Episode 13

Stop the Presses

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 23, 2005 on Toon Disney
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Stop the Presses
Phobos is preparing the Ritual of Amalgamation. He needs symbols of Elyon's body, mind, and spirit. Cedric takes her hairbrush, A+ math test, and is trying to take her breath. Meanwhile, Martin catches a glimpse of a special boar-like beast from Meridian that turns invisible when it is angry, causing a big story over the school that ghosts are attacking Sheffield! The girls and Caleb try to capture the baby beast but when the mother beast arrives, things stir up. On top of all this, the only way to keep Martin from staying at the school on stakeout is for Irma to go on a date with him...moreless

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  • But that poem tho..

    - I noticed a lot of goofs and effect mistakes but I must agree that the episode was hilarious. A great concept but I think that they could have handled the pig monster easily.
  • While the others fight off an invisible monster duet, Irma is dating Martin, fighting off his inner geek and the poet's dumb two towels poem...


    - The Ritual of the Amalgamation was an awesome idea with Elyon's Body, Mind and Spirit having to be captured

    - The battle scenes were funny and more enjoyable then the last episode

    - Irma kissing Martin was so unexpected and exciting

    - We get to see Dean Collins, the Grumper sisters, the Geography teacher Kletcher, and Uriah more

    - Great comedy with the poet and the poems about the two tomels and two soaps


    - The concept of those invisible boar creatures was really weird

    - This episode strayed off the Elyon going to Meridian plotline too much

    - Some of the main people acted out of character in some parts of the episodemoreless
  • humor: 3.5/3 effects: 1/3 events: 3/3 overall: 7.5

    besides the effects, this episode is one of the greatest! somehow it\'s not based on specific comix, but the idea is awesome! this is one of the funniest episodes in the show!

    the only bad thing is, the mixed class scene- in the forum we already discussed about this goof, and it looked liked nobody can explain what happened there: Will, Alchemy and Martin, from grade 8, together with Taranee and Hay, from grade 7!

    the haramuny beast first scene is very classic to \"tom & Jerry\" or \"road runner and coyote\" scenes, not to w.i.t.c.h, but they needed humor, and they did it.moreless
  • A pig? Oh come on, seriously now...!

    Since Elyon still isn't in Meridian where she should be, Phobos is gathering three symbols representing her body, mind, and spirit to lower her resistance to crossing the Veil, but the girls still can't tell her who she is, because they don't know her reaction. Meanwhile, something strange is going on at the school...
Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum

Baby Beast

Guest Star

Tracy Martin

Tracy Martin


Guest Star

Courtney Peldon

Courtney Peldon


Guest Star

Cam Clarke

Cam Clarke

Dean Collins

Recurring Role

Byrne Offutt

Byrne Offutt


Recurring Role

Tracy Martin

Tracy Martin


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • This episode marks the first time in the series that Irma has dressed feminine as opposed to her usual tomboyish style.

    • Goof: When the girls are trying to get Irma to go into the classroom to ask Martin out on a date you see in the next scene that Will, Cornelia, Hay Lin and Caleb are wearing different outfits than before Irma went into the classroom.

    • Goof: When Taranee tells Irma someday the world may know about her dating sacrifice, and Irma replies "or not", Taranee's mouth moves, but not Irma's.

    • Goof: When we see halls covered in the monster's purple slime, we see it spraying a lot less of the stuff when it's actually running around the halls of the school.

    • Goof: When Cornelia transforms in the alley, she is wearing her pink skirt; however, up to that scene, she was wearing pants.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Taranee: And one day, Irma, the world may know the dating sacrifice you made!
      Irma: Or not!

    • Hay Lin: Listen you guys! He wants his mommy.
      Will: Yeah, well they can have a dysfunctional family reunion on the other side.

    • Hay Lin: Oh, that smells soooo good! I didn't have dinner.
      Cornelia: Shhh, or you'll be dinner.

    • Irma: Hey, Elyon. What are you doing here?
      Elyon: Oh, I help out in the store sometimes. How about you?
      Irma: Who me? Oh, I'm just here because, uh, the thing is…
      Martin (cutting her off): We're dating.
      Irma: Oh no, we are not!
      Martin: Oh, then I better get back to school.
      Irma: Okay, we're dating!

