Season 1 Episode 20

The Seal of Phobos

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 20, 2005 on Toon Disney
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The Seal of Phobos
The Guardians are stunned to learn that their math teacher Mrs. Rudolph is the Meridianite nanny who brought Elyon to Earth twelve years ago. She opened a portal with the Seal Of Phobos... but lost it during the escape. On the run from castle guards, Caleb and Blunk split up. Blunk hides in a sewer where he finds The Seal where it has lain undiscovered for twelve years. Not knowing what he has, Blunk begins waving the Seal around, opening portals all over Heatherfield, which the Guardians rush to close. But the girls don’t realize that every time they do, they’re cutting off an escape route Caleb needs to avoid capture...moreless

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  • While Caleb, Drake, Vathek and Blunk have Phobos troubles, the girls compete against Uriah in the X-Treme Sports, and Mrs. Rudolph the math teacher, reveals she is a Meridianite!


    - A wonderfully written episode that squeezes in a lot of info, but it isn't rushed

    - After eight episodes we finally see Vathek again, not to mention another of my favorite characters: Drake

    - Will's line about thanking Uriah for tripping the girls was hilarious

    - When Uriah said that the first part of his name rhymes with winner I laughed so loud

    - The Seal of Phobos returns from Ambush at Torus Filney, finally filling in the plothole

    - The Book of Secrets is finally opened and we learn about Phobos' plans for Elyon

    - We get to see the Whisperers again and seeing the Seal of Phobos in rogue disco ball mode was a treat

    - Caleb and Cornelia's lips finally meet...

    - The fact that Galgheita Rudolph was the Meridianite woman who escaped to Earth with Elyon was shocking and sweet at the same time


    - I didn't really like Caleb evading the guardians, they kept switching from Meridian to Earth making it a little confusing, but not too much

    - The animation and the voice for Vathek was a little off in the beginning of the episodemoreless
  • We find out about Elyon's stupid past, and about the Seal of Phobos, but about something else too, involving the Seal, and the Heart...

    Will's math teacher, mrs. Rudolph, has a message for her, to meet her at her house. There, she explained all about how Elyon was brought to Earth, and about the Seal of Phobos. Then, Elyon showed up and told the girls to stop searching for her. Later, in Meridian, Caleb, Vathek, and Blunk are hiding from Phobos's castle guards, and while hiding, Blunk found the Seal in the sewers and accidentally opened up a portal. He started opening up portals on Earth, and neither Caleb, nor the girls know anything about that...moreless
  • Jippie!! I loved this episode :P

    Yes!!! he kissed her!!! (On the cheek :P) Finally Caleb&Corny is taking shape :D When I first saw this episode I felt like jumping to my feet and dancing around in a circle :P I was so upset when I heard that Corny and Caleb had broken up in the comics, that I stopped trying to catch up with the comics. I sure hope it will last in the series, ´cause they´re my favorite characters, and what can be better than them getting together :D

    I loved the rest of this episode also. The girls have that kick-ass power of opening portals. And now that they know Phobos´ plans, the game can begin :P

    I know you have seen this episode a long time ago, but I live in the Netherlands, and they have just broadcasted it for the first time here.moreless
  • Finally, Caleb kisses Cornelia. An awesome episode. A must see. And now, the girls have the power to make potals! Yay.

    One of my favorite episodes! This could have been the last episode of the season. The girls have the seal of phobos, and have the power of making potals.

    And the romance between Caleb and our favorite earth guardian Cornelia is finally comfirmed. Caleb kisses Cornelia! Granted it was only on the cheek, but a kiss is a kiss.

    Also, we finally find out some of Phobos's plans for Elyon,although the plans are a little unclear. Still a great episode. What are you doing, reading this reveiw? Go watch this fantastic episode. You can't watch the others with out this one.

    All I can say, is this episode is my favorite, and will soon be yours!moreless
  • The Seal of Phobo resurfaces and the Guardians must find it.

    Absolutely fabulous. If they wanted to make this a season finale, they could it has that much good, quality stuff.

    First off, they have great romancy pieces in here. Or rather, a piece when Caleb finally kisses Cornelia. Seeing the other girls reactions was very funny and also seeing Cornelia's reaction was too. Ah, sheer madness.

    I loved how even though Caleb was caught that he still managed to rebel against Phobos, using teamwork with the others and then almost crushing the guards of all things. Key word, almost, and that was also quite funny. I loved the piece about "Unfair fights" and as mean as it may seem, it is truly Caleb.

    This is one of the episodes that makes me ache to see Elyon find out who she really is, and to stop hurting people. She doesn't know any better and I think it's truly cruel just how Phobos in tricking her.

    The nicest thing was the tie in between the books and this episode in the fact that the Heart absorbs the Seal. Very nice trick, and it makes things alot easier for the Guardians. I hope we can see much more challenging pieces to come in order to match this.

    Excellent episode, my very favorite I believe.moreless
Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum


Guest Star

Lloyd Sherr

Lloyd Sherr


Guest Star

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Young Elyon

Guest Star

Byrne Offutt

Byrne Offutt


Recurring Role

Lloyd Sherr

Lloyd Sherr


Recurring Role

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: When the Seal of Phobos beins to spin after it gets free from Blunk's hands,it loses its string. When it gets absorbed by the Heart of Kandrakhar, it has the string again.

    • Goof: At the end of the episode, the Book of Secrets is opened by the Heart and a projection of Phobos appears, telling his plans. Right before the projection disappears, the book is already closed.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Will: So much for normal teenage life. Looks like we're back in the saving the universe business.

    • Caleb: What are your master's true intentions for Elyon?
      Whisperers (drawing back, folding their petals inward): Secret. Phobos's secret.
      Caleb (threatening): Oooh, I'm in the mood to pick a real ugly bouquet.

    • Irma: Guess what, guys? We just signed up for the X-treme sports tournament!
      Cornelia: Cool. What are you talking about?
      Irma: You know, downhill in-lining, street luging...
      Hay Lin: …Wearing cute spandex outfits.
      Cornelia: Ooh! I look especially fast in fuchsia!

    • Elyon: I want you to stop searching for me. All of you. Meridian is my home now.
      Irma: Oh yeah, I'm sure it's lovely, you know, once you get past the drooling Lurdens.

    • Will: Is it possible we've been wrong about Phobos?
      Cornelia: Please! The guy's best friend is Cedric the Lizard Man.

    • Uriah: Well what do you know; in-line cheerleaders!
      Will: We're in the race, Uriah.
      Uriah: That's cute. Maybe I'll wait for you...at the finish line!
      Taranee: Oh whatever. You are dead meat, dude!
      Uriah: No, I'm Uriah. Rhymes with winner. Well, the er part.
      Cornelia: Ah, we're supposed to be having fun, remember?
      Irma: Oh, but kicking his rhyming challenged butt is gonna be X-treme fun!

    • Blunk (singing): Me mother smelled bad, and so did me dad, along with me brothers and aunts. We pass down our shirts, full of grease grime and dirt, and even our under pants. That's why they call us Passlings!

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