Season 1 Episode 26

The Final Battle

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Aug 17, 2005 on Toon Disney

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  • 1,000 men. Over a hundred children. Their food, belongings and warm clothes were left behind when the city was taken. If they light a fire they have to move camp in case smoke gives away their position. And Phobos's men search for them day and night.


    - I really liked the final battle scenes, there was great action

    - The idea of the rebels using the Abyss of Shadows to get inside the castle and using a bridge between worlds to transport the rebels was awesome and I was impressed

    - When I saw Elyon ask Miranda for help and she laughed at her and transformed into her spider form, I almost cried

    - I really enjoyed the scene where Elyon finally finds out the truth about Phobos

    - Great reappearances for Matt, Miranda, Aldarn, Vathek, Tynar, Drake, Huggles, Trill, Mage, Alborn, Miriadel, Elias, Aketon, Julian and more

    - It was cool to see Cedric be turned into a little snake and Phobos, Cedric and Miranda be finally captured

    - Matt and Blunk both going to Meridian and proving themselves as worthy was a add-on

    - I really enjoyed the scene where Caleb and Cornelia kiss and that fairy-tale romance tune plays

    - It was neat to see that Mister Huggles gave the idea to the guardians

    - The scene at the end with the villagers dancing in the street in a beautiful Meridian made me really happy

    - Elyon helping the guardians finally defeat Phobos using their powers was very well done

    - I smiled deeply when I saw the guards and Tynar joining the rebels to defeat Phobos

    - When the Mage, who I now know why she did this, said now it all begins I shivered with curiousity


    - This episode was rushed, this episode should have been made into two parts with a filler episode like Ghosts of Elyon taken out

    - There was more planning for the battle here than actual battling and we didn't really get to see the rebels fight
  • I absolutely loved it!

    This is the best W.I.T.C.H. episode ever. and, in answer to thetotalnutjob's question as to why Elyon cried at the end it's because, even if he's evil, Phobos is still her brother and she probably hates having to fight him!
    Love that line: ''Goodbye, Phobos. you were never my brother.'' it made my cry. i feel so bad for poor elyon. well, at least Meridian is a happy place again. that's what she wanted all along, right? plus it made me cry when elyon asked miranda for help and she smiled and elyon smiled back and miranda betrayed her. it was so sad, seeing elyon so vulnerable and upset. i enjoyed it though, the battle scenes were great and elyon kicked ass at the end!
  • The final battle for Maridian. Loved it. In fact...

    This was a wonderful episode. The romance between Cornelia and Caleb came to a climax, and Phobos got his just desserts, FINALLY! I LOVED Elyon's little speech. Wonder why she was crying at the end. But anyway, Hay Lin is so good at playing the little sister trademark "I'm going to watch you two kiss", but she got caught. Had to love her little bow and thumbs-up, though. Meridian looked so beautiful at the end, and midget Cedric looked weird and really creepy, like a cockroach in your shower. The Mage's 'so...now it all begins...' was ultra-scary. Course, she WAS Nerissa, and Nerissa is the queen of creepy, so I shoudln't be surprised.
  • events: 3/3 effects: 3/3 humor: 2/3 overall: 8/10

    grand finala! well, the main events based on 2 comixes, but they complicatized them. instead of Phobos taking Elyon's powers by the Light Crown, he does it with the throne. the throne looked like electric chair in those moments- with spikes. in the episode the guardians didn't success to arrive to Elyon before the coronation, as happened in the comix. there they made an Elyon's astral drop to convince her about Phobos's "good" thoughts. here they arrive too late- the coronation and de-powering already started. here the good citizerns aren't appearing in the coronation- only the bad guys. in the comix they appear- and become angry on Phobos because what he did to "Elyon".
  • This is what we've been waiting for this whole season: the final battle between W.I.T.C.H. and Phobos...

