Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Jun 19, 2001 on TNT
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Sara and Jake are caught up in the world of high fashion when a stunning young model is murdered. Sara's connection to the legacy of the Witchblade becomes more mysterious when she uncovers a link between her past and the dead model's roommate.

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  • Loved this ep for the mystery of the model, Sara understanding more about her powers and the revealing truth behind Dominque and Irons.

    This ep was great. Nottingham delivered his freaky riddles, Sara learned more about the Witchblade (..I control you....tighter). It was real nice when the Witchblade wouldn't attack her. However the model as apart of Sara's past was a bit confusing but in a good way. So in the end...very nice.
Malcolm Xerxes

Malcolm Xerxes

Adrian Fame

Guest Star

Laila Robins

Laila Robins

Dominique Boucher

Guest Star

Malin Akerman

Malin Akerman

Karen Bronte

Guest Star

Kathryn Winslow

Kathryn Winslow

Vicky Po

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Trivia: Sara opens the box that her father left her and finds a bullet with a black bull engraved on it.

    • Trivia: Dominique was involved with Kenneth Irons when he first owned the 'Blade. There is a photo of Kenneth Irons with Dominique wearing the 'Blade in French Guiana in '59. Kenneth Irons dumped her when he found out that she was a Pretender.

    • Trivia: Dominique let the henchman wear the 'Blade and it cost him his hand and lower arm. The henchman, John Sansmain, was fitted with a prosthesis five years ago. Men are not able to wear the Witchblade. Ian explains to Sara that only women can wield the 'Blade because they can stand pain, which is the same reason they bear children. Kenneth Irons wore it for a single instant, and was scarred on his hand with an infinity symbol, as well as gaining a lasting connection to the 'Blade.

    • Trivia: Wearers can suffer a rapid aging process. Dominique ages significantly in her jail cell after she loses her fight to take back the Witchblade. The 'Blade can also stop the aging process. Irons looks the same as he did in the photo that was taken in '59, as does Boucher at the beginning of the episode.

    • Trivia: Sara and Elizabeth Bronte look the same. Karen Bronte shows Sara a picture of her grandmother, Elizabeth Bronte, who looks just like Sara. Elizabeth Bronte also wore the 'Blade. The little girl in the picture, who is Karen's mother, looks like the little girl Sara saw in her vision. Karen Bronte is also a blood heir to the Witchblade.

    • Nitpick

      If you look closely, you can see that the monitor showing Karen being wrapped up by the snake turns on before Dominque hits the remote control's button.

    • Lazar Sighting
      Lazar is in the background when Gina's bones are discovered.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • (Jake and Karen are playing pool)
      Karen: I can't tell you how nice this is.
      Jake: What? Kicking my ass?
      Karen: Spending time with someone so...
      Jake: Stimulating?
      Karen: So real.
      Jake: Ah...
      Karen: I don't know. I just feel so safe with you.
      Jake: Not too safe, I hope.
      Karen: Just safe enough.

    • Karen: So...uh...your partner...what's her story?
      Jake: I don't know her very well. We've only been partners a couple weeks. She's...uh...very private. Great cop.
      Karen: So you dig her?
      Jake: Hey, it's work. Work and play don't mix.
      Karen: Right.

    • Irons: This world is a dance of predator and prey. The strong take the weak and are taken in turn by those still stronger. If she ever realizes her true nature, God help us all.

    • Dominique: The Witchblade belongs to me, Sara. In times past and yet to come, it always returns to me.

    • Dominique: (to Sara) Why don't you use it? You're afraid of it, aren't you? Afraid to leave your safe solid familiar world. Does it terrify you when the lines blur? When the 'Blade takes you behind the shadow play and you can't trust your own eyes?

    • Dominique: My assistant went after the wrong girl.
      Sara: Hard to find good help.

    • Dominique: The Witchblade can't be passed along like grandmother's pearls. It has to be earned.

    • Sara: (to Dominique) You had it. You lost it. And you want it back, right?

    • Jake: (interrogating the model's killer to discover who hired him) Here's what I tell Internal Affairs: obviously, you came at me with that hook of yours. Have the cut on my hand, the bump on my head. I own you!
      John Sansmain: Dominique Boucher.

    • Irons: The 'Blade is not kind to pretenders.
      Sara: It's not kind to anyone.
      Irons: Reserve that judgement.

    • Ian: You feel you've lost control?
      Sara: Yeah, no kidding.
      Ian: Don't worry. You never had any to begin with. Believe in the Witchblade, Sara. It believes in you.

    • Sara: (when she finds Ian inside her apartment) My hand is near my automatic. The safety is off. No jury in the world would convict me if I blew your head off.

    • Danny: Don't mean to scare you.
      Sara: And you call yourself a ghost.

    • Irons: My case was different. I placed it on my wrist in one instant only. At the dark of the first new moon of the second half of the last century.
      Ian: And lived a lifetime in that one instant.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Dominique takes on the appearance of the snake-haired Medusa from Greek mythology in one of Sara's visions.

    • Ian: Cherchez la femme, Sara, cherchez la femme. (later) Cherchez la jeune fille.

      These are in French, the first roughly translated as "look for the woman", and the second "look for the girl". Cher is also one of the syllables of Dominique Boucher's name, possibly another clue from Ian to Sara as to the identity of her foe. La jeune fille seems to refer to Karen Bronte.