Season 2 Episode 21

U is for Undivided

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 11, 2006 on Toon Disney
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U is for Undivided
After Cornelia discovers a startling reveal about Lilian, the Hale sisters must learn to stand undivided against danger.

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  • Whats with the fairytale?

    I liked this one. Ounce upon the time...

    Well, i was really suprised when they told that Cornelias little sister was a witch. I know that W.I.T.C.H is all in fairy tales, literally, but her little sis to be a hart of earth. Havent seen that coming. Just wish and it will become the truth. I think that they regreted that one. First turned them small, then Nerissa and then dragon. Not to mention fairies, little fairies. And some pixy dust and they will all fly and go to the Neverland visit Peter Pan and lost boys. But i really liked this one. I like fairy tales.moreless
  • This was so unexpected

    This episode makes the difference between a cartoon for kids and cartoon for grown-ups.From this episode the plot begin to get more complex.Every world was its heart of power..and the earth's heart is Cornelia's sister....the plot gets better and better.It introduces the regents:Matt,Napoleon and Huggles.The reappearance of Shagon makes the episode more interesting,desirable to be watched...That means that old cartoons made space for the new ones.It's true that Tom and Jerry and other cartoons form my childhood were funny,sweet,but childish.Make way for the new generation of cartoons:more intelligent,more realistic,even if they are about things that can't happen.Good wins,and the past is let behindmoreless
  • The best and funniest episode in all of season 2 of W.I.T.C.H.!!! AND we finally get to know who's the Heart of Earth...: Lilian.

    Cornelia's parents are going out together, so they leave Cornelia in charge of Lilian, and they both hate it... But when Lilian made Napoleon, the cat Will gave to Cornelia, talk, things slowly began to change... He said that it was Lilian's imagination that made him talk, so Cornelia called the other girls to figure out together if Lilian is the Heart of Earth, and when they did, Cornelia had to make up for everytime she yelled at her, or else, Nerissa will add her to her power, too. But unluckily for her, Lilian isn't that forgivable... So now, Cornelia has to tell her a bedtime story, involving Nerissa and the Guardians. But what she doesn't know, is that everything she's telling Lilian, Lilian is making it real, as well as the battle between Nerissa and the Guardians. Now it's up to Matt, Huggles, and Napoleon to make things right...moreless
  • Cornelia is left to babysitt her sister Lillian, and the W.I.T.C.H. girls end up learning something that totally changes the name of the game.

    Okay so this episode was a total "OMG. That totally just didn't happen!" I didn't expect it! I just didn't! Lillian! Lillian! The Heart of Earth! Okay, so I wondered who or what the Heart of Earth was... but this was a total "throw me for a loop"! But it was totally awesome! I started laughing hysterically when Napoleon jumped on Cornelia's lap and said, "Toot's, we need to talk," and she got all hysterical! The talking cat, the eight-year-old girl with uncontrolled powers... it all made one bombshell episode! I mean, hey! We learn about the Heart of Earth, why Cornelia was chosen to be the Guardian of Earth (and why Hay Lin was chosen to be the Guardian of Air, but it was obvious), that Napoleon is Lillian's familiar... Wow... And that story! I LOVED it! It was great to see the two sisters totally get into it, practically bouncing up and down on the bed and agreeing about everything, "NO! It's a FAIRYTALE! Not a comic book! They can't have superpowers!" Especially when they had just been fighting. The castle and the minature guardians... Well, that made one interesting fight scene. Plus, normal sized Nerissa and a huge dragon? And it actually wasn't that hard to get Lillian to willingly give up her power - it's a good thing Cornelia got her to give it to Matt, Mr. Huggles, and Napoleon. So, this was basically, like, one of the best episodes of the season! I LOVED it! And it totally feels in a lot of blanks since they skipped a few episodes to show "W is for W.I.T.C.H." first...moreless
  • i was so not expecting this!

    well lots of us were wondering whether Lilian was the Hreat of Earth ever since we saw the info for this ep, but it was much different than i thought it would be! i didn't think Lilian would give up her powers, even if she did it unknowingly! well she realised she did but she only thought it was a fairytale! glad to see Shagon is back but luckily he is on our side! it was funny when the Guardians thought he has turned back to the dark side lol! and the little comment Matt said about him and Will being perfect for eachother was dead sweet! loved the ep!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When the girls are talking to Napoleon, Matt is dressed up as a jester. One could assume that happened because Lilian wished him as so. But then why is he back in his regular clothes later on?

