Season 1 Episode 26

The Final Battle

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Aug 17, 2005 on Toon Disney

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  • 1,000 men. Over a hundred children. Their food, belongings and warm clothes were left behind when the city was taken. If they light a fire they have to move camp in case smoke gives away their position. And Phobos's men search for them day and night.


    - I really liked the final battle scenes, there was great action

    - The idea of the rebels using the Abyss of Shadows to get inside the castle and using a bridge between worlds to transport the rebels was awesome and I was impressed

    - When I saw Elyon ask Miranda for help and she laughed at her and transformed into her spider form, I almost cried

    - I really enjoyed the scene where Elyon finally finds out the truth about Phobos

    - Great reappearances for Matt, Miranda, Aldarn, Vathek, Tynar, Drake, Huggles, Trill, Mage, Alborn, Miriadel, Elias, Aketon, Julian and more

    - It was cool to see Cedric be turned into a little snake and Phobos, Cedric and Miranda be finally captured

    - Matt and Blunk both going to Meridian and proving themselves as worthy was a add-on

    - I really enjoyed the scene where Caleb and Cornelia kiss and that fairy-tale romance tune plays

    - It was neat to see that Mister Huggles gave the idea to the guardians

    - The scene at the end with the villagers dancing in the street in a beautiful Meridian made me really happy

    - Elyon helping the guardians finally defeat Phobos using their powers was very well done

    - I smiled deeply when I saw the guards and Tynar joining the rebels to defeat Phobos

    - When the Mage, who I now know why she did this, said now it all begins I shivered with curiousity


    - This episode was rushed, this episode should have been made into two parts with a filler episode like Ghosts of Elyon taken out

    - There was more planning for the battle here than actual battling and we didn't really get to see the rebels fight