    Phobos no longer has to lie to his little sister, because her powers have finally reached their peek and he can drain them all. Elyon's coronation party is closing in, and Caleb still hasn't figured out how to get his army across the Meridian plains without being seen by the guards. Mr. Huggles, the doormouse Matt gave Will can't stay at Will's house, or Irma's, so Hay Lin's family restaurant is the only place he can stay in, so Hay Lin brought food for him. Will and Irma felt sorry they couldn't keep him, so they took him in their arms, when Blunk said he could keep him, but actually eat him. Will took Mr. Huggles back to the cage, when an idea struck them: the doormouse used a tube to get back into the cage, so Hay Lin wondered how it's a pity the rebel army doesn't have anything like that to sneak into the castle without being seen, that maybe they could build something like that. So Caleb had an idea to open portals into the Meridian castle, bringing the army safely in...
  • This episode was very well writen, I laughted when Matt didn\'t realize what he was getting himself in to.

    Even though they switched the series around, and Matt found out tooo early, it was pretty good. I just wished they had added the part where Elyon was a villan, and Caleb turned into a flower, I mean how can you not want to see Corny weaping over caleb, it\'s a lovers peace that is a clasic.
    But besides that it was good, just wish they stuck more to the books and comics a little more, and that they had all the powers they had, but still the episode desevers an A- or a 9 any way you rate it.
  • Could have been better.

    Even though this was the season finale and it was good there were many things wrong with this episode. It ended this saga in a good way such as the return of Elyon and Cornelia and Caleb kissing. The bad thing was that most of the episode was getting ready for the final battle instead of the Final Battle itself! This would have made a great two-parter, have this as part one and Part 2 as the battle. Even though it was way to short the battle with Phobos was awesome but would have been better if it was longer. Overall, this is a good episode but it could have been twice as better with less talk and more battle.
  • Best ever

    This was the best episode of any show I have ever watched. This is the fourth appearance The Mage. She first appeared in A Service to the Community. The Mage is also seen in The Stone of Threbe. The Mage once again helps by teaching Caleb the melody used to break the spell cast by the Horn of Hypnos in Walk This Way. Her final appearance for season 1 is in this episode when she becomes the warden of Phobos, Cedric, Miranda, and the Lurdens. It was my favorite and like I said before the best ever so far in this season.
  • Will\'s debut

    this is the second time you actually see Will using her poers, apart from being the Keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar. Only in the first and last episodes do you see her use her powers. Compared to the comic, her powers are ultimately crap. i feel sorry for her, and at least its shown that she is something more than the Keeper of the Heart
  • This episode was a melting pot of different events and emotions. This is what i call a real series finale.

    A ruler with an evil plot, a secret that shocked many, & warriors from Meridian to fight evil. Will, Irma, Taranee, Corneilia, and Hay Lin have fought long and hard since they attatined their powers battling evil and now its finally coming to an end. With the help of Caleb's men, the guardians will battle against Phobos, the ruler of Meridian. This is one battle in the show you don't want to miss.
  • a very good episode for the end of The Meridian Arc.....

    well, lets see, i liked this episode alot, especially when Corny and Caleb kiss *aww*, im glad everything worked out between The Guradians and Elyon, the battle between SuperPhobos and the Guardians sucked because (a) he barely got to use the powers he drained from Elyon & (b) the "final" battle was only 1 minute and a half, and phobos was defeated easily, and also why in the world did the heart of candracar suddenly respond to Elyon, its not like shes the keeper, overall this was a pretty decent episode but it would of been great if it was a two-parter, ima give this episode 7.5 as my score i would of put 9.0 but because of the confusion and fast-pacing of this episode i gave it a 7.5! well thats it...
  • ^^i real enjoin it alot^^. even thoe it was quicky. i can understand that,But anyway well play ^^hehe i even made sure i record it.

    ^^i real enjoin it alot^^. even thoe it was quicky. i can understand that,But anyway well play ^^hehe i even made sure i record it.the who thing was kool the four head drago.forgive my spelling.haha.and the kiss beween C and C,priceless.but the ending was great,.where she said "now it begins:
  • Oh my God! Finally an epsiode that doesn't make me want to kill one of the characters. This has to be one of the best W.I.T.C.H. episodes ever! Elyon: You were never my brother.