    • Goof: Cassidy and altermere Yan Lin combine their powers to freeze Irma and Hay Lin to the wall. When the freezing occurs, Cassidy is temporarily absent, then she reappears as though she didn't move.

    • Goof: When the dragon unleashes his fire before Irma and Hay Lin fend him off, Taranee's glasses are missing.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Taranee (dodging flying sword): Could be worse. Could be a butterfly net. That would just be humiliating.

    • Nerissa: Fools! The Heart of Earth, it's power has been siphoned.
      Shagon: And you'll never guess by who.
      Will: Shagon?!

    • Will: You so freak me out with that "old habits" thing.
      Shagon: Old habits, new tricks. Guess I'm hard-wired from Shagon-morph but now I control the on-off switch. I'm still Matt inside and I don't feel hate, just Lilian power.
      Will: (sarcastically) You're like a Guardian.
      Shagon: I know. Are we like perfect for each other or what?

    • Harold: Hi, honey. Anything exciting happen?
      Cornelia: Nah. Just the usual.
      Napoleon: Purr, purr, purr, purr, purr...

    • Taranee: The cat talks?
      Napoleon: No, Ricky Rodent over there's a ventriloquist.

    • Napoleon: And they all lived happily ever after... So, any tuna in the house?

    • Cornelia: This isn't a comic book, it's a fairy tale.
      Lilian: And fairy tales don't have "super-growth power".
      Matt: Excuse me. Beanstalk…?

    • Irma: By this, do you mean us spontaneously going Guardian, or the Hale's apartment spontaneously going medieval, or say the world's spontaneously going kingsize?
      Will: Eh... D! All of the above?

    • Cornelia: Nice try, Nerissa. But even a mouse can see I'm better looking than that.
      Nerissa (deglamouring): Then perhaps I'd better change…
      Cornelia: Wow, I'm still better looking! The Guardian makeover: just not working. The dried-prune look was so much more you.

    • Brenda: What is all that unearthly commotion?
      Marco (yawning): Dragon attacking the castle...
      Brenda: Well, come inside! You know how you scorch.

    • Will: What the heck's Cornelia thinking?!
      Irma: Newsflash! Cornelia never thinks!

    • Lilian: Uh, what's the name of my Kingdom?
      Cornelia: Earth.
      Lilian: Wow! Big Kingdom…

    • Marco: Brenda, I just had the weirdest dream! We were living in a castle, and…
      Brenda: Go back to sleep, Marco, or you'll be living in a motel.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Hero Debut: Lilian Hale (Heart of Earth) and the Three Regents of Earth: Matt (in Shagon form), Mr. Huggles (Khor), and Napoleon (a feline version of Khor)

    • Before the US premiere on November 11, 2006 on Toon Disney, this episode aired in the U.K on October 31, 2006 as part of a special W.I.T.C.H. Halloween marathon on Jetix.


    • Irma: Fee Fi Fo Fum! I think Nerissa's so gonna be bummed!

      The words "Fee Fi Fo Fum!" are said by the Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk, a fairytale also mentioned by Matt Olsen in this episode.

    • The characters of Brenda and Marco in this episode are a tribute to Margot and Brendan from the episode "Awakening, Part 3" of Gargoyles. Voice actor Pat Fraley played both Brendan on Gargoyles and Marco on W.I.T.C.H.