    • Poet: Two towels, two towels. One for my face, one for the face I show the world. Which is wetter? And which is better? Aha! Two towels.
      Martin: Wasn't that great?
      Irma: Yeah, better than the one about the two soaps.

    • Cornelia: I never thought I'd say this, but I envy Irma.

    • Will (about Hermaneutibeast): Now we drop it in the portal, I close it up...
      Cornelia: ...and we're home in time to shower in disinfectant.
      Hay Lin: Oh, I'll kinda miss the little guy.
      (mother Hermaneutibeast roars)
      Caleb: Apparently so did its mother.

    • Yan Lin: So, little Passling?
      Blunk: Elyon go school, then go home. Then Blunk see scary strange person.
      Yan Lin: Yes?
      Blunk: Reflection Blunk in window!

    • Hay Lin: Caleb watched the school all night; nothing. I guess even a crazy destructo-pig has to sleep!

    • Hay Lin (about Hermaneuta beast): Oh, can we keep it?
      Cornelia: Sure, let's be Guardians of the Veil and raise a wild, slimy invisible pig!

    • Martin: Exclusive story! School ghosts! Photos to come!
      Taranee: Martin, I told you, that's called air conditioning.

    • Bess Grumper: Okay, this is really big.
      Courtney Grumper: Greta Moreno wore her blue plaid skirt twice this week!
      Taranee: Okay, that's not exactly a story.
      Irma: Oh, print it and let's go!

    • Hay Lin: Someone needs to keep an eye on Elyon. Someone who doesn't go to school or work or have anything important to do.
      Blunk: Blunk do stakeout, tail suspect, report HQ. All for low, low fee.
      (Hay Lin hands him a biscuit. He stuffs it in his mouth.)
      Blunk: Fee deposited. Blunk on case.
      Cornelia: Oh yeah, you wouldn't let me warn her, but you're letting the wonder-frog watch her!

    • Caleb (does a warrior-like move, kicking over a lamp): Okay, that's five lamps I owe you.
      Yan Lin: Caleb, they were all worthy foes.

    • Irma: Newsflash! I hate my life.

    • Taranee: Journalism's more than just what happened! It's why! Isn't getting to the truth why we joined the school paper?
      Courtney Grumper: We wanted to write about clothes.
      Uriah: I got detention. It was this or clean toilets.
      Irma: Is that job still open?

    • Collins: Taranee and Irma, consider yourself the paper's new editors!
      Irma: Evenings and weekends at school! Okay, could it get any worse?
      Martin: Greetings, Madame boss! Now we can be together all the time!

    • Will: Hey, Mr. Collins. Nice newspaper.
      Collins: You really think so? I'm the staff supervisor, you know.
      Hay Lin: Oh, we love it at the restaurant for wrapping fish guts!

    • Elyon: Is our school paper totally lame?
      Irma: What's more than totally?
      Will: "Teacher Parks Too Close to Fire Hydrant, Almost."
      Hay Lin: "Wheat Rolls in Cafeteria: The Untold Story."
      Taranee: And the photos! Look at this picture of a wheat roll.
      Hay Lin: Um, I think that's a teacher. Mr. Collins maybe?
      Taranee: Ooh, Irma, why don't we see if we can help 'em out on the paper?
      Irma: Thanks but I'd rather be stung by bees.
      Cornelia: Speaking of pictures, how about the ones of me?
      Elyon: There aren't any.
      Cornelia: Exactly! And they call this a paper?

    • Irma (jiggles door handle): Uh, hey Martin, do you wuh, wuh; let me try the door again! (jiggles door handle again) Do you wanna go out?
      Martin: Go out? You mean like a date.
      Irma: No, no, definitely not a date.
      Martin: Oh, if it's not a date, then I got to stay here and catch that ghost.
      Irma: Okay, it's a stupid date!
      Martin: Really? (grabs Irma while she's screaming) Oh, this is going to be the greatest night of our lives, you'll see!
      Will: It's guardian time!

    • Martin (to Uriah): You set this whole thing up, you...you cad! (to the girls) Oh, pardon my language, ladies.

  • NOTES (2)