Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Jul 22, 2002 on TNT



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: It's interesting that Sara's father is missing his right hand in death, as is Kenneth Irons.

    • Lazar Sighting
      Lazar is outside looking through the window of the coffee shop when Sara tells Jake and Danny she saw her father at the docks.

    • Trivia: At the docks, there's a business crest that has a P and Z on either side of a trident, and an M underneath. PZ could be "Pez", a clue to V's identity.

  • Quotes

    • Gallo: I work my way up from soldier to capo and now I'm taking orders from a guy who's like Mussolini on meth! What a nightmare!

    • Danny: (when a pimp tries to ask for help against V) Sounds like it's getting tough to make a dishonest living.

    • Gallo: (to the bodyguards Sara just beat up) She's not going to hurt me guys, and even if she was, what would you do about it?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The Enochian Tablets
      The Enochian Tablets are said to be connected to the Biblical patriarch Enoch, and the lost language of the Angels. In 1581 two Englishmen discovered the secrets of the tablets, and are now located in the British Royal Museum. They are said to be magical, in the Hermetic tradition and the Qabalah.