Season 1 Episode 18

Walk This Way

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 06, 2005 on Toon Disney
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Walk This Way
An astonished Caleb discovers that fellow rebels have been turned into zombified Trance Marchers by the sound of a magical object called the Horn of Hypnos. Thanks to the Horn, Phobos and Cedric now use the rebels as workforce. But when Blunk steals the Horn and brings it back to Earth, the trance starts to spread to Heatherfield. The Guardians are called in to help save the day… and on School Dance night, too! Only a specific melody can break the spell, but how long will Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin be able to resist the entrancing sound of the Horn of Hypnos?moreless

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  • More magical items, love it..

    - I loved the episode, it's one of my favorites from season 1. Caleb's guitar solo was everything, It was my ringtone in 6th grade, haha.

    - Even though some scenes were left unexplained the episode had a great idea and I loved how it ended with a dance..
  • Drake and his troops are turned into Trance Marchers by Cedric and his Horn of Hypnos, Knickerbocker and Hay Lin try to kill the guardians, Caleb does a guitar solo, the usual...moreless


    - We finally are introduced to another of my favorite characters Drake

    - Matt makes a reappearance and his band makes their first appearance, including Taranee's date Nigel Ashcroft

    - I really enjoyed the Horn of Hypnos concept and all the Trance Marchers, including Knickerbocker and Hay Lin

    - We get to see Matt and Will, Martin and Irma, Nigel and Taranee, and Caleb and Cornelia all together here

    - Caleb's guitar solo at the end was really awesome

    - Nice battles scenes at the beginning with the Phobos drill and Caleb being defeated by a Lurden


    - Drake's troops kind of disappear after the junkyard scene, and I'm not sure they appeared at the end

    - Joel Wright looks weird in this episode and not himself

    - It would have been nice if Matt and Aldarn became Trance Marchers too, however they do have their chances to work for the bad guys later onmoreless
  • Walk this way please little zombies, walk this way...

    Phobos's guards are digging below ground to find the rebels' underground tunnels connected to the castle. Caleb and Drake, another Caleb's best friend from the rebellion, are watching everything as it happens, and know that there are no tunnels, but they know that if the guards dig deep enough, they'll break into the Infinite City. However the spying wasn't for too long, because Blunk came and ruined everything, so the rebels had to attack unplanned, and they failed. Cedric took an ancient, magical, hypnotic horn and blew it at the rebels. They instantly became mindless zombies, trance marchers, obeying only the horn's owner. But luckily for Caleb, he wasn't brainwashed because a Lurden pushed him in the water, so the sound waves didn't get to him. Later, on Earth, the horn ended up in a trash can behind the Silver Dragon restaurant, and Hay Lin found it, but gave it to the school band...moreless
Mitchell Whitfield

Mitchell Whitfield

Band Players/Lurdens/Trance Marchers

Guest Star

Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum

Band Players/Lurdens/Trance Marchers

Guest Star

Greg Cipes

Greg Cipes

Band Players/Lurdens/Trance Marchers

Guest Star

Michael Bell

Michael Bell


Recurring Role

Michael Reisz

Michael Reisz


Recurring Role

B.J. Ward

B.J. Ward


Recurring Role

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    • Will (muddy and disheveled, ironically modeling her torn clothes): Well, first date! How do I look?

    • Martin (giving Irma a spin): Shake it don't break it, Mama!
      Irma: Martin, ba-bye. (She lets go of Martin and sends him flying across the room.)

    • Knickerbocker (perched on the school wall): How did I get up here?!?
      Taranee: Er, a lot of people got carried away with the School-Dance Fever.
      Irma: It's those hypnotic rock and roll rhythms. You just have to move.
      Cornelia: And climb!

    • Blunk (pretending to ba a Trance Marcher): Zombie, zombie...(sotto voce to Caleb) Blunk good actor, yes?
      Caleb: Yeah, just keep your mind blank. Well, blanker.

    • Hay Lin: I hear the Horn and about six really out-of-tune clarinets.
      Will: Thank you Radio Hay Lin!

    • Caleb (surrounded by Trance Marchers): There's no way around them. We've gotta do something!
      Blunk (digging himself down into the garbage): Hiding is something.

    • Taranee: Big news! I kind of almost nearly have a date!
      Will: That's great! Who's the kind of almost nearly lucky guy?
      Taranee: Nigel finally figured out he likes me.

    • Caleb (looks down into the dumpster): It's been emptied!
      Blunk: Tragedy! Tasty garbage stolen!