    It was great. Elyon came to her senses when she found out she was being duped. I was really frustrated with her all this time for being so easily misled, but now she knows who's good and who's not. Still, I kinda wish they had killed Phobos. The scene at the end made me uneasy - he's just sitting there as calmly was you please and I know The Mage is up to something. Guess we'll just have to wait until season two to see where they go from here. I hope Elyon will still be in it, for combined with the Guardians, they prove to be unstoppable.
  • This is it! It's the Guardians and the rebellion vs. Phobos, one more time, for all the marbles!

    Well, after 6 1/2 months, 25 episodes, and countless battles, it all comes down to this one episode.

    In this finale, the Guardians and Caleb make out the battle plans for Elyon's coronation, scheduled to take place the next day. But, Phobos (who while being pretty weak in battle, as we'll see later, does have a large sized brain) pushes the ceremony ahead. Elyon ends up trapped in her throne, and even her "friend" Miranda shows her true colors.

    Meanwhile, back on Earth, Cornelia senses her friend is in grave danger, and warns the gang that there's been an abrupt change of plans. So, the Guardians rush off to Elyon's rescue (but not before the long-awaited Cornelia/Caleb kiss scene!).

    Meanwhile, Phobos has drained the majority of Elyon's power, and then does away with his snakey servant Cedric. But, even then, it's not enough, as Phobos is quickly, painfully (and rather hurridely) defeated by the home team. Everyone gets involved (the Guardians, the guards, Elyon, MATT, who is just coming off the events of the previous episode, and yes, even Blunk), and Meridian is transformed back into the splendorous world it once was.

    The episode ends with a rather cryptic message by the mysterious mage from "Service to the Community" and "The Stolen Heart", saying "It Begins". What does it all mean? Stay tuned to find out!

    My take: I agree with the previous two reviewers. The final battle was way too rushed. They could've easily fit in a second episode for all that was expected to happen.

    That said, it was still a great end to a wonderful season. We got the long-awaited Cornelia/Caleb kiss, and all ended happily. As for the mage at the end: Well, who knows? Is it Nerissa, the villian of season 2, or could it be some other bad guy? My guess is that we need not worry about her. After all, she has helped the Guardians from time to time. I think she's on the level.

    It's been an awesome ride. Season 2 should be just as wild. See ya on the forums!
  • A great finale to the series.

    I thought this episode had a great plot. It had everything that I was waiting for to happen.

    It could have been longer though, it seemed a bit rushed. But it was still really good.

    Well, she did it. Cornelia finally had the guts to kiss Caleb. I almost screamed when it happened.

    The only thing I didn't understand was the last line of the episode. I guess I'll just have to wait 'till next season! I can't wait!
  • Great episode.

    There is FINALLY a lip kiss, between Cornelia and Caleb. I was squealing, so louding.

    This episode was a little too quick paced. It could have been a two-part episode, and made the fight scene better. It was really hurried. It was a really great plot, and could have been way better if the plot had been given more time. I actually think they could have taken the last two episodes and made this it a two hour movie, or less, hadd they made this a two-part type thing.

    Anyways, I still like the episode, and I sqealed when Elyon joined the guardians. I think the whole defeat of Phobos could have been better, had they done my suggestion of making it a two part episode, or something like that.

    Anyways, I did like it, dont get me wrong. You have to watch it anyways, without it... well you would be left with many questions. I also found that this episode kind of skipped Irma and Taranee. You wouldn't fine many lines from them, but Hay Lin has a descent enough size, and Cornelia and Will had the most of the guardians. Even Alyon had more then Taranee and Irma. I find myself really angry that they don't have an episode on Irma and Taranee. They forget them too much. They are the coolest characters, after all...

    This episode had me thinking it was the end, the end, with no more, but when that old lady said that it was the begining I was all like Woah. I cant wait for the next season. It is the end of the season... right? It would be the perfect time for one the end of the season, as much as I would rather it wouldn't.
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