Season 2 Episode 25

Y is for Yield

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 16, 2006 on Toon Disney
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Y is for Yield
Final exams coincide with a test of cosmic strength, as the Guardians hold the future of the Universe in their hands. But will a snake in the grass force all to yield to a horrible new power?

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  • one of my favourites

    i enjoyed this episode. it was nice to see everyone in the seal making a good appearance. i liked how Taranee was involved in the whole contacting them thing. i also liked the whole 'yield to the learning' thing. Taranee is funny when she is worrying about grades. Irma was good when she was saying that she doesn't care about her having low grades and that she didn't have a headache. the bit with Cedric at the end really shocked me. i mean i wasn't too fond about Phobos suddenly being the villain at the end anyway but i think Cedric was a bit over the top. i liked the battle in Kandrakar though. and the Raythor twist was good. i like him as a good guy. it shows not all of Phobos' minyons were truly evil. can't wait to see what they bring out in the finalemoreless
  • A Great show

    This was great i mean this was really great but i have heard that this is going to be the last season and all i can say is it better not i mean charmed just ended and kids need a little bit of magic in there lives and if anyone from disney is reading this all i can say is please you do not have any other kind of shows like this on disney and if you would start to show the new episodes on disney it would help ok so that well that is all i can think of so byemoreless
  • Without hyperbole, I can call this the best episode of any cartoon I’ve ever seen.

    Too often, you hear the expression “Jump the Shark,” which is used when a show does something so ridiculous that it completely ruins the show, and starts to show a sharp decline. What they need is an expression for when a show does just the opposite. “Y is for Yield” definitely marks a turning point for WITCH. WITCH has always been a fun, well-written cartoon, but “Y” moves the show from good to absolutely incredible. During the last few episodes of WITCH, some of the characters have made some questionable choices, like WITCH deciding to not only set Phobos free to defeat Nerissa, but also to free all of his soldiers to fight along side him. It was no real surprise when Phobos betrayed them. But, in this episode, we find out that WITCH expected this all along, and was setting up plans of their own behind the scenes. “Y is for Yield” really shows the depth of writing that goes into WITCH. Little details (like characters missing from certain scenes) or seemingly throw away lines (like Raythor being the one to suggest Phobos attacking Kandrakar) are all shown to be part of a greater plan by the Guardians.

    It was just amazind to watch fall into place, and then to have it all taken away by a completely unexpected plot twist. This episode was truly an emotional roller coaster, and got me extremely anxious for the finale.

    My only gripe is that unless something drastic happens, there is only one more episode of WITCH to go. It would be a shame to see this creative and brilliant show taken off the air long before it's time.moreless
  • As Phobos continues his plans to rule the universe, the guardians reveal a masterful plan.

    I admit, I was a bit worried when Phobos took over from Nerissa so easily, as Nerissa is as close to the ultimate villain as I have seen in any show. After this episode however, it's apparent that Will & co. have actually learned from Nerissa's mastery of devious planning, with a scheme that would do her proud. Fooling Phobos into thinking he has gained ultimate power, and at the same time converting members of his party, is sheer genius. Matter of fact, it was such a perfect plan, I thought the series was coming to close as soon as Phobos set foot in Candricar. The twist at the end was pure genius, and should provide for an interesting 3rd season, IF Cedric can come close to filling Nerissa's evil shoes. All in all, one of the best episodes of the season, which almost made up for the past couple of duds with Phobos at the helm.moreless
  • Will shows her plan and once Phobos attacks Candracar his powers will be lost. Taranee finds out that Caleb and Blunk have been captured and they rescue them with the help of Raythor. As Phobos attacks Candracar, Cedric devours him and consumes his power.moreless

    This episode was extremely shocking! I was so surprised that Cedric would betray Phobos and eat him! I liked the way the writers showed Will's plan and how Raythor and the others became good and joined the Guardians' side. I loved the way the ending was put together and how Elyon tried to contact Taranee. I also loved the twist and it shocked me a lot! I was not expecting that. I can already tell Z is for Zenith is going to be really good. I can't wait!!!moreless
Mitchell Whitfield

Mitchell Whitfield

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Dee Bradley Baker


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    • Nerissa: Caleb is my son. I will not allow Phobos to harm him.
      Elyon: Yeah, you're Mother of the Year…

    • Blunk: Caleb awful calm. So Blunk be awful and calm too. Blunk face elimination with dignity and grace. (hysterical) See Blunk's dignity! See Blunk's grace!!!

    • Phobos: Ah, the cream of rebel society…a bit curdled, it appears.

    • Yan Lin: Yap yap yap, all night long. Phobos out there; us stuck in here…
      Yan Lin Altermere: …And not likely to save anyone unless we act in harmony.
      Yan Lin: You're stepping on my lines, kid.
      Altermere: Because we're in harmony.
      Yan Lin: Zip it!

    • Irma: Come on, T., you've been studying for weeks. I bet that's why your head's screaming. Look at me! I haven't cracked a book, and I feel fine.
      Taranee: Yeah, and when your report card comes next week…?
      Irma: Girlfriend, I live in the now.

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