Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Unknown Aug 07, 2001 on TNT



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Irons seems to have given up any hope of a scenario where Sara would become a member of their family and Ian would serve them both. But Ian still holds that hope. Irons knows about Ian's infatuation with Sara.

    • Trivia: Danny doesn't have a sense of smell. He tells Sara to take the top off of her cup of coffee, and says, "I bet that smells good."

    • Trivia: Irons has aged considerably.

    • Trivia: Ian stole the tape of her father from a box of effects Siri left her, but returned it against orders when Sara needed it the most.

    • Trivia: Although Jake joined the White Bulls, he's been a friend to Sara and the Witchblade doesn't seem to react to him.

    • Trivia: The White Bulls is a corrupt secret society within the NYPD. They take payoffs from pimps and money at crime scenes. They've been operating in the department for decades. They go way up in the ranks and too far up to solve by internal means. The White Bulls ordered a contract hit on Sara's father. Sara's father was murdered while working to expose the White Bulls. Dante took out the contract. Dante also kills Joe Siri. The Bulls cover it up and call it a suicide.

    • Lazar Sighting:
      Lazar is at the precinct payphone. He's still around when Sara and Jake come in with the hookers they rounded up for the Prospero McQueen murder case.

  • Quotes

    • Jake: What do you think?
      Sara: I think everything is connected.
      Jake: You gonna buy that a cop is guilty based on a hooker's testimony?
      Sara: What? You think she's lying?
      Jake: I think she's telling the truth. I don't know how you got it out of her. You barely even asked her a question. Want me to book her as a material witness?
      Sara: No, not yet. Take her back into holding.
      Jake: What? We gotta move on this!
      Sara: Jake, we can hold her for 72 hours. We still have time. Look, just put her in her own cell. Tell her to keep quiet. I gotta decide how I want to play this.
      Jake: Sara, you gotta let me in.
      Sara: I will, just not here.
      Jake: Wherever you feel safe.
      Sara: I don't feel safe anywhere, Jake.

    • Sara: (asking Irons for help) Did you know I was coming?
      Irons: We're linked, you and I. Does this disturb you?
      Sara: Not this time. Let's go.

    • Orlinsky: (to Sara at the rollout for Joe Siri) People around you keep dying. Why is that?

    • Jake: (herding prostitutes into the precinct) Males to the right, very good, females to the left.
      Male Transvestite: Excuse me.
      Jake: Either side.
      (the transvestite joins the women's line)

    • Sara: (to Jake) I can't do this alone. I have to roll the dice on someone, so I'm gonna roll them on you.

    • Jake: Where've you been?
      Sara: Looking for an honest man, like Diogenes. Only I can't find one. Not even in the mirror.

    • Irons: It is frightening to think society is protected by such an incompetent.
      Dante: Sara Pezzini was the one who overstepped her bounds.
      Irons: That isn't for you to decide.
      Dante: The hell it isn't. Listen. Any previous deals you and I had regarding her are off. I want her dead. In fact, if you wanna keep her alive, you'll have to kill me instead.
      Irons: Have it your way, Captain.

    • Irons: I'm sorry, Sara. It's a long standing policy that the VCN newsroom is totally autonomous. No thinking person would want the network's owner dictating what gets covered and what doesn't.
      Sara: What? Now you grow scruples?

    • Dante: If there's ever been a reason for the expression, 'Shoot first and ask questions later,' that reason is named Sara Pezzini!

    • Sara: (as she holds a gun to Dante's head) Damn Bruno, you wettin' the bed?

    • Joe Siri: I did sign two death warrants tonight, but they weren't mine and Sara's. They were mine and yours.

    • Jake: Diogenes was a Greek philospher. He walked around Athens with a latern in broad daylight. Said he was looking for an honest man.
      Sara: You looked it up.
      Jake: I did, but didn't say whether he ever found one.
      Sara: Uh, some accounts say only when he looked in the mirrror.
      Jake: Meaning... if you want to find an honest man, be one.

    • Gabriel: So, do you always talk to yourself or do you save it for when you're around me?

    • Danny: One is enriched through unfortunate events.

    • Irons: Sara Pezzini is a lioness. Fascinating as a zoological specimen, but worthless as a pet and yet...invaluable for the blood that courses through her veins.
      Ian: And it's her blood you covet.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Prostitute: (to Jake) No, no, you get to me right now, Beavis, or I'm out of here!

      She is referring to the popular cartoon moron Beavis, the blond best friend and cohort of Butthead, from MTV's cult classic TV show Beavis and Butthead.

    • Diogenes of Sinope was the founder of the Cynic school of philosophy in the late fourth century BC. He was called a "Cynic", which in Greek referred to a dog, because he lived in a large ceramic jar, rather like a doghouse. He was famous for his "in your face" style of speech, his pride in his lack of need for material possessions, and his independence.