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Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Jun 17, 2002 on TNT
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Episode Summary

As Sara and Danny investigate a series of bizarre drug-related murders, rookie detective Jake is pulled into a sting with a questionable cop. Now Sara must learn to use the Witchblade to solve the crime and save Jake before it's too late.

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    Robert John Burke

    Robert John Burke

    Detective Dean Gorner

    Guest Star

    Robert Morelli

    Robert Morelli

    Drug Dealer

    Guest Star

    Ted Ludzik

    Ted Ludzik

    Big Ben

    Guest Star

    Kathryn Winslow

    Kathryn Winslow

    Vicki Po

    Recurring Role

    Lazar Rockwood

    Lazar Rockwood


    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Gabriel: That kind of edge play, if it doesn't kill you, will often cause brain damage.
        Sara: Brain damage? Gabriel, aren't they suffering from that already? They choke each other during sex. I mean, whatever happened to good old boom-boom?
        Gabriel: This is the 21st century. The taboo is the turn-on.

      • Drug Dealer: Where's Big Ben?
        Jake: London?
        Drug Dealer: You know you're going to die, don't you? Don't you know that? You can choose how. Pain...or quick.

      • Sara: Look...Dean is dirty. I can smell it, Danny. We need to get something on him fast. Pressure him, find out who he's doing business with.
        Danny: Pez...
        Sara: Then we got to try to find Jake in the process.
        Danny: I got a bad feeling about Jake. It sounds like it was a pretty mean shootout. And there's a good chance...
        Sara:...that he's dead. Or he's gonna be soon. Look, either he's dead, he's badly wounded...or he's dirty, and...and that I doubt.

      • Jake: (feeling the poison from the fugu sushi he ate) What's going on?!
        Dean: That's death, baby, that's what you feelin'. Trick of it is to feel the poison, but not die.

      • Dean: (explaining his world view to Jake) This ain't the Academy, this the real world. Think I don't catch sheet for the way I do business? That's what the street says. The street: it ain't pretty, it ain't clean, and it eats its young, whether you like it or not.

      • Danny: Maybe Dean did somehow manage to turn Jake. He is a rookie. I don't know. Maybe they're working this together.
        (Sara and Danny look at each other)
        Sara and Danny: (in unison) Nah.

      • Jake: (after seeing Sara using the Witchblade) I'm only saying it seemed like, you know, I wasn't that under the influence anymore.
        Sara: So you're insane. Look, Jake, it's okay, you're in good company. At least we put "bob" away for now, and your good buddy Deano is going away for a long time.
        Jake: Yeah, but it's as if you were... some kind of avenging angel. I saw you!
        Sara: Uh huh.
        Danny: If it doesn't seem real, it's not a hallucination, right?
        Jake: Right.

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Drug Dealer: (interrogating Jake about his missing drug dealer) Where's Big Ben?
        Jake: London?
        Jake is referring to the main bell in the 316 ft clock turret in the Houses of Parliament Building at Westminster, in London. The clock itself is commonly, but erroneously referred to as Big Ben.