Season 1 Episode 17

The Mogriffs

Aired Monday 8:30 PM May 23, 2005 on Toon Disney
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The Mogriffs
Phobos sends shapeshifting monsters into Meridian to pose as and discredit the Guardians so Elyon will lose what little trust she has left in her friends. While the real Guardians do battle with the evil twins, Cornelia and Caleb try to persuade Elyon that Phobos only wants her for her power, but she won't listen. Caleb, however, does something to shake Elyon's faith in her new brother: he bows to her. Unnerved by this, Elyon is starting to suspect that Phobos is not telling her everything.moreless

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  • Cornelia creates an Astral Drop, Elyon meets Miranda, Mogriffs impersonate the castle, you know, the usual...


    - One of my favorite characters, Miranda, finally appears in the series after being shortchanged in the previous two episodes

    - After disappearing for a bunch of episodes, Aldarn finally returns, Matt is mentioned, and we see Cornelia's Astral Drop

    - I loved the part of this episode where Phobos uses the mogriffs to impersonate the guardians and trick Elyon

    - Great scene at the pet shop and I really enjoyed when Caleb bowed to Elyon, making her wonder a bit


    - Cornelia already had an episode for herself a couple episodes back, she shouldn't be the focus of attention

    - The battle scenes agains the mogriffs at the end were kind of rushed and not to much enjoyable, but still goodmoreless
  • events: 3/3 effects: 2.5/3 humor: 1/3 overall: 6.5/10

    nice episode. great idea of imposters. could be more intresting if the mogriffs could de-transform to the guardians' kids form, and frame them on crimes in Heatherfield.

    the part that Cornelia goes to Meridian alone just to talk with Elyon based on comix #7, but there Elyon agreed to talk, and the other guardians came to help Cornelia- not the contrary. there Vathek became good guy for the first time, and he took Cornelia to Meridian by the portal that in "ye olde books". here Cornelia found portal by herself.

    Will almost killed when her mogriff dropped her to the ground...moreless
  • Wow, even doppelgangers now... Man, that jerk Phobos...!

    Cornelia is very upset because Elyon is in Meridian, and she wants to see her, but Will doesn't let her, so Cornelia steals the Heart and the map showing active portals. She also leaves behind an astral drop, and then she goes to Meridian and disguises herself as a castle worker to move through the castle freely, but Elyon captures her. When the other girls found out about this through Cornelia's astral drop, they went to save her, but Phobos was waiting for them with a surprise... A doppelganger surprise...moreless
  • Banging episode

    I loved it! I can't belive that Cornelia would tief the Heart of Kandrakar to go all the way to Meridian to get imprisoned. The funny bit was when they were fighting the Mogriffs and they mashed up those creatures! Will gave me jokes when she grabbed the Mogriff and swung it round, I probably would have done the same. I felt that Elyon is subject to her brother,and she should have taken more control over herself, instead of being ruled by Phobos and Cedric.moreless
Mitchell Whitfield

Mitchell Whitfield


Guest Star

Liza Del Mundo

Liza Del Mundo

Hay Lin Mogriff

Guest Star

Christel Khalil

Christel Khalil

Cornelia Mogriff/Cornelia Astral Drop

Guest Star

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: When Cornelia is looking for Elyon in the palace, she is nearly hit by a monster who opens the door she is next to. The scene eventually pans out to show the entire hallway and now Cornelia is far away from the door and suddenly there's a Lurden guard posted next to it.

    • Goof: During the mogriff battle, Caleb throws a hand-axe at the Irma mogriff and she lunges at him. In the next shot, it is the Will mogriff that lashes out at him.

    • Goof: In the earlier episode, "Ghosts of Elyon", Cornelia's portrait in Elyon's sketch-book was torn apart. In this episode the picture is back in one piece.

    • Nitpick: In It Resumes, Phobos senses the presence of the Heart of Kandrakhar as soon Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin sneak into the castle. But in The Mogriffs, he doesn't, and only when he sees the other Guardians not transforming does he understand that Cornelia has the Heart.

    • Goof: Both Cornelia and her astral drop applied lipstick at school, but they're not seen wearing lipstick again for the remainder of the episode (except when the real Cornelia transforms into Guardian mode).

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Cornelia (to the Cornelia Mogriff): Ew, get a face!

    • Caleb: Blunk, light?
      (Blunk throws a puny flashlight to Caleb.)
      Caleb: Bigger light?
      (Blunk leaps to a chandelier and swings it to within Caleb's grasp.)

    • Caleb (enters with the Cornelia Astral Drop): Cornelia's gone to Meridian to confront Elyon! This isn't her!
      Cornelia Astral Drop: I like shopping! (idiotic giggle)
      Hay Lin: That's her Astral Drop? (Cornelia Astral Drop waves goodbye and vanishes) Oops! I forgot when you say that, they go away.

    • Caleb: Cornelia, do you know where I can get more trashcan lids? They make great shields.
      Cornelia Astral Drop: And you are? Wait, wait, wait.
      (She pulls out an index card to look for the answer but Caleb snatches it away from her.)
      Caleb (reading): "Caleb: real cute boy that you like, but he doesn't know, so don't say anything."
      (flattered) Really? (snaps out of it) Wait a second, you're not Cornelia!

    • Blunk (spooked): Scary noises!
      Caleb (sarcastic): It's probably your stomach from all the crackers.

    • Blunk: Blunk here! Brought crackers for birdie.
      Caleb (turns the bag upside down and crumbs pour out): It's empty!
      Blunk (sheepish): Blunk get hungry too.

    • Taranee (repulsed by giant spider): Ewww!
      Irma: Taranee/Tarantula; You could be related.

    • Irma: Hey, where y'all going?
      Cornelia: Pet Store. I'm getting Caleb's bird-thing some seed.
      Irma: Caleb has a bird?
      Taranee: He traded Blunk a flashlight for it.
      Cornelia: It's not exactly a bird; more like a tape recorder with wings.
      Hay Lin: Ah, when a girl gets seed for her boy's bird, I call it love!
      Irma: Hmmmm, it takes all of you to go buy pet food?
      Will: Did you know Matt's grandfather owns the pet store? And, you know...(pretend casual)…sometimes, Matt stops by...
      Hay Lin/Taranee/Cornelia/Irma (giggling): Oh, Matt, that explains it!

  • NOTES (1)