Season 2 Episode 21

U is for Undivided

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 11, 2006 on Toon Disney

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  • Cornelia discovers a surprising secret about her younger sister, and must fight to protect her from falling into Nerissa's hands.


    +Cornelia and Lilian's fairy tale of doom! I found it quite hilarious to see the Guardians trapped in an ever changing enviornment while Corny and Lil keep on creating the story unknowing of the fiasco that they're creating.

    +Lilian's powers in general. From the Sailor Moon-esque talking cat (played by legendary actor Ed Asner!) to the fairy tale from Hell mentioned above, to transforming Matt, Huggles and Napoleon into her bodyguards, Lil was the true star of this episode.

    +And, speaking of the new Regents of Earth, I'm excited to see the mighty Shagon back in action, this time on the Guardian's side. Matt/Shagon had some great lines here, particularly when he was explaining his new situation.


    -If there was one negative in this episode, it's the fact that we're most likely never to see Lilian do any real battle anytime in the near future. (As many of you know, season 2 is likely to be the last, unless things change.) I'm still holding out hope that our darling Heart of Earth will regain her full powers and join the girls in the finale of this season, but at this point, I feel it's highly unlikely that'll happen. Really quite a shame, as I feel that Lilian, given the proper motivation and her full powers again, would make a great ally when Z comes to pass.

    OVERALL: That minor nitpick aside, a fine episode as the season approaches the final turn. 9/10.
  • This was so unexpected

    This episode makes the difference between a cartoon for kids and cartoon for grown-ups.From this episode the plot begin to get more complex.Every world was its heart of power..and the earth's heart is Cornelia's sister....the plot gets better and better.It introduces the regents:Matt,Napoleon and Huggles.The reappearance of Shagon makes the episode more interesting,desirable to be watched...That means that old cartoons made space for the new ones.It's true that Tom and Jerry and other cartoons form my childhood were funny,sweet,but childish.Make way for the new generation of cartoons:more intelligent,more realistic,even if they are about things that can't happen.Good wins,and the past is let behind
  • i was so not expecting this!

    well lots of us were wondering whether Lilian was the Hreat of Earth ever since we saw the info for this ep, but it was much different than i thought it would be! i didn't think Lilian would give up her powers, even if she did it unknowingly! well she realised she did but she only thought it was a fairytale! glad to see Shagon is back but luckily he is on our side! it was funny when the Guardians thought he has turned back to the dark side lol! and the little comment Matt said about him and Will being perfect for eachother was dead sweet! loved the ep!
  • Whats with the fairytale?

    I liked this one. Ounce upon the time...
    Well, i was really suprised when they told that Cornelias little sister was a witch. I know that W.I.T.C.H is all in fairy tales, literally, but her little sis to be a hart of earth. Havent seen that coming. Just wish and it will become the truth. I think that they regreted that one. First turned them small, then Nerissa and then dragon. Not to mention fairies, little fairies. And some pixy dust and they will all fly and go to the Neverland visit Peter Pan and lost boys. But i really liked this one. I like fairy tales.
  • The best and funniest episode in all of season 2 of W.I.T.C.H.!!! AND we finally get to know who's the Heart of Earth...: Lilian.

    Cornelia's parents are going out together, so they leave Cornelia in charge of Lilian, and they both hate it... But when Lilian made Napoleon, the cat Will gave to Cornelia, talk, things slowly began to change... He said that it was Lilian's imagination that made him talk, so Cornelia called the other girls to figure out together if Lilian is the Heart of Earth, and when they did, Cornelia had to make up for everytime she yelled at her, or else, Nerissa will add her to her power, too. But unluckily for her, Lilian isn't that forgivable... So now, Cornelia has to tell her a bedtime story, involving Nerissa and the Guardians. But what she doesn't know, is that everything she's telling Lilian, Lilian is making it real, as well as the battle between Nerissa and the Guardians. Now it's up to Matt, Huggles, and Napoleon to make things right...
  • Cornelia is left to babysitt her sister Lillian, and the W.I.T.C.H. girls end up learning something that totally changes the name of the game.

