Season 1 Episode 15

The Mudslugs

Aired Monday 8:30 PM May 07, 2005 on Toon Disney
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The Mudslugs
Elyon seems to have adjusted to her new life as the Princess of Meridian, living in Phobos' castle, although she is still under the illusion that Phobos has created. Meanwhile, Cornelia gets so upset about losing Elyon to Cedric and Phobos that she quits being the Earth Guardian. Phobos uses this to his advantage to pull a 'divide and conquer' move on Will, Irma, Taranee and Hay Lin.moreless

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  • Didn't know that Cornelia was so powerful..

    - At this point I'm really disliking Elyon. She's like 'I can't believe Cornelia has forgotten me so quickly' yet she went to Meridian with no thinking.

    - I liked how the episode showed that Cornelia has great power. the mudslug idea wasn't the best and I badly wanted to see the deleted scenes with Miranda.
  • While Cornelia quits the team, Elyon acts so dumb as she can't figure out the illusion and evil Meridian Mudslugs are attacking...


    - We really get to see more depth in the character of Cornelia

    - Uriah, Chris and Alchemy make great reappearances and show more of their character too

    - The battle scenes were hilarious and there were some great lines in this episode

    - It was nice to see how they kept the episode gross by having frog and worm dissections and the mudslugs

    - This episode has to do with drama and character development which is great especially since I am a writer


    - Elyon didn't get enough screentime considering she is now a major character

    - The scenes of the introduction of one of my favorite characters, Miranda, was cut off

    - To be honest, I didn't really like the idea of mudslugs, although the battle scenes were sweetmoreless
  • Hahaha, Cornelia finally gets what she deserves: nice little mudslugs in her face. But Will... That's not funny...!

    Now that Elyon is in Meridian, Phobos's only concern are the rebels and the Guardians. So, he sends out monstrous mudslugs after the girls, because Cornelia is scared of them, plus, she's also in argument with Will for not telling Elyon about Meridian. However, without Cornelia, the girls have no chance against the mudslugs...
  • great episoe but haylin is so gross

    I can see why Cornelia would quit it’s not like protecting a world most of my peers don’t know about is easy and my best friend leaving forever would really push me over the edge. Will must be super embarrassed after Matt caught her dancing outside his garage, I would have died. But I you see Haylin find the horn in a garbage can an putting it straight into her mouth, who does that, it’s not like sticking your hand in a place blunk would call home bad enough but your mouth, no wonder she had no date to the dance.moreless
  • Definitely different. I mean, who expected Cornelia to quit? And then the girls powers are weakened. Then, when they are trying to find a way to get Cornelia back, there attacked by mudslugs. Then, right when things are way, way down. Cornelia pulls off amoreless

    It all started with one fight. Cornelia and Will get in a fight, and boom, cornelia quits. And then the remaining guardians and Caleb are attacked by Mudslugs, and without Cornelia, they are weaker. They come off the wrong end of fight, and barely manage to get away! All the while, Cornelia is at another girls house listening to some seriously depressing music. Unfortunately, the mudslugs are catching on to her to. Will (with a little help from The Heart of Candracar) breaks into the radio broadcast of the station Cornelia is listening to, and does an on air apology. Cornelia (Ms. Sucker for a Rsdio Dedication) accepts the apology, and goes off to find her friends.

    Then the rest of the girls, abd Caleb and Blunk, find the Mama Mudslug. And just as Will is saying they don't have enought power to win, who shows up? Cornelia of course. They transform and start fighting, but Cornelia steals the show by trapping the giant mudslug inside a giant earth ring, and throwing back through the portal. And thats are show. Guardians 10, Phobos 0. Definitly a 10/10 on a show score.moreless
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Susan Silo


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: Early on in the episode, we can see Will in her Guardian outfit sitting at Sheffield in the third row left of the classroom.

    • Goof: When Hay Lin is saving Taranee from falling with her power over air she is wearing a different outfit than what she was wearing the entire episode, but then when Taranee falls on Hay Lin she is back to her normal outfit.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Will (about baby mudslugs): How are they coming towards us? They don't even have eyes!
      Caleb: They don't need eyes. Did Elyon have anything of yours when she crossed the Veil?
      Irma: She had one of my CDs, but I don't think they're going to eat Boyzilla!

    • Uriah (about dissection): It's frogs today! Yucky, slimy, stretchy frogs, woo-hoooo!
      Will (to Cornelia): I'll do yours if you want. You can pretend you're sick.
      Cornelia: Hey, I won't be pretending!

    • Cornelia: So, what's the score?
      Irma: We're down one in overtime.
      Will: If only we could move the portal.
      Cornelia (about Mudslug): We can do the next best thing. Distract him!
      Hay Lin: It's a her.
      Cornelia: Ew, whatever.

    • Taranee: I thought I was freaked before but it turns out I was just semi-freaked, because now I am freaky-freaked!

    • Will: KDRIP's pre-recorded. It's the same songs every night from 6 to 10. After this comes, My heart breaks for Ya, then My heart aches for Ya.
      Irma: You actually know this?
      Will: Sappy music goes perfect with being grounded.
      Caleb: We can break in the building and patch into the signal!
      Irma: With what? Our shoelaces and some gum?

    • Taranee: What do mother slugs eat?
      Irma (in hopeful tone): Fresh fruit?
      Caleb: Uh, she's more of a people person.

    • Taranee (seeing giant Mudslugs): Eww! Couldn't we just call an exterminator?
      Irma: Or, like, a really large bird?

    • Will (about dissection): You have to though, it's twenty percent of our grade!
      Cornelia: I don't do slimy.
      Will: Earth to Cornelia. This is an earthworm and you're the Earth Guardian!

    • Caleb: I just saw Cornelia. She's hiding out listening to girl music.
      Yan Lin: Oh, she just needs some time.
      Caleb: She needs better taste in music!

    • Cornelia: This "protecting-the-Veil" thing is becoming really un-fun.
      Irma: Cornelia, it's not an after school activity! It's our responsibility to answer the call of duty.
      Cornelia: Well, duty can lose my phone number!

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode was originally scripted to mark Miranda's debut. However, the two Meridian scenes where she was supposed to appear and be introduced to Elyon had to be cut because of episode length.


    • The Mudslugs are similar to another fictional race of monsters called Graboids, which originated from the 1990 film Tremors. Like Mudslugs, Graboids are also sightless subterranean creatures that use tentacles to hunt and capture their prey. A full-grown Mudslug is about 3-4 times the size of a full-grown Graboid.