Season 1 Episode 24

The Rebel Rescue

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Aug 01, 2005 on Toon Disney
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The Rebel Rescue
Caleb and Blunk attempt to sneak into the castle and free all the rebels captured in the Battle of Meridian Plains but Cedric's men chase them and Blunk is left behind. Looking for the Passling, Caleb and the guardians find and save a castle guard named Tynar, who was wounded in battle and left for dead by Cedric. When Tynar sees Earth and the girls' concern for his recovery, he switches loyalties and guides them through the complex passageways into the dungeons where the rebels are being held. Meanwhile, Taranee is bit by a Morpion and sleeps for 24 hours and Matt gives Will a dormouse named Mister Huggles.moreless

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  • Miranda is a spider monster, Caleb and Blunk are being chased by a moat monster, the rebels are freed, Tynar goes to Earth, and Will kisses Matt!


    - One of my favorite characters, Miranda, not only appears, but her true spider form debuts too

    - I liked the idea of Tynar going to Earth and helping the rebels, if he didn't exist the final battle would be much harder

    - Loved the scene at the end: Will kissing Matt

    - Mister Huggles appears for the first time, and Aldarn, Vathek, Julian and the Morpians reappear

    - Nice subplot of Taranee getting bit by a Morpian and sleeping a day

    - Great comedy spread throughout this episode and we are getting closer to the coronation

    - Caleb calls Blunk his friend


    - The scenes where Caleb and Blunk search for the rebels was a little tedious

    - There wasn't enough action and Elyon is starting to get on my nerves

    - Some of the scenes were a little boring but not too badmoreless
  • this episode is quite mainly about will and matt with mr huggles and the rescue of the rebels [obviously]

    we can finally get an episode almost entirely about Will! sorry, but she is my favourite character of the entire show!

    [ you see, i have a thing for main characters and if there is more than 1 main character then the leader or main, main character is probably my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]

    i like the the idea of wills relationship growing and it does show a bit of c+c relationscip [ caleb and corny [ cornelia, but corny is a funny name! ], as if you didn't already know that ] and i like the way that mr. huggles came in; a pet gift from matt, and not both finding and saving it but mattt's grandad's store being busy and will taking it [ comic book ]moreless
  • Very close to the finale... And in the mean time, "another great installment"!

    Caleb and Blunk are breaking into the prison where the rebels are held captive. Blunk distracted the beast in the swamp, while Caleb raised the gate leading to the sewer passageway underneath the dungeons. They succeeded in that part of the mission, but they soon got lost in the sewer mazes, so they had to withdraw, but at the portal, Cedric and his troops caught Blunk, but luckily atleast Caleb escaped. He brought the Guardians, and now they all had to free the rebels, and find Blunk. However, they found him right behind the portal, along with an injured castle guard, so they all retrieved again. On Earth, Tynar, the guard, decided to help the girls break into the castle, so, Taranee, Tynar, Caleb, and Blunk went to save the rebels, and the others attacked the castle to distract the guards. However, Taranee's group succeeded, but Will's didn't, Elyon captured them...moreless
  • A wonderful episode!

    This episode of W.I.T.C.H was terrific! It had everything: humor, romance, action, excitement, and an ending that will make you eager to see what the next episode will hold! Not only was this episode nicely written, but it also took the relationship between Will & Matt to a whole new level.

Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum


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Loren Lester


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Susan Silo

Susan Silo


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Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


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Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Susan Vandom

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Loren Lester

Loren Lester


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    • Will(about dormouse): My mom wouldn't let me keep him so Irma watched him, and then she got super attached so I couldn't take him back, but I couldn't tell you 'cause, well…
      Matt: 'Cause you like me? Wow, I can't believe I just said that!
      Will: And I can't believe I'm going to do this...(leans in and kisses Matt)

    • Blunk (swimming in moat): Blunk not like water!
      Caleb: Is that why you haven't showered in ten years? I need you Blunk. You're an important part of this plan. See that metal gate? I'll raise it while you keep him busy.
      Blunk: Keep busy who?
      (Caleb tosses Blunk in the direction of an enormous moat creature which opens its mouth to swallow him)
      Caleb (referring to moat creature): Him. Good luck, you can do it!
      Blunk: This not plan! This menu!

