Season 1 Episode 26

The Final Battle

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Aug 17, 2005 on Toon Disney

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    grand finala! well, the main events based on 2 comixes, but they complicatized them. instead of Phobos taking Elyon's powers by the Light Crown, he does it with the throne. the throne looked like electric chair in those moments- with spikes. in the episode the guardians didn't success to arrive to Elyon before the coronation, as happened in the comix. there they made an Elyon's astral drop to convince her about Phobos's "good" thoughts. here they arrive too late- the coronation and de-powering already started. here the good citizerns aren't appearing in the coronation- only the bad guys. in the comix they appear- and become angry on Phobos because what he did to "Elyon".