    Okay so this episode was a total "OMG. That totally just didn't happen!" I didn't expect it! I just didn't! Lillian! Lillian! The Heart of Earth! Okay, so I wondered who or what the Heart of Earth was... but this was a total "throw me for a loop"! But it was totally awesome! I started laughing hysterically when Napoleon jumped on Cornelia's lap and said, "Toot's, we need to talk," and she got all hysterical! The talking cat, the eight-year-old girl with uncontrolled powers... it all made one bombshell episode! I mean, hey! We learn about the Heart of Earth, why Cornelia was chosen to be the Guardian of Earth (and why Hay Lin was chosen to be the Guardian of Air, but it was obvious), that Napoleon is Lillian's familiar... Wow... And that story! I LOVED it! It was great to see the two sisters totally get into it, practically bouncing up and down on the bed and agreeing about everything, "NO! It's a FAIRYTALE! Not a comic book! They can't have superpowers!" Especially when they had just been fighting. The castle and the minature guardians... Well, that made one interesting fight scene. Plus, normal sized Nerissa and a huge dragon? And it actually wasn't that hard to get Lillian to willingly give up her power - it's a good thing Cornelia got her to give it to Matt, Mr. Huggles, and Napoleon. So, this was basically, like, one of the best episodes of the season! I LOVED it! And it totally feels in a lot of blanks since they skipped a few episodes to show "W is for W.I.T.C.H." first...
  • W.I.T.C.H. pulls another wild card out of the hat!

    I have to watch this show on Youtube now because some idoit decied it was good idea to yank it from ABC Family. Was so not expecting Lilian to be the Heart of Earth. I thought the heart was from the Girls own heart and would appare when they need it most. I have two things bugging me. not nearly enough from the last Wild Card. \"Caleb\" He again a no show! I really want some interaction between him and Mommy. And me and my twin have been playing out that he went South in O. So see you!
  • One of the best cartoons I have ever seen. This episode really had it all.

    When I heard the premise for "U is for Undivided," I was expecting a decent episode of W.I.T.C.H., but nothing too memorable. Lillian turning out to have powers of her own sounds like a cool concept for an episode, but I expected it to be a one time deal that had no real impact on the show. But as always, W.I.T.C.H. manages to prove me wrong.

    What most amazed me about this episode was that is answered an important question that had never even occurred to me: where is the Heart of Earth? Also, the episode touches briefly on why the girls were chosen as Guardians, and how it might not be for the reasons they always thought.

    This episode plays with the idea of imagination. Lillian, unknowingly, is the Heart of Earth, and has the power to change reality around her to whatever she wishes. When Matt and Cornelia start telling her a fairy tale, Lillian reshapes reality, causing some hilarious and unexpected twists and turns in a fight between W.I.T.C.H. and the old Guardians. In the end, Matt convinces "Princess Lillian," to turn her powers over to "Regents" who will protect her powers until she is old enough to use them herself. This leads to an intense moment where it appears that Matt has reverted to Shagon and given Narisa another "heart," but the truth is much more clever.

    This episode, like many W.I.T.C.H. episodes, goes into the importance of family and imagination, and there are many touching scenes with Matt, Cornelia, and Lillian. Cornelia tends to be my least favorite member of W.I.T.C.H., but this episode showed her to be just as complex as the others.

    W.I.T.C.H. is an amazingly deep cartoon that works on multiple levels. Kids can enjoy the show for the humor and action. Adults can enjoy the long story arcs and surprisingly 3-dimensional characters. Each episode is part of a long story arc, but also manages to stand strongly on it's own. I know I am far from W.I.T.C.H.'s target audience as a 27 year old male, but my wife and I watch W.I.T.C.H. with our young daughter, and my wife and I enjoy it just as much as our daughter does. This is a special cartoon, and "U is for Undivided" was the perfect example of why.