Season 1 Episode 25

The Stolen Heart

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Aug 08, 2005 on Toon Disney
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The Stolen Heart
In Meridian, the Infinite City occupied by Phobos' guards leaves a thousand rebels with nowhere to hide while Elyon, though shaken by the sight of monstrous Lurdens working in her castle, is still blissfully unaware of what’s being planned for her Coronation. Caleb and the Guardians have to get close enough to warn her, but how can they without the Heart of Kandrakhar which has been stolen by Jeek the evil Passling?moreless

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  • Jeek steals the Heart of Candracar, the Mage kills the Captain of the Guards, Matt is almost killed by Cedric, Elyon discovers the Lurdens and Irma can't say jokes anymore...


    - I really like the fact that Jeek returned in the last episode and how he steals the Heart of Candracar in this one

    - The plot where Blunk was framed was a sweet addition and we have a character development for Blunk

    - Cornelia has an emotional breakdown for a third time, especially when she critizes Irma for saying jokes at bad situations

    - Matt finding out about the guardians and Meridian in his fifth appearance was unexpected but awesome, well done scene

    - Loved the scene where Martin and Matt are talking at the mall

    - Miranda and Elyon have a great scene together that shows more of how good a liar Miranda is and that Elyon is losing trust

    - We get to see the Mage kill off annoying guards, who are talking about Tynar's discovery of the good guys...

    - Loved the scene where Elyon finds the Lurdens and Phobos came up with such a dumb lie and Elyon believed it

    - W.I.T.C.H., Caleb and Blunk fighting off Cedric and his goons was a great scene and I liked the fact how it is was on a ice plain


    - One of my favorite minor characters, the Captain of the Guards, is killed offscreen by the Mage

    - Matt's reaction, although he was shocked, could have been done better than just him watching the action with a mouth wide openmoreless
  • The false hunt for the wrong Passling...

    Now that the Infinite City has been discovered, the Rebels are forced to camp out of the village teritory, and Elyon's coronation is closing in... In Heatherfield, the girls are planning on how to get the Rebels into the castle and save Elyon, while Jeek the Passling is planning on how to steal the Heart of Kandrakar for Phobos. Then Matt arrives and gets avoided by Will, so he starts to suspect... So when Will was going home later, all alone, Jeek popped up in front of her, stole the Heart and ran away. To make things worse, Will mistakened Jeek for Blunk, because of his Passling appearance. So Caleb and the girls started a false hunt for the wrong Passling, Blunk... However, Matt got a glimpse of Meridian too, when he found out the girls' identities...moreless
  • Secrets are revealed, as we get ever so close to the season's end!

    The end of season 1 of W.I.T.C.H. is rapidly approaching! And, as the season comes to a close, the quality of the episodes has hit its highest level yet. Case in point, "The Stolen Heart"!

    In this episode, an evil passling name Jik arrives on Earth with the intention of stealing the Heart of Candracar to sell to Phobos. He does so, leaving Will with a very nasty headache, but more importantly, one magical amulet short. The Guardians, believing it was Blunk who did it, set out to get the Heart back, while Blunk valliaintly tries to clear his name.

    But, while that\'s the main storyline, it's the B-plot that makes this episode a classic! Will's boyfriend, Matt follows the girls and stumbles upon the latest portal. He ends up in Meridian, and has to adapt to its evil surroundings, while desparately trying to stay alive.

    In the end, the girls find Blunk and Jik. After a fierce scuffle, Blunk gets back the Heart, and has his name cleared. MEANWHILE... Matt watches awestruck as Will unleashes her magical side. Using a way-cool duplication power, the girls are able to trick Cedric, and get themselves and Matt safely home. Matt vows to keep the Guardians' secret, and all ends well.

    What more needs to be said? I knew the Blunk storyline would get top billing, but never in a million, zillion years did I EVER expect Matt to end up a part of the Guardians' mission, and watch his girlfriend spill the beans! Cornelia/Caleb may be my #1 pairing in the W.I.T.C.H. world, but Will/Matt is quickly becoming #2, and is getting dangerously close to the top spot, especially after this week's ep.