    • Will: How did you do on the science test?
      Cornelia: Oh, like I can think about the universe expanding or shrinking or whatever it's doing when Caleb might be in trouble!

    • Will: It's Matt! How do I look?
      Cornelia: Boystruck.
      Will: I don't want to look boystruck! I want to look casual!
      Cornelia (walking away): Oh well, good luck with that.

    • Matt: I got you something. I hope you don't mind. It sorta reminded me of you.
      (Matt gives her a box revealing a dormouse.)
      Will: Oh! It's so cute! Wait – are you saying I'm cute or that I have a facial hair issue?
      Matt: I have something else for you, too. Close your eyes, 'kay?
      (Will closes her eyes, expecting a kiss, but Matt places a bag in her hands and she reluctantly opens her eyes again.)
      Will (major disappointment): Oh! Rodent Chow. Thanks…

    • Will: Ooh, I forgot math tutorial, four o'clock. I'm such a total cheese brain!
      Taranee: Hmm, can't argue with that.

    • Caleb: Were you making shadow puppets with my flashlight again?
      Blunk: Blunk learn excellent birdie!

    • Will (about dormouse): Thanks for helping out, Irma. If I gave him back, it'd really hurt Matt's feelings.
      Irma: He'll be a lot more fun to baby-sit than my little brother. Cleaner too!
      Will: It shouldn't take more than a couple days to whine my mom into submission.

    • Blunk: Caleb call Blunk friend! Caleb like Blunk!
      Caleb: Like is such a strong word.
      Irma (aside): I thought he couldn't stand Blunk.
      Cornelia: Must be a guy thing.

    • Taranee: Woo-hoo, y'all get ready for a down-home crawdad roast!

    • Will (bringing home Tynar, a wounded Meridian guard): Mom said no pets. She didn't say anything about seven-foot tall humanoids from the Metaworld!
      Irma: How badly injured is he?
      Cornelia: I have First Aid training in case of cheerleading accidents!
      Irma: Corny, he was hit by a spike, not a pom-pom.

    • Will: Okay, let's stick this guy in the laundry.
      Tynar (apprehensive): Laundry? Is that your dungeon?
      Cornelia: Not unless we make you iron.

    • Taranee: Did my parents call?
      Will: Only five times.
      Taranee: What'd you tell them?
      Will (holding an imaginary phone to her ear): It's okay Mrs. Cook, morpion venom's only temporary. (seriously) Kidding. I said you were sleeping over. Boy, were you sleeping over!

    • Caleb (about Jeek): Who's that? One of your relatives?
      Blunk: Jeek greedy Passling!
      Caleb: Is there any other kind?

    • Susan: You locked the laundry room door?
      Will (babbling): I, uh, wanted to practice locking it in case we ever, you know, get a dog…and he tries to come in with muddy feet while I'm doing laundry and everything gets dirty. And hey! It worked!
      Susan: A dog? Apparently you didn't get rid of the dormouse.
      Will: Mom, I swear, Mr. Huggles is at Irma's house!
      Susan: Okay, but that tiny animal didn't eat ten pounds of rodent chow.
      (Tynar burps from his hiding place. Taranee presses her hand to her mouth to feign responsibility.)
      Taranee: I ate it!
      Will (to Susan): I told you to buy potato chips!

    • Blunk: Blunk go anywhere for Caleb!
      Caleb: Cut it out, will you? You were less creepy when you were devious!

    • Blunk (climbing tree): Up! Up!
      Caleb: Where do you think I'm going?

    • Hay Lin (picking up Tynar in flight): Wow, you're heavy! What have you been eating?
      Taranee: Rat food.

    • Irma (to Elyon): I so hate to do this to you, babe.

    • Taranee: We have to jump!
      Blunk (scared): Eh, think Blunk stay here. Maybe Phobos need mascot.

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