Season 1 Episode 23

The Battle of Meridian Plains

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jul 25, 2005 on Toon Disney

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  • The baddies find the Infinite City, the guardians fight a lake energy-water monster called the Kaithim, the citizens' water supplies are drained, Drake saves the day, and the Battle of Meridian Plains is on!


    - I really loved the actual Battle of Meridian Plains in this episode, well done scene

    - All your favorite Meridianite characters appear: Aldarn, Drake, Vathek, Trill, and Miranda

    - Introduction of a cute little character: Blunk's Mama!

    - Cedric finding the Infinite City was well done and I was upset to see Vathek, Aldarn and Julian captured, it is a good thing Drake told Caleb to retreat before they got captured

    - The draining of the water supply was cool with another Gargoyle and those electric spears

    - Neat concept of the energy-water Kaithim monster and great battle scenes against that


    - The actual battle didn't start until later in the episode and as such was rushed

    - The battle against the Kaithim wasn't very well explained with how they defeated it, I mean I understood it but younger folks might

    - Its kind of confusing what the Kaithim exactly is
  • One of the best episodes of season 1, because of all that battling going on!!!

    Phobos is still searching for the rebels, so he sends out Cedric to get some information from the people, but because of their silence, he puts polarite spikes in their wells to drain their water. However, Phobos also found out that the Infinite City exists, but luckily, he still doesn't know where it is. But later, when he did find out about it, the rebels were forced to attack the castle before the right time. Meanwhile, Caleb, who didn't know about the attack, was spying on the castle along with Will, while the other Guardians were "cleaning" the lake from the energy field that was draining it, and while all of that was happening, the battle was beginning...
  • a good lead-in to the finale.....

    since the season finale is 3 episodes away from this one this episode was a good lead in especially the end when Elyon is once again fooled and lyed by Phobos making her capture all of the rebels, the beginning and middle of the episode was just a filler, with the girls trying to defeat the water monster, and the rebels fighting against the monsters of phobos. this was a cliffhanger in a way so i cant wait til next week when they resolve the affects of this episode and in 3 weeks its the season finale "The Final Battle".....