    • Hay Lin: I'm going to be so grounded if I can't explain where I was this afternoon. Uh, study group? Nah. I already used that one three times. (spots Horn of Hypnos in the dumpster.) Weird. Looks brand new. I know! I was at my "whatever-this-thing-is" lesson! Because I'm joining the school band! That's good!

    • Hay Lin: Dad, I'm sorry I was late today but I really want to go to the dance Friday. Plus, I kind of need to meet my friends tonight, so...
      Chen (zombified) As you wish.
      Hay Lin: Really? Get out of here!
      Chen: As you wish. (He heads out of the room.)

    • Knickerbocker: Good evening, Chen. Table for one, please.
      Hay Lin (tugging at Chen's sleeve): Dad, wake up! (to Knickerbocker) How about you take the table by the window?
      Chen: As you wish. (He picks up a table and carries it towards the window.)
      Hay Lin (to Knickerbocker): He's been under a lot of cooking stress. Well, I'm outtie. Bye Dad! Don't wait up for me!
      (Chen drops the table and goes to sleep on it.)

    • Hay Lin: Ooh! Those zombie rebels are kinda in the demolition zone, Will.
      Cornelia(slams her fists extra hard on the ground, causing a major earthquake.): So we send them a subtle warning.
      Irma (conjures water up from beneath the fissures that Cornelia created): Everybody into the pool!

    • Will (waving her hand in Trance Marcher's face.): Hello! Anybody home? Yo, Trance Dude!

    • Blunk (checking out his distorted reflection in the Horn of Hypnos): Pretty Passling. Why you not date more?
      Caleb: No time for the entire list. Come on, we've got a mission.
      Blunk: Blunk rather boogie down!
      (He blows into the horn but Caleb snatches it and tosses it into the dumpster.)
      Caleb: A secret mission. No clown horns allowed.

    • Taranee: Okay. Exact words, Will.
      Will (ecstatic): You wan to go with me?
      Hay Lin: Date. Definitely a date.
      Cornelia: I cannot believe Will has a date to the dance and I don't!
      Caleb: Good, you're all here. Big news!
      Cornelia: We heard, dance Friday night. And you say…?
      Caleb: Uh, Cedric's using rebels to build this giant drill?
      Cornelia: No, you're taking me! I'll be ready at seven. Oh and don't wear those yucky boots.

    • (Matt is rehearsing with his band as the garage door opens, revealing an oblivious Will, bopping to the music. The band stops playing.)
      Matt (surprised): Will?
      Will (opening her eyes, caught red-handed): Oh. Hi, Matt...Guys. (awkward) I was just riding by and remembered I need to borrow uh...(looks around) hedge thingies!
      Matt: Sure. Help yourself.
      (Will sheepishly grabs some hedge clippers, trips herself, and falls. Then she waves goodbye and heads out as the garage door starts closing.)
      Matt: Oh, Will? We're playing at the school Friday night.
      (Will crouches to look under the closing door.)
      Will: Yeah, I heard! Maybe I'll see you there!
      (The door is almost closed. Will's practically lying on the ground.)
      Matt: Great! You want to go with me?
      (The garage door closes and Will cheers!)

    • Captain Drake: The men are ready. What's our signal?
      (Blunk runs in carrying a bulging bag of clanking metal booty.)
      Blunk: Not what Caleb think! Blunk just doing, metal laundry!
      Caleb: I think that's our signal.

    • Caleb (sarcastic): So Phobos's latest weapon is what? An overgrown gardening tool?

    • Cornelia: Don't you dance in Meridian?
      Caleb: What do you call this? (dances terribly)
      Cornelia: Uh! (walks away disgusted)

  • NOTES (1)


    • Taranee: A lot of people got carried away with the School-Dance Fever.
      This is an allusion to the 1977 movie Saturday Night Fever, an emblematic film of the disco era starring John Travolta.

    • Odessa Steps:
      The scene at the Heatherfield City dump which shows Blunk riding down a hill of garbage in a baby carriage is a tribute to the famed Odessa Steps sequence from The Battleship Potemkin where a similar baby carriage falls helplessly down a flight of stairs during a shootout. This is one of the most famous scenes in the history of the cinema. It has been borrowed by many directors including Woody Allen in the 1971 film, Bananas and Brian De Palma in the 1987 film, The Untouchables. It was parodied in the 1991 film, The Naked Gun 33.3.

    • Episode Title: Walk This Way
      This is an allusion to Walk This Way, the title of a song by Aerosmith in co-operation with Run DMC.