    25 down, 1 to go. And, if the past 2 episodes are any indication, "The Final Battle" is gonna be wicked cool!

  • Well, Cheek steals the Heart and the girls think that Blunk did it. So Blunk has to get it back from Cheek in order to prove that he didn't do it. So he gets it back and gives it to Will. Matt finds out in this episode.moreless

    I think that it was one of the best episodes. I like the trick that Will did in making mult. of the Heart. Plus, I was kind of wondering when Matt would find out if he would. Plus, it would be a lot easier on Will too. This is by far the best episode.
  • The Heart of Kandracar is stolen, and everyone thinks Blunk did it. The girls and Calab go into Meridian, followed by Matt. Matt not only finds out about Meridian, but he also saw the girls fight Cedric and witness their transformation. That would be enoumoreless

    One of the best episodes in the series! Tremendous and touching. It will be a little easier on Will, now that Matt knows. There was also the usual arguments among Cornilia and Irma, which are usually a laugh. There was also a scene where Miranda did a convincing act for Elyon. Truly superb.
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Steven Jay Blum


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Dee Bradley Baker


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    • Will: Blunk, what are you doing?!
      Jeek: Girl think Jeek Blunk. Blunk rich now! Blame Blunk!
      Will: Is this a joke?!

    • Will (after Matt discovers her secret): The important thing is you can't tell anyone.
      Matt: I wouldn't even know what to tell.

    • Will (after Matt has saw her in Guardian form): I guess now you understand why I've missed a couple of classes lately?

    • Will: Guardians Unite!
      Hay Lin: Watch this Matt, it's really cool!

    • Caleb: How are we going to get my army across the Meridian Plains to the castle without being seen?
      Irma: How about we disguise them as a thousand door-to-door salesmen? (goofy voice) Hi, would you like to subscribe to Home And Princess Magazine?

    • Will (exiting the Silver Dragon): Oh, what a day.
      Taranee: Oh, what a meal.
      Irma: Nothing like rescuing a hundred rebels from an evil Prince to build up your appetite!

    • Caleb: So do you like that Matt guy?
      Will (defensively): What makes you say that? (then, admitting) …Yeah. Why?
      Caleb: I just had a feeling…
      Will (hopefully): That he likes me?
      Caleb: That he's following us.
      Will: Yeah, with my luck it's probably Blunk.

    • Martin: Hey Matt! I'm glad I ran into you. I need some woman advice. You know, for me and Irma.
      Matt: Wrong guy, Martin. I'm still trying to figure Will out. Yesterday she grabs me and kisses me and today she's like, get off my sidewalk.
      Martin: I know exactly what you mean! Except for that kissing part.
      Matt: I shouldn't have given up so easily.
      Martin: I find that giving up is what women like best about me!

    • Cornelia (about Blunk): I can't believe that walking bathmat betrayed us!

    • Irma (exiting the Portal to find herself in the Torus Khylm ice plain): Great! We're in Phobos's freezer! (Cornelia glares at her) I'm sorry, I mean, Oh look, it is really cold and super serious.

    • Yan Lin: I cannot believe you stole the Heart of Kandrakhar! You must return it immediately!
      Blunk: Stole? Blunk take nothing! Just teabag! (sticks out his tongue to show her the teabag) See?

    • Will (after Matt has discovered Meridian): Oh boy! I'd love to take you back to Earth and explain all this.
      Matt: Back to Earth?
      Will: But, unfortunately, we're chasing this little green guy who betrayed us to sell something of ours to the Prince of Evil, so we have to keep moving.

    • Blunk: Have to prove Jeek is thief. Must protect good name! Well, must protect name.

    • Irma (to Cornelia): I believe the words you're searching for are, I'm sorry, useful Irma.
      Cornelia: Okay okay, get out of my face!

    • Matt (seeing Blunk and Jeek for the first time): What's that smell?

    • Taranee (to Blunk): We feel so bad we suspected you of stealing.
      Cornelia: Hey, speak for yourself. I'm still missing two pens and a scrunchie!
      Blunk (pretend helpful): Look under bed?

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