Season 1 Episode 11

The Stone of Threbe

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 02, 2005 on Toon Disney
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The Stone of Threbe
While working in a volcano, several Lurdens discover the Star of Threbe, a talisman that has the capability of finding Phobos' lost sister. On Earth, the girls chase after Blunk to give him a bath after he stinks up the Silver Dragon because his new garbage dumpster home is right next to the restaurant. But while doing this, the girls discover that they are stuck in guardian form. All of this is because Cedric put the Star of Threbe in his shop window, and Elyon took it, implying that the Princess of Meridian has finally been found.moreless

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  • The Powers That Be

    - One of my favorite episodes!!! Blunk is getting funnier and funnier by each episode. I love the introduction of the younger Mage and queen Weira, makes me want to know more about the history of Meridian.

    - And I love how the girls are facing harder challenges in every episodes. The Star of Threbe was great but I wonder why it wasn't used in further episodes. It clearly came from the Heart of Kandrakar so it must be very powerful.

    - Overall, a great episode :Dmoreless
  • The Star of Threbe has been found and Phobos' long lost sister is...Elyon?


    - We finally find out Elyon Brown is the long lost sister of Phobos and rightful Princess of Meridian

    - The B plot to this episode with smelly Blunk was hilarious

    - Great battle scenes and we are introduced to Courtney and Bess

    - Cedric befriending Elyon put chills down my spine

    - Great flashback scene with Weira, the Mage and the Star of Threbe


    - There wasn't too much action except at the end

    - Now the girls can only be in guardian form, sheesh, what is this

    - A lot of mistakes here and the jokes were corny, especially the dry humor with the Butterfly Guymoreless
  • The Guardians suddenly loss their powers while trying to give Blunk a bath.

    This episode I found is wonderfully funny and entertaining all because of Blunk and he's always dig in the garbage and mostly eating garbage and Hay Lin wants Blunk to take a bath and they had no choice but to transform to guardian mode and tried to give Blunk a bath, but it backfired when Elyon put on a strange star like thing around her neck and will and the girls suddenly lost their powers for a while until a man-eating plant came out of nowhere and then in the end Blunk rode the garbage can into a car wash was brilliantly funny. 9.7/10moreless
  • events: 3/3 effects: 2/3 humor: 2/3 overall: 7/10

    nice episode, little funny. this episode and ep14 are based on short scene in comix #1- when Elyon enters in the first time to "ye olde books" and "Rick Hofman" welcome her, but there he already recognizes her as Phobos's long time lost sister. here they put more events in the middle- great idea. the guardians can't know who's Rick until Caleb will expose hin in ep14. in the comix Elyon told them who's he in issue5.

    the bath to Blunk's idea is great. but in the "N" episode we learn that passlings suppose to be stink- Blunk said that his mother won't recognize him when he is clean.moreless
  • And finally, the royal Meridian princess: it\'s, it\'s... ELYON!!! Like we didn\'t see that coming, did we? ...Did we?

    Phobos\'s Lurdens are digging for fuel in a volcano called Threbe, but they accidentally end up finding a very long lost stone created by the Mage for a purpose of finding lost people. When someone who is looking for someone touches the stone, it automatically finds the person, luring him to the seeker and defending him from anything or anyone that tries to harm him. Now that the Stone of Threbe is in Phobos\'s hands, his search for the heir to the Meridian throne can finally finish. So, Cedric took the stone to his bookshop in Heatherfield and set it for the heir to find it. And that heir is Elyon, Cornelia\'s very best friend. Elyon took the stone, and placed it around her neck, making it render the Guardians powerless in their attempt to save her. However, the girls were right in the middle of giving Blunk a bath when this happened, so they can\'t get back to their original Earth form...moreless
Mitchell Whitfield

Mitchell Whitfield

Butterfly Catcher

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Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum


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Candi Milo

Candi Milo


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Tracy Martin

Tracy Martin


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Courtney Peldon


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B.J. Ward


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Goof: When Irma asks Blunk what the big carnivorous plant is, she speaks in Hay Lin's voice.

    • The "Silver Dragon" cook appears in this episode for the first time. Although his name isn't mentioned on screen, he's called Fang according to issue #18 of the W.I.T.C.H. comic-book.

    • Goof: During this episode the bridge has graffiti on it in some shots (like when the Guardians climb it) and no graffiti in others (like when Caleb climbs it).

    • Goof: When the monster plant starts winding off the bridge, you see the damage it has caused. In the following shot in which we see the bridge from below, the damage is gone.

    • goof: Usually Irma's skirt has a slit on each side. But when she makes a looping before dehydrating the monster plant the skirt is a solid piece of fabric.

    • Goof: When Irma is lying in the water and raising her arms to clear a path to shore, the top of her Guardian outfit is suddenly a turtleneck.

    • Goof: In one shot of the girls running down the street, Cornelia's witch skirt is a solid piece of fabric, rather than slit up the sides like it usually is.

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    • Butterfly Collector: I think I'm going to need a bigger net.
      This is a reference to 1975 Steven Spielberg film, Jaws, in which Police Chief Martin Brody tells his crewmate Quint "You're going to need a bigger boat." after getting a close look at the shark they were